One guitar was not enough

So I bought another, and another, and another, and…


You get a new guitar Tony? :joy:

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well that sounds familiar with my stable. But I sense a big BUT. Sold them all for gas to circumnavigate Oz perchance ?


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Hi Tony! I actually need another well made acoustic guitar to brush up my repertoire

My songs are in alternate tunings and it spells trouble of re-tuning the guitar after finishing learning a new song, and work on the repertoire. And the strings break often :smiling_face_with_tear:

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The diesel was crazy expensive in remote areas. At one stage it was costing us 50 cents per kilometre.

Don’t stop at one. You’ll need a guitar for drop d. Another one for double drop d. And then we get to all the open tunings. Just think of all the money you’ll save on broken springs. You should break even maybe by 2050?


More like 2150.


Thats funny :rofl:
It is something more complicated than that becoz sometimes I tune up 1 whole step and a half for certain string

Hope you have checked this out. Inspired by Kotaro Oshio, in this song I use C# G E F# B E

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oh, you do have good taste in guitars

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Hi People,
I promise not to buy any guitars or guitar related stuff this year :innocent:… under penalty that you all get your dream guitar from me :blush:

Greetings Rogier

After a short while Edit:…currently I’m trying to convince my wife to visit you Tony,… the wait to be allowed to order is hard for me (it’s just 1300 hours here)

I also promise not to buy any more this year!

Hang in there, I support you mentally during this difficult period… :raised_hands:
:index_pointing_at_the_viewer: can do it :rofl:

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nice to know you understand the agony