Online v in person lessons

Does anybody have experience in taking 1-2-1 online lessons? I’ve always thought that having lessons in person would be better, especially for me as I can feel pretty awkward whenever I’m talking on FaceTime or the phone ect. Think I’d do much better in a ‘real life’ situation, but the problem is finding a good teacher local to me.

Im just trying to work out the pros and cons of what’s best :man_shrugging:

Does anyone have any experiences they could share? The good, the bad. Cheers :v:


My experience of lessons wasn’t great. The teacher I had was clearly knowledgeable but was talking about concepts way above my head. The thing was I didn’t know what a series of lessons for a complete beginner should look like back then whereas now I’ve done Justin’s grade 1, I now know what he should have been teaching me.

It’s a lot about the teacher you get (and also about you following up on whatever they’ve taught you of course). I think now I know better I’d want to have a chat with them to see if we were on the same page or not and have some idea about what the weeks ahead might look like. The lessons I took had no structure at all.

For me personally I’m happy to continue without a tutor. I can learn at my pace and practice in a way that works for me. When I want feedback I know that I can post a video on these forums and some kind folks will help me out. That said we do all learn differently and maybe if I’d found a tutor that I gelled with I’d be saying something different right now


Yeah I was going along at a pace I was happy with through Justin’s beginner book and managed to ‘graduate’. I then bought the intermediate book a while back but have really let myself down with actual ‘practice’ and not made much headway, too busy floating from trying to learn different songs and not doing the basics. I’ve not really been consolidating the skills from the beginners book either, just feel like having a teacher that I see maybe twice a month could help with my progress.

Think a lot of it might be down to not having a proper organised practice space, which is being remedied this week and also my guitar is suffering from a few problems which can be frustrating and not want me to pick it up and play :disappointed:

Thanks for replying with your own experience :v:

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the conundrum is that you want a really good, knowledgeable guitar player to teach you. most people who are really good at something are terrible teachers cuz they don’t understand why you don’t “get it” immediately. Justin is the exception. plus good teachers are very expensive.


Maybe this is the real crux of the problem. This is no different from me not wanting to ride my bike when the gears aren’t changing smoothly.

I play songs more than I “practice” these days although I have limited it to a handful of different songs that each include a slightly different skill or set of chords. I think this is fine as long as you don’t spread yourself too thinly and never ultimately learn anything in it’s entirety


Oh I agree, learning through Justin has been great. I’m hoping now I’m getting a practice space and buying a new guitar (if I can’t fix mine) that I’ll start to put a bit more focused practice in. I’m just thinking that if I can find a decent tutor it’ll help with achieving and seeing targets/milestones, it can be hard to notice them yourself as you hear yourself everyday. In my case anyway :v:

I totally get this :+1: I recently cut out lots of songs I’ve been noodling around and ‘dabbling’ with and made a playlist of 6 songs to learn and focus on. All 6 contain different things I need to work on (finger style, barre chords ect).

Yeah the guitar issue is big de-motivator, hoping it can be fixed as it means a lot to me.
Although I am in the market for a new one :v:


record yourself on your phone every day ….amazing the progress u didnt know was there :+1:


Yeah you’re right :+1: I used to do that a lot but really need to start doing it again. I’m probably just in a bit of a slump due to the above circumstances and asking questions I already know the answer to ha :v:

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Beginners would be much better with 1-1, as teachers would be plentiful at this level.

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I have tried online and face to face. Online is ok but you cannot play together with the teacher due to the latency. Face to face is much better. The bigger problem is finding a good teacher. I have had a few over the years and all could play guitar to a decent level but only one had any idea about how to teach someone and tailor the lessons to what was needed.

You seem to have identified what’s stopping you progressing e.g. getting your guitar fixed/ a new one. Fix what you can and then see if you still feel the same way.

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Face-to-face has some advantages over online:

  • You can jam with your teacher.
  • They can react to what you are doing instantly and much more frequently. Hard to describe but in-person lessons will have a richness that online lessons won’t.
  • For me, guitar is a social thing and I’m already spending a lot of time in front of a screen. I do not want to also spend my guitar time looking at a screen.

Online lessons also have good advantages:

  • More potential to find a good teacher compared to in-person.
  • If your teacher allows, you can record the lesson. Even if some of the concepts escape you, you can always come back. You can re-watch old lessons to remember, re-visit, or discover material that you missed.
  • You save travel time.

Yeah this will definitely help, just thinking a few 1 on 1s might help give me a bit of a jump start :v:

On taking lessons in general:

Sounds like you are at about an intermediate level. One thing to watch out for when finding a teacher:

The overwhelming majority of guitar students are beginners. So most experienced teachers will be very experienced and have a well-working path and materials for beginners. But when it comes to intermediate or advanced stages, they will have much fewer students, therefore they may not have figured out how to teach at this level well yet.

Also, you say you let yourself down with actual practice. A teacher may not be able to help with this. After all, a teacher can give you material, advice, and direction, but you do not improve by taking lessons. You improve by practising the material you took away from the lessons. When taking lessons, how much you improve will still be down to your sitting down (or standing up) and practising. The difference is, a teacher may tell you exactly what to practice rather than having to figure on your own.

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Thanks for the helpful post :+1: yeah I think it might be worthwhile at least trying a handful of 1-2-1s and see if it beneficial, you made some great points about being able to play with someone and getting feedback and pointers on the spot :v:

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Yeah I know that ultimately it’s down to me and how much work I put in practicing, but feel even a few 1-2-1s will help with a bit of course correction :v: really appreciate your feedback :v:

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Have you checked out any of the JG Approved Teachers? There’s also a good thread here Does anyone have experience with online guitar lessons? that might be helpful for you. I took some online lessons with Richard and he was great. I imagine anyone recommended by Justin would be great.

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Thank you for the link :+1: definitely lots to weigh up, I appreciate all the help and advice from everyone :v:

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