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It would be wonderful if the tab actually matched what Justin is playing and teaching, instead of being in Open E.

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Hi Dave, @atcdave
Welcome here in the community,…
and that would indeed be nice for many people,…and it is also something that will happen,…it is being worked on, but it may take quite a while before all the sheet music supplied by the entiteld party is all is adapted the way Justin teaches it,… I do expect him and the team to start with the songs most played by beginning guitarists ,so hopefully this will be your turn soon ,.,.
I wish you a lot of fun playing and reading and if there are any questions don’t be a stranger,… :sunglasses:

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Thanks for the quick reply and for the welcome, Roger!

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Hi Dave and welcome to the community.
On behalf of Justin and team I offer apologies that you are finding the mismatch inconvenient. In the FAQ here it is written: