Oliver’s learning log

So a new cable helped a lot, still some hum at high gain but not as much and it stops when I touch the strings or any other metal part of the guitar. Something earth related still going on.

Electric is so forgiving compared to acoustic! In terms of fingers near the frets, fret pressure etc. it’s a lot easier. Perhaps forgiving of bad habits?

Also popping on the crunch voice in the amp and practicing a strumming pattern, with some chord changes which I’m trying to speed up is both practice and fun. Still love the dreadnought to try to accompany my singing but this electric business is fun.

Glad to hear things are improved with a new cable.

I consider the electric to almost be another instrument. You can treat it just like an acoustic, which I think for practice is the way to go. Play it on a super clean setting, limit the fx dialed in, perhaps just a hint of reverb, not too much volume. Then I think you will learn good clean technique.

But then dialing up the gain, playing with fx, particularly once you reach the point of learning power chords … it sure does unleash the rock god beast within :laughing: And nothing wrong with that, provided one keeps it in balance with the rest of the learning and practice.

I’ve put myself out there on the internet and posted a recording in the AVOYP section: Beginner's safe space - #86 by oliver_bendix

It’s ‘ain’t no sunshine’, one of the five songs I’ll commit to posting before I move to Grade 2 lessons. Next one might be Eleanor Rigby, we’ll see.

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Bravo, Oliver. Look forward to looking at the recording when our electricity is turned back on and I can power up the PC.