Open Mic 09: Recording + After-Show Chat

Sorry to miss you all completely this time around; a combination of cancelled and delayed flights made the end of our trip to Italy a little bit more of an adventure than we had planned for, and led to us returning home at almost midnight on Sunday evening, rather than late on Saturday afternoon!

I will start watching the recording soon, based on the comments above it sounds like a real cracker :slight_smile:

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Well that was an entertaining watch. Fantastic as always. Bravo to everyone involved.

@Rossco01 Very well managed from start to finish and a great opening performance. I recognized the song but couldn’t place it at the time until the reference made in Brian’s comment.

@DavidP I’ve got so used to following your blues improvisations that I forget how good you are with finger picking and the vocals were great.

@grayal that was a very solid performance, great strumming, clean chords and nicely placed embellishments.

@liaty another fantastic performance. The vocals and playing were great. You have a really nice tone to your voice.

@eric.lennon it’s good to see a fellow Scot on the OM and you done fantastic a job with that classic song.

@Malz that was a great display of picking and strumming. I enjoyed that performance very much and the guitar looks and sounds beautiful.

@Notter As you know I was a huge oasis fan back in the day myself and I enjoyed your performance very much. I could just picture the Royal family sitting around the TV. You done a great job with the song.

@martzon that was some great playing and singing. I really enjoyed that performance. It would have been better if I could have seen more of the guitar as I am sure I could have learned a few things from watching you play.

@SgtColon you said afterwards that you felt the nerves. well you certainly didn’t show it. That was a very good performance. With every performance we can see you growing in performance, vocally and playing.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Well that was the first time I’ve seen you play acoustic since I joined the community and it was worth the wait. That was superb.


@jestersea that was a great performance. I remember watching your AVOYP of the song. You took the song up several more notches. Keep on doing what your doing.

@rodreilly good to see another Scot in the OM. That was the first time I’ve heard that song. You played and sang very well. I thought the song suited your voice so well. I really enjoyed that performance.

@Rod58 Well done. You don’t need those training wheels any more, throw them away. You belong in front of the camera. You make it look so easy and that performance was fantastic.

@TheCluelessLuthier that was a great duo performance. You had me tapping my foot along with you and picturing myself sitting in front of a campfire listening to you perform.

@philsmith you took the technical issues in your stride. It could have thrown you off but no you kept your cool like a professional and as Brian says I could actually here in my head what you were hearing at your end. I watched you dry run video and you’re making fantastic progress. Well done. Keep doing what your doing.

@John_in_Dot that was some great picking and strumming. I really enjoyed the melody coming through in the song at the start. As Brian suggests maybe think about some more of that or embellishments later on in the song. Great playing.

@jkahn great song choice, great playing and great vocals. I don’t think the neighbors would have been upset to much waking up to that performance. It’s been amazing watching you progress.

@sclay that’s the first time I’ve heard the song. If that performance came on the car radio, I’d definitely not be changing the station. I enjoyed that performance, great playing and great vocals.


Thanks, James, and appreciate the write up and feedback for every performer.

Very generous. I find it hard to own ‘good’ when it comes to my picking. I keep the pattern super super simple, no left-hand embellishments, and low tempo. It’s a solid foundation to build on.

I guess the morals of the story are that one doesn’t have to be a virtuoso player and singer to produce something that people can enjoy, and that with attention one can also learn and practice to become a better ‘singer’.

Thanks again, really do appreciate the support and encouragement.


Thanks for the feedback James and for the watch. I’m glad I’m hiding the nerves well. :smiley:


Thank you James. They do come out a couple of times each week, as I rotate around the stable. Original plan was to use the mahogany Washburn HB but the new Takamine had not been played at all on the forum. So a good time for its debut ! Thanks for listening. :sunglasses:


Thanks for the write up James! Great you were able to watch the OM end to end. Would love to see you playing at an OM some time.

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That is a very good way to look at it David. Foundations are important. I feel that left hand embellishments (including hammer on, pull offs, slides) are more important in finger style when you’re not singing as it allows you can bring the melody more into the song. Even though you say you kept the pattern super super simple with the music you played along with the vocals you were expressing yourself and that’s great music, it comes from the soul.


Stefan, you have good stage presence and although you feel the nerves inside you are controlling them without realizing it.


@Socio Thanks James firstly for taking the time to catch up on the whole show and the comments, I can say I achieved what I set out to then if you were picturing Ricky Tomlinson et al slumped in the lounge!! :wink: :rofl:


Thank you for the kind words, still working on my technique but all things come in time.
The guitar is an Alvarez, welcomed to the family last December, working my way up to a K Yairi.
Thanks again, and to all the other performers, you all did great. :smiley: :smiley:


@Socio to take the time to view it and also provide detailed constructive feedback is so very kind of you! Thank you very much. I figured out that it’s the doing of it and not the actual performance itself that is the value proposition here. While you’re in the moment it never feels like you’re doing your best work. Or even as good as one of your rehearsals but the doing part I think is the real value and fellow members like yourself make it special…… Rod


@TheMadman_tobyjenner @Rossco01 @adi_mrok
Thanks for organizing, managing and ‘producing’. All our fun could not happen without your efforts.

@brianlarsen @Socio
Thanks for the constructive criticism, couldn’t agree more, the verse and chorus needed something to spice them up. Curious though, am i correct that it would be less of a ‘requirement’ if there were vocals to go along with the strumming. That was the plan, but i was having a real hard time because most of the vocals start on something other that the first downbeat of a measure. That REALLY threw me off in practice.

I really like this song and want be be able to play it on demand and still be ‘captivating’ the whole way through.

An improved version will likely show up at some future oM


Even with the vocals dynamics would still add a lot of value to the song. Playing softly during the verses then increasing the volume as you building up to the chorus can make a big difference especially when the audience knows the chorus it builds up the level of excitement as they get ready to join in with the chorus. I think Justin really emphasizes this in quite a few of his lessons. The embellishments to me sort of dress the song up.


Thanks James :pray:


Thanks James! :smile:


Not at all. Very few of us can produce a ‘personal best’ on demand, whatever the field. Just take it as a given that you will almost always produce a sub-par performance (as in there will be aspects you know you can do better). Add on top of that any anxiety/stage-fright/Red-light-syndrome and you have bunch of performers ‘knowing’ they didn’t do themselves ‘justice’.
If you expose yourself to these situations enough (aka ‘practice’) you improve, and the lucky ones can even use it to their advantage, increasing the chance of a good or even ‘best’ performance.
I was pointing out that you were going against the grain, as I thought your performance was better live, than my recollection of the recording you had shared :smiley:

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Well said, Brian, wisdom for us all to keep top of mind when reflecting on either live performances or recordings (even when recording multiple takes)

Just for clarity, I’d add to “expose yourself to these situations enough (aka ‘practice’)” also ‘perform’. The more live performance you do the more comfortable and confident you will become, with confidence being back-up by level of practice beforehand.

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I’ve only just started watching… there’s not a great deal that BrianLarsen and @Socio haven’t already said. I’ll have a go though!

@Rossco01 nice work on the MCing, and Placebo/Kate Bush cover, showed us too that there’s always an option to start running up the hill again if it doesn’t go well right at the start.

@DavidP you’ve reminded me that I really must try a Trond-style play-in soon! Lovely, steady finger-work all the way through, I agree that a capo might help you carry through the lows with a bit more timbre.

@grayal each OM you’ve stepped up a level, I think you even smiled a bit this time round, it’s great to see your confidence and relaxation building

@liaty showing that finger-picking is not only something that matters on acoustic. Gorgeous tones and harmonics too.

@eric.lennon another belter from the back-catalogue, I’m really glad that someone else got to follow you this time!

@Malz sweet transitions from picking to strumming, a great debut!

@Notter another debutant smacking it out of the park, you looked sometimes as though you were having to lean over your guitar a bit to get to the mic though, it may be worth a go at playing standing up so you can move in if needed?

@martzon masterfully picked, strummed and sung. Another cracking debut.

@SgtColon Good to see you standing up, and getting the words out with a bit more oomph! Solid all the way through, I hope you inspire a few more people to try standing up.

[I will be back to watch the rest over the weekend…]


Thanks Iain appreciate folk talking the time for an in full listen :+1:

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