Open Mic 09: Recording + After-Show Chat

Appreciate you taking a look, sharing your feedback for all, and the encouraging comment on my own. I shall give the capo a try.


Thanks @iainism, the listen, compliment and comment is greatly appreciated! Yes my mic positioning has become something of a “thing” recently and something I’m going to be playing around with.

I’ve only dabbled with playing standing up so far. Albeit enough to be happy to post an AVOYP a while ago and it was noticeably better on the vocals. I’m heading into grade 2 consolidation in the next month and it will be a focus area for me.

Thanks again!


@iainism Thank you for the feedback Iain and the watch.

I am finding standing and playing feels a lot more natural and I would recommend everyone to get up on there feet and play.


OK, kicking off again…

@TheMadman_tobyjenner not much to say that’s not already been said! Great to see you breaking out the acoustic (first time for me, I think). :slight_smile:

Thank you also for your effort in pulling the whole thing together!

@jestersea lovely timing with the pause at the start, a great vocal too, another fantastic debut!

@rodreilly I was only very young when Wah! released Story of the Blues, and it’s ages since I last heard it. I want to go back and check the back catalogue now, thank you for the blast from the past!

@Rod58 that was a stellar performance of a classic 90s track, I agree with the others: Throw the training wheels away! Great delivery, you looked so natural.

@TheCluelessLuthier mini band! Great balance between voices and instruments, you clearly worked hard to put this together, and come together it did! Always good to see some percussive taps too :wink:

@philsmith shining through the technical difficulties! I caught your dry run, and I think that in the OM itself, the trio level was a tiny bit too high and Zoom tried to be too clever with the overall levels?

@John_in_Dot you got through your stumble/restart and got into groove really nicely, some more dynamics to differentiate the choruses would lift it even further.

@jkahn and @sclay I’m still amazed at the quality that both of you turn out so early in the day! I wouldn’t even work out which way round to hold the guitar at that time in the morning, let alone play it, and boy do you both play it! Then you go and sing as well. JK, no need to worry about those vocals, they sounded good to me. Shane, great piece of work with the backing track there, just lovely.


Thank you Iain I do what I do. Do what I can when I can !
Thank you for listening. I think it is amazing that folks will take in the recorded show after the event. Makes me feel very humble.




Very kind thanks for taking the time to view and comment!…. Rod

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Thanks Iain, great you enjoyed the OM. Thanks for the feedback!

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Thanks Ian, it’s such a fun pursuit to do together.


Ah gotcha. Appreciate the perspective and 100% agree on the red light syndrome. It’s the biggest reason I push myself to record and share becuase that additional degree of difficulty really helps shine a light on the areas where I can improve.

There are two versions I shared pre-recorded - one was from 4 weeks prior and there’s definitely a big leap from that one!


It’s taken me a while to work through the recording of OM009.

Wow! So much talent, good playing, fine singing, stage presence and performances that every one of you should be proud of. I celebrate you.


Thank you so much Maggie. It always amazes me that folk take the time to watch these recordings after the show. All the more reason to keep them coming.



Wow, I don’t know how but I missed this post.

Only saw it last night and immediately watched the video, getting to bed very late as a result!

Amazing performances all round - well done all :sunglasses:


That was a great Open Mic, I enjoyed all of the performances. Great to see some first timers, and of course it’s always great to see the regulars – and the new regulars :slight_smile:

@Rossco01 You are sure sounding professional, Jason, and I really enjoyed your performance. I think it’s my favorite of yours so far. I’d love to see you playing live, that would be a great Saturday night. Your use of the BT really adds to your performance, you sound like a full rounded band.

@DavidP Lovely fingerpicking, David, a really nice cover of this song. I might like to hear the sound capoed up a couple frets, I do like the deep notes of this key though.

@grayal Great playing Al. It’s nice to see some strumming without vocals, great opportunity to share your playing for us to enjoy.

@liaty I didn’t know this song but it’s sure a great song. I love the dynamics you brought to this song, playing and vocals both. Some very nice guitar playing too.

@eric.lennon Love the humour, ‘back catalogue of 2 songs’. Well even with the limited number of choices, you picked a great song. I enjoyed your playing, the intro, different strumming patterns, pauses, percussive hits – very nice.

@Malz Nicely played, I enjoyed how you played it with some fingerpicking. Very creative vocals that worked quite well for changing up the melody.

@Notter I don’t know the song but I’ll have to go look it up now. The few Oasis songs I know are quite melodic, as is this one. It sounds like a great campfire song and you’ve played it well.

@Martin Nicely played, Martin, love the percussive strumming. Very nice vocals too.

@SgtColon Great tune, Stefan, such a recognizable classic. I enjoyed your performance a lot. Nice change up on the single strums. I also thought the shadow of you playing on the wall was pretty cool :slight_smile:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner You always pick such great songs, Toby, nice to hear you rocking out on acoustic on this one.

… to be continued


… continued

@jestersea Very nice playing, Jesse, and great job on the embellishments. Seattle’s a nice place to live, rain and all. We lived on the lower mainland for a bit 25+ years ago, and we got down that way a few times.

@rodreilly Nice t-shirt :slight_smile:
What an amazing song, loved it. Great vocals and I really enjoyed your performance.

@Rod58 Everybody’s playing great tonight! Nice cover, and although it is nice to have a backing track to play along with it’s also nice to be able to play it on your own!

@TheCluelessLuthier Great to see a duo performing, the bass is a nice addition. It sounded great with the guitar percussion as well when that came up, and I really enjoyed your vocals too.

@philsmith Nice playing, especially for starting over due to the sound challenges. And yes I want one of those Trios too … That looks like a Justin Guitar pick you’re using – I have a few of those :slight_smile:

@John_in_Dot Nicely strummed on the song, John, and great job on the picked notes as well. Sounded really good.

@jkahn That’s such a great song, and your guitar sounds awesome. Love love love the dynamics, you’re looking like a seasoned performer JK.

@sclay Way to close it out, Shane, that was great!

Great playing from everyone - what a show!!


I finally got to watch the whole thing, what a show! Lots of fun watching it but I’m very sorry for missing the banter.

@Rossco01 wow just wow! The sound production is something that you got so figured out. That’s what I call an introduction, I may even say I enjoyed your version more than the original. Strange, eh? :sweat_smile:

@DavidP great stuff Dave, only good and relaxed vibes from your performance. Very mellow.

@grayal nice one Al, steady and getting more into it as the song goes by. Cool guitar choice BTW (another proud DOT owner here)

@liaty awesome Dave, I’m not a big Metallica fan, but enjoyed this from begining to end. And the builds up and release before the last section was so powerful.

@eric.lennon very cool Eric, love that song! Didn’t know it was from a Scottish writer? Although I’ll admit I don’t know a lot of Scottish musicians, I’m very much into Gerry Cinnamon’s music.

@Malz hey Mal, sounding really good, very soft (in a good way) and the guitar playing just fantastic.

@Notter My favorite from the show Mark, some may say I’m a biased Oasis fan :sweat_smile: but I don’t think so! The song just flowed perfectly out of you, with stops in the playing at the right times, very cool vibes

@martzon Great performance Martin, love Dublin btw! I didn’t know this song and I may have to learn it after this. Great rhythm, picking and percussion notes.

@SgtColon Stefan, are you in a band? If not, you should! Not a missed strum or note, just flawless.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Toby, awesome seeing you with the acoustic belting out those lyrics, very energetic


Kevin’s review part 2:

@jestersea good stuff as well Jesse, especially the single note picking!

@rodreilly another song that I didn’t know and loved it, and I think that has to do a lot with your vocals! Keep rocking!

@Rod58 always good to see you working in your studio Rod, love rem and you made the justice, while putting your little spin on the song.

@TheCluelessLuthier I was singing along the entire time, that’s a great sign for me! You guys form a great vocal duo!

@philsmith tough technical difficulties Phil, that said your playing and chord changes are looking good!

@John_in_Dot nice rhythm, not much more to add. Maybe some palm muting or strumming harder in some parts could give it a nice dynamic thing.

@jkahn love the energy, killer performance ending on a high note.

@sclay last but not least, what a great sound , I’m curious on how much time you put to making the mix work like this? But anyways, great steady playing and awesome vocals. And on top of that, looking confident! Love it

Congratulations to everyone, especially first time performers, it can be very intimidating but I hope you found out there’s no reason for it to be, everyone here is supportive and gives great tips.



Thanks so much. I have been planning to learn that song for a while so this open mic was just the incentive needed.

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Thanks! Great/fun song to learn and play!

@Mari63 @KevinKevan Thank you both for the great feedback and for taking the time to have a listen. :slight_smile:

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@Mari63 Thanks Mari. I do enjoy the fingerpicking and playing a few songs with this simple pattern. As for hearing the song played in a higher key with a capo, a few others made the same suggestion and I gave it a go over the weekend As Tears Go By (capo experiment)

@KevinKevan Thanks Kevin, glad you enjoyed it.

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