Open Mic 006 - Call for interest

No worries Sandy, will do.



Well I thought I could but just discovered another Discourse limitation. Seems I can only mention 10 users in a post. Doh !!

@Richard_close2u I guess you can still amend the OP !!!

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Seems that Richard’s Mod power allows a longer (unlimited?) editing window and ability to @mention more than 10.

Would be cool if such powers could be granted to the person managing the OM Call For Interest through our TLs, platform permissions management.

Yes we learn something new about this place every day

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There is an option to increase globally from 10 in settings. I’ll discuss with @LievenDV


If there are still spots open please add me to the audience UTC -5

Hi John and welcome to the Community.
Yes no problem adding to the audience list. I have had multiple power outages and my internet is down at the moment and my mobile signal is intermittent.

@Richard_close2u sorry to ask Richard but could you update the table please. French telecommunications may see me down until Monday!

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You’re in John and very welcome you are too. :slight_smile:

Looks like it’s going to be a big Open Mic to start the year ( or Two maybe)

Looking good Jason.

Timezone spread for players is 8 hours across EMEA and the States and 13 signed up. So ten minutes each will take us to 130 minutes, on a 120 minutes slot (assuming that is still the max @adi_mrok ).

I for one will be happy to drop down to one song only, especially as I am yet to chose one !!

I’ll send a message to performers later to day and see how many songs they plan to do, working on the 10 minutes max and the build that in to the table. Then we can see if we need to do two events.

Maybe firm up date and time next weekend so folks have plenty of time to prepare :sunglasses:

@Richard_close2u thanks for the table update. Power stable around 0100 and internet back some time overnight ! Storms and French l’ecky don’t play well together ! :sunglasses:

Well I tried editing the roster to look like this

Zone Time Name Username No of Songs
UTC+2 hh:mm David @DavidP
UTC+2 hh:mm Ivan @SS7
UTC +1 hh:mm Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner 1

And hit the “can only mention 10 members” problem again. Bizarre as it let me put more than 10 in to start the thread. :roll_eyes:

Toby - it was only when I did editing that I put in the @ tags … you hadn’t done that originally. So it must be a mod facility only.

OK Maybe that makes sense, so much going on here I am losing track !

If I take them out, I can amend the Roster and add the “Songs” section. Without the @ I still have all the info I need to message folks. Just defrosting after dog walk so will give it some thought. :sunglasses:

From what I know on corporate licence there isn’t a time limit on Zoom, not sure where this did come from Toby?


Well if that the case there should not be an issue overrunning.

I seem to recall a 2 hour limit coming in the early discussions last year but maybe that was just a view of how long to run for. At the time I assumed (yes ass + me :llama: - still no donkey!) it was a limitation on Zoom.

I certainly do not think running to 2 hr 15 m for example would be an issue and if folks agree, then I think everyone can be accommodated. I would imagine folks doing it for the first time might only have one in the pocket anyway.

But it would be good to know how many songs in advance, so we can prime the audience on showtime and more importantly factor an estimated run to chose the best time slot for those involved.



Something rings a bell that there is an 1h30 limit if you don’t have a corporate licence which I have so it’s not an issue here :slight_smile:

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Cool. I’ll see what comes back in the “mail” to the performers and put everyone down for their max, so we can get an idea anyway. Cheers Adi.

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Which is the only reason we’re able to have these OMs in the first place without some ridiculous participant or time limitations. Thanks Adrian, truly.

Not sure what decent alternatives we’d have otherwise. StreamYard anyone? :sweat_smile: By the way what happened to the whole livestream idea anyway, don’t believe we ever got a straight answer. @Richard_close2u @LievenDV

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I think Justin got so busy … temporary living arrangements and overseeing the entire renovation of his house & studio, urgent and huge workload on getting the new app ready for release on android and ios, new and ongoing website design and lessons, home-schooling …

Hey. If it’s desirable to have an expected song count, I’m prepping two but can do one if that’s preferable. Actually, technically I’m prepping three, all under 3 minutes, I’m just anticipating being too nervous to attempt the trickiest one even if there is time :stuck_out_tongue:

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