One Minute Changes Exercise

23 on my first attempt! Now my fingers start cramping up, so I’ll take a break :sweat_smile:

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Great job. In the beginning I do multiple short practices will benefit you more than slugging out a long practice session. Once the fingers toughen up hitting 60 will be on your horizon.

My first try is 29 in one Minute


First day I hit 24 changes/min. Day 4 now and got 60 changes/minute on the dot. Still need to work on clarity as some of my strums don’t sound very nice, but I’m pleased with the progress!

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I love how simple and effective this exercise is. However, I like using metronome for rhythm, hopefully it’s not considered cheating.

Get used to the metronome you are going to use it a lot more on your journey.
By the way welcome to the community.

Welcome @tonkyponky! Grade 2 beginner here…as I understand things, using a metronome is actually a best practice at our levels. I understand it helps us internalize good, consistent rhythm. You’ll find it indispensable when you (soon) start practicing strumming patterns. Good on you for starting out right!

I’m pretty sure it’s user error on my part, but has anyone found that the app jumps from one chord to the other even if not playing the chord? I’m struggling a little with it and a few times I’ve gone to switch without playing only to find it’s moved on to the next chord (A-D).

Hi All,

I’m on Grade 1 module 3 and i was wondering…
On the 1 minute changes, is it best to learn strumming the correct strings at the same time or just strum all the strings.
E.g. on D chord leave out bottom two strings when strumming.

I’m good at all the chord changes but I’m strumming all the string. Should I practice strumming the correct strings at the same time.

Be aware of the strumming the correct string and work toward that. On grade 1, don’t wait until you are perfect to move on, but keep working toward hitting the correct strings. Your ears will tell you if it sounds really sour and need to fix something immediately.

For instance, on the D chord, bumping the A won’t be a disaster, but hitting the E will be pretty sour. As you are working on just strumming the 4 strings for the D, you should at least make sure to avoid the E even if you miss and hit the A.

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You should only strum the strings you are supposed to for each chord. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen any advice to do anything different. So yes for the D chord you strum four strings and for the A chord you strum 5 etc.

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I’m on the same grade and module and I’m focusing on having the chords as close to perfect as possible. As I have understood, the purpose of this drill is to be better at moving your fret fingers between the different chords. But I do try to strum the correct strings, just to get them in to the muscle memory :blush:

I have also taken a shine to this song as one of my training songs, and that’s a stretch for someone who spires to be the next Kirk Hammett or Randy Rhoads :wink:

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Thank you all for the information. I’ll practice getting the right strings perfect before moving on. I do agree, the Weekend song is good for learning and also going to try the Santana song for the strumming :grin:

On a side note, is everyone using the website for the course and the app for the songs. Read that most prefer this…I use the app also for the practice.

Yeah, website for course and app for songs is what I did for grades 1 and 2.

I’m the opposite - better going from D to A. My fingers just don’t want to cooperate with the D chord yet. I’m hoping when my callouses come in I’ll have more luck. I would have described myself as dextrous prior to attempting to play guitar, and I certainly never thought of my fingers as squidgy before, either…

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Is there a way to make the app not so sensitive? I use Bose QC45 headphones with the app, but when I play the D chord, it will count the A chord, then again the D, then A and D to where when I’ve only actually switched twice, it’s saying that I’ve switched 8 or 17 times in less than a second. While I think that’s great for my ego, I don’t think that’s intended, lol.