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I am a bit confused.
I can play along the song here on the website, both chords and the strumming pattern. But when I use the JustinGuitar app for this song, it seems that I cannot apply the strumming pattern, just because the song seems to be much faster in the app. When I try to keep up in the app, this specific strumming pattern sounds not good, because the pauses are missing.

Am I right or do I make a mistake here ?

I do not have the app but i think you must play twice as fast if you are taking the pattern taught from website and applying it to app as it is a 16th pattern split into 2 * 8th.


What happened to this song in the App? It’s gone.

Hi Tim, see this post:

In the meantime you can view the lesson on the main site:

Hi @JustinGuitar, I decided to have a go at this for Paddy’s Day :four_leaf_clover: :smiley:

Cheers for the lesson. I know you only give the strumming pattern as a guide and we need to ‘feel the groove’, making it personal, but from what I can see, in the play-through at the beginning, you strum the ‘4 and’ of the second bar of eight every timie, if that makes sense? (as in there’s an extra up/down before the first bar). Might be a bit confusing for beginners, as it sounds less clunky.

Hi Brian, had a quick look into the Beginners Songbook, here it’s noted as a Zweitaktiges Achtelpattern (English?? 2 bars in 8)
1 + 2 + 3 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 3 + 4 +
D. D. U. DUD. D. (typed on mobile, doesn’t work, position gets lost)
First part, down on 1 and 3, up on the and after 4, second part down on one, up on the and after one, down on 2, down on 3.
Justin says, normally it’s a 16th notes pattern and with more confidence, light additional strums could be added.
Hope that helps!

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Cheers Andrea,
Yes, that’s how he teaches it in the lesson as well. I was just pointing out that when he plays the song at the beginning of the lesson, he adds in the last 4 + every time.

It might make more sense just to include it as the suggested strumming pattern? It’s no big deal :smiley:

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Hi Brian, Justin’s patterns in the song books are suggested patterns as you say, or sometimes simplified, in most cases they could/should be adapted to your needs or you are supposed to build them up with growing skills. Sometimes the patterns in his books are not the same as in the lessons. Just wanted to give you a small hint, what he suggests on this one in the songbook. He emphasizes several times, that additional strums should be added with more confidence…Up to you :wink: