Old Forum

This seems to be a new Community/Forum.
I started to learn with Justin 2012 or so, … and now i recomended him to a friend. And of course i checked out the new Site myself. And it seems this is a new Forum.
Does the old one with all its Content still exist?
Do we have here the same Moderators? Because i remmeber that some realy nice and active and friednly Members where bullied by some “strange” moderations, and left the Forum (me included)


Hi again Andreas @Andreas_Fischer, I joined after the old forum was retired, so I cannot speak to it. I can say that this current community is a warm, welcoming, well-moderated, and helpful space. I hope we see you around!


Cool. I will be around for a while;-)
Specially because I made the course just up to one of the beginner levels, and now I want to learn more.
So i will see how much I like it here.

About the old Forum i found out this FAO: members of the 'old forum' ... URGENT
Sad the all the old content seems to be gone, but well that’s life isnt it?

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Welcome to the forum Andreas.
The new binginner course has been revamped with lots of new and improved lessons and a new grading system so most of the content became irrelevant. Also the old forum couldn’t be linked to the new website.
In all the new lessons there is a link to the forum for that specific lesson making it easier to ask question or get help. I think you like the new website and forum, very friendly and helpful community

Hello Andreas. Welcome back old friend. I do remember you from the old forum. Two of the moderators here who also moderated on the old forum are @LievenDV and myself. The third moderator here is @DavidP. I do not recall instances such as you describe, maybe people left without comment. I hope I did not contribute to any ill feeling back then. I hope you find it as stitch and judi describe, warm and welcoming. Cheers Richard :slight_smile:

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This new community has seemed to go out of its way to not be bullying, so welcome back and hopefully you will find us as kind as we like to think we are. If not, please don’t up and leave, please hold us accountable.

Is bullying the bullies hypocritical?

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Welcome back, Andreas

During the transition period from the old Forum to the new Community both sites were available and some content was migrated. This was a manual copy & paste process and several members did migrate content. This included some of the educational topics posted by @Richard_close2u that supplement the website lessons.

I think we tend to cover a lot of similar ground and while we may have lost content from the old Forum I expect that equally valuable content covering the same ground has been generated since the move.

I joined the Forum in early 2017 and don’t recall you from that time, either my memory or maybe after you left. That said, I do recall a few flare-ups with moderator intervention, though not the details.

We still have the very occasional flare-up that requires moderator intervention here. This typically happens when a usually well-intended comment is poorly articulated, gets misconstrued, well intended folk jump in and pour gas on the fire, and things get personal and contrary to our Community Etiquette and Guidelines. I suppose some may then consider some of the interventions to be ‘strange’, depending on personal point of view. Thankfully instances are few and far between.

That said, I have not seen anything I’d consider to be ‘bullying’ in the way that I know can happen on various social media platforms.

Enjoy the learning, Justin has made great strides in his content since I joined, and I hope you will enjoy the Community

Welcome back Andreas

I joined the old forum back in 2014 and to some degree lament the lack of content being not being migrated across here but to be honest its the same old questions being asked and answered. And on the tech side much has changed in respect of hardware and software, that that hasn’t changed, also generates the same old questions. Guess it will never end.

Yes we have lost users stories and recordings but many of us who were around at the migration, transferred as much as they could, including some great learning material from @Richard_close2u @LievenDV .

As to your comment ?

I struggle to recall this ever happening in all the years I was active, with regard to Mods. There were a few bristly users that sometime gave short shift but that was unusual. And I was sad enough person to pretty much read every post ! Maybe this happened before I joined but not something I ever saw or experienced in the old place nor here either, not from the Mods.

Despite growing from a village to a large city, you will find nothing but support and encouragement and a warm friendly atmosphere. Hang around and find out.

The new course material is far better than the Old Classic Beginners Course, so I hope that motivates you to go further this time around.

We also have an introductory category, where new folks can share their back stories and guitar journeys before arriving here. Worth a look to see the wide variety of members we have.
Introduce Yourself

Hope you enjoy the ride.



Welcome back!

Besides it being a different board under the hood, much is the same when it comes to people, content and stories.

See you around!