Open Mic 12: Recording + After-Show Chat

Thank you sir! I think your commentary on @brianlarsen was spot on🔥…Rod


Thanks for the show of appreciation @brianlarsen ! First and foremost I hope everything went well with your op yesterday :crossed_fingers:.

I’ll forgive the ironing, whatever (see what I did there!) needed it was well worth it from the performance you gave us. I’m certainly feeling more comfortable in front of the camera with each one and glad it’s coming over that way.

Careful with the Oasis comments, I’ll be starting to think of this as a project to convert you over time if you’re not careful :wink::joy:. As for the clobber, well the man deserves a cold one for his efforts so throwing some beer tokens his way only seems right!

All the best :+1:


Thank you sir. Hope to do better next time, but probably wont because i keep pushing myself


Thanks Adi. Missed you this time.


Sorry I’m a little late. That was a great show. All the performers did awesome and it sounded great.
Bravo :+1: :+1:


Thanks Brian, yeah, have always enjoyed this song. It cuts deep.

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David, great to see you back. Love this tune, you make it your own, great rendition. Lovely bass coming through from acoustic too.


Jesse, great finger work and dynamics.

Really enjoyed the performance, the singing was good too :slightly_smiling_face:

Edgar, such fun, well done!

You got the moves too :man_dancing:

Sweet tone, loved it

Toby, again suits you to the ground, nice rhythm and jam.

Could listen all night.


… breakdown of setup to follow…


Phil, what a cracking debut!

Your timing is so sweet.

Call and reply in your motif, awesome :sunglasses:


Mark, rock on our kid :smiley:

Nice confidence in the voice, makes a huge difference :+1:

Your attack on the strumming is true to form, those drone strings are ringing out well.


Eric, sung from the heart.

What a clean performance, lovely.


Brian and Chris, I think I like this serious side. So well done.

Loved it gents, perfect contrast of deep vocals and violin/fiddle.


Mal, is that another one in Drop D? Sounds great. Very well sung.

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Jennifer and Dan, amazing, straight in with rhythm, lead and singing! That’s the way to debut :guitar:

Well done for not letting the nerves get the better of you.


Andrés, wonderful finger picking. Lovely to get a taste of Spanish into the night.

You looked so composed, brilliant job :slightly_smiling_face:


Rod unplugged, I love it :heart_eyes:

Another excellent all round performance. Technically good as well as presence and crowd engagement. Top notch.


Scott, James and Issac, well this is great to see. What a great way to share some time with the boys, a truly heartwarming experience.

Put on a great show too. Well played and sung.

… then just casually drop in the slide :star_struck:


Have you been practicing in the mirror? You’re a natural, thanks again.


Thank you @liaty, we had fun and i enjoyed the practice sessions. The open mic was a good excuse to make them jam with me. First time performing for the oldest and second time for me and and Isaac.

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@adi_mrok Dude, if I made you laugh, that makes me happy :rofl:. That’s my aim… haha.

@brianlarsen You know what, this time I found it a bit harder to follow all the chat! I reckon because I was spotlighting in Zoom as well with Adrian away. And I have spent the entirety of my career so far in some kind of IT roles so that comes natural (even though the days of tech support and a loooong way behind me)

@liaty Glad you enjoyed the MCing, great performance mate (although my reviews are coming later when I have some more time). No practice… I’m just comfortable in front of people :rofl:

I took some notes on the night… so hopefully I’ll have time to get my drive-by-review post later today

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So very kind Dave thank you. I enjoyed yours very much….Rod

Hi everyone, awesome performances. Thank you to Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner , JK @jkahn and Adrian @adi_mrok for organizing, master ceremonying, hosting, processing the video and posting it. I’m glad that my performance of the Spanish version of Last Kiss, El último beso, went well. The first time that I heard the Pearl Jam version, I said to me, I know this song, but I haven’t heard it before, so I compared the lyrics and found that the song I knew was a 1965 adaptation of the 1961 original song in English. The lyrics of the chorus are pretty similar to the English version, the lyrics of the verses are very different. It was a good experience for me.

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Hi Dave, yes it was drop D, pleased you enjoyed my bit. Yours sounded great, loved the reverb.

Thanks Brian, your comments are appreciated, it was a good show with everyone showing progress.

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@DavidP What a wonderful performance David and a different take on a very popular song. I loved it.

@jestersea What a great song choice and superbly performed. Some tricky looking guitar work in there. Brilliant.

@Rumil Oh wow! I’ve not heard that song in ages. A top tune and you did a cracking job with it Edgar. You go from strength to strength with each OM.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Toby, that was a new song for me and I really enjoyed it. Your performance was first class. I loved the vibe that was going on.

@liaty Great to seem someone getting in to the spirit of Christmas and what a way to do it. That was awesome, Dave. The song is great and you did a fantastic cover. I also liked the Christmas decoration you had up.

@twistor59 What a great debut Phil and what a cool, laid back vibe it had. I thought there was some great blues work there and cut a little short, if you don’t mind me saying.

@Notter YES Mark! A great song choice and you nailed it. I was singing along. Singing gooood, guitar gooood. Excellent performance.

@eric.lennon That was lovely stuff Eric. One I prefer to American pie and unfortunately you don’t hear very often. Your rendition of it though was wonderful.

@brianlarsen That was really well played and sung Brian and Chris. Not heard the song before but I thought it very enjoyable. You guys did a great job. Brian, I hope your surgery went well. :slight_smile:

@Malz What a great choice Mal. That was wonderful cover. Your playing and singing were spot on. Excellent stuff.

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@Jenndye429 What a cracking way to make your OM entrance Jennifer. A great song choice and the singing and playing (inc hubby Dan) was top notch. Some nifty work there on your fretboard, solo included. Nice! I liked the Christmas tree in the background too.

@dobleA That was excellent. It’s always nice to hearing something a little different. Your finger picking was superb.

@Rod58 It’s good to see you back Rod, I thought you had done one. That was very enjoyable, your singing and playing was great and nice that you did it stripped back.

@sah22 Scott, great debut, great hat and great that you get to play with your sons too. The playing and singing were brilliant. Big up to James and Isaac as well. A wonderful job done by all.

Well done everyone. Another fantastic open mic. :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thank you for your kind words.

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Hi everyone who participated in the OM 12, I couldn’t sleep last night, so I had a quick look at your performances. Congrats to everyone, that was great! OMs are getting more and more professional, you all did a great job! Thanks to everyone of the guys for organizing, video processing and moderating the event. Thanks to you, I was able to get at an impression of your performances, as I wasn’t able to be in the audience. (Evenings at the weekends are reserved to family)
Always good to see, how music can bring people together from all over the world, with such a positive spirit. A great value in this times. Thank you all again!


Really looking forward to catching up with the OM performances and the recent AVoYP posts tomorrow after a busy couple of days back in the office. From what I’ve read it sounds like the bar was raised again. @DavidP was that the dry run of your performance that I did catch on your youtube channel? That sounded fantastic mate, it reminded me a bit of the version that he did with his daughter during lockdown, which I absolutely loved.

From what I’ve seen so far this is one of the most inclusive communities, I’m pretty sure families are welcome to watch and even participate in the OMs

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