OM XI Performance with local audio (and Zoom question) - When the Sun Goes Down (AM)

Hey everyone, I was checking out my Ableton recording of last night, mainly because as stated during soundcheck on zoom and reviewing the recording on the event, my sound levels were kinda low.
Now, this took me by surprise since the previous day my focus was on bringing the volume down, it was just too loud for me.
So my question to other members is how do you properly check your volume/gains before these online OM? Is it through OBS?

Here’s the song as came outside my DAW and on the event, to compare (I added some video effects for the fun of it)

My Audio

Zoom Audio



Following a discussion we DavidP I have been adding Youlean Loudness Meter to my OBS AIC its a vst plugin which you add via the Filter option.

I aim to hit the YouTube Loudness level of around 14 LUFs.

As I also use the OBS advance audio settings to manage overall volume, i will record in OBS and then run the standalone version of Youlean on the desktop and drop the OBS mkv file into it and check the level again.

Then, as I am sure Zoom monkeys around with audio levels I’ll set up exactly as I would for the OM and record in Zoom. Drop the output video in the desktop Youlean and check once more.

Finally I’ll upload the videos to YouTube and check the Nerd Stats volume level right click on YT for that.
If the volume is in the region of -6 to 0 db you will be fine. My two dry run videos were =2.4;& -1.8 db.

Let me know if that helps. There are a couple of threads on the subject but I am on the mobile at the moment and it’s a pita trying to find anything.

In fact I enjoying the OM, chilled without the extra adrenaline!


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Hey Kevin!

What a performance you did! that up-strummings aren’t easy at all. I’ll definitely check Artic Monkeys. Sounds great!

Oh, you recorded while performing! What an idea! Is a pity it didn’t occur to me :man_facepalming:t2:. Well, something to improve for the next one.


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Kevin that was a great cover and enjoyed it during the night, not an easy one to play especially in live environment!

If you want to soundcheck before the event what I recommend doing is going to Zoom and starting a new meeting yourself where it’s just you there. You can then start a recording and stop it whenever and it will save the recording to your local file. Once you have the file just switch it on and see how it was and if needed tweak settings and repeat the whole process :wink:


Loved this on Saturday - to be able to handle what doesn’t sound like a simple rhythm and sing at the same time is well impressive - hats off to you.

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I tracked down the thread I was referring to, hope this makes it clearer ! I would add I also get a base setting in Reaper and use YLM on the Master track to check the settings of each element of the song (BT, GTR, Vox) in separate tracks first. Then go directly into OBS via my AI.



Kevin, a great performance. I really enjoyed it. I like how you nailed the ‘northern accent’ parts, like “summet”

All good points;

The metered values provide me with a more accurate picture than how it sounds in my headphones. Not sure how that works but it definitely improves my sound / balance if I set the guitar to slightly lower levels than the guitar as per Toby’s thread.

The record function in zoom will take into account the noise cancellation and the funny “artefact” that it always puts on the sound. This is simple to do too.

One final thing to take into account is the adrenaline on the night will (probably) make you sing (and maybe even play) louder. I try to combat this by backing off from the mic about 30cm when performing.

My son’s karate teacher has a saying:

“Train the way you fight, fight the way you train”

I know though, it’s hard to practice in “full flight mode” all the time.

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Loved the performance at the OM Kevin, it definitely sounds better through this direct DAW capture. I’m no way near knowledgeable enough to pass on any advice but will be reading others insights with interest.

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Hey folks, sorry it took me a couple of ways to respond, I’ve been quite disconnected (call it OM hangover :sweat_smile:) it’s an interesting topic and an aspect that requires a ton of messing around with in the computer, thanks for passing by.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner thanks a lot Toby, seems you’ve put a lotta time and effort into your production, I’ll check the link carefully and probably get back with some questions when I start making some tests :rofl:

@Rumil thanks Edgar, honestly I was recording when I was practicing and didn’t even think about it after the OM, it’s great to have your own tracks of the event to go through!
And what a performance you gave, very jealous of your rock/metal playing, and props to you for bringing a Spanish song to the community, I may take your example!

@adi_mrok thanks Adrian, very simple tip but didn’t think about it at the time!

@twistor59 thank you Phil, I’m glad you enjoyed it even with some blunders, but it’s a song in excited to perfect and keep in my repertoire.

@liaty cheers Dave, it’s always intimidating to do a song with specific accents or local expressions, I hope they don’t see this up in Sheffield :sweat_smile:
One thing I learned from this in that aspect is, having a backing track stops you from speeding up which is something I almost always do when performing for an audience. Thanks for the tips and have to say I loved your mellow performance this time around.

@Notter thanks Mark, one of the Oasis army on the community. This tech stuff is like a whole another instrument to learn, but it’s easier when you find the people here willing to help out and share their expertise.

Cheers everyone, thanks again for going through it, I’ll keep turning virtual knobs and see what comes out!


Extra: I just did an oasis one on a OM in real life :slight_smile:

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Hey Kevin, well played and sang at the OM, I thought it was great. Rock star stuff.

On the levels. I think I use a similar setup to you and I was quiet this time too but was happier with it in the past. I calibrate my levels in Ableton, it shows your max db. Previously I’ve tried to have max / peaks around 0 or +1 on master. This time I had peaks minus a few db. Maybe try upping levels in Ableton as a simple way. You can adjust each of the tracks and master track.

There’s nothing to be jealous about :blush:. It seems more difficult than it really is. But sounds really cool with the distortion + reverb + vibrato.

I’d love to see you performing a Spanish song too :slight_smile: