Open Mic 12: Recording + After-Show Chat

The event was another resounding success.

Tip the hat to all the performers, those who joined the audience and offered such wonderful support and encouragement, Toby and JK for running the show, and Adrian for taking care of Zoom logistics and the event recording.

Said recording will be added to this Topic as soon as all performers have ‘signed the release form’ to indicate being OK with being included in a YT video accessible to the world (you do have the option of being edited out for anybody for whom that is an issue that prevents joining in as a performer)

That is now done with a link to the saved chat.

If any performer plans to release a sound-check or rehearsal video please let me know via a Message. Thanks

:point_right: Performers
00:00:00 Introduction by MC JK
00:03:49 David – DavidP [Mad World]
00:08:15 Jesse – jestersea [Hazy Shade Of Winter]
00:11:47 Edgar – Rumil [Pretty Fly For A White Guy]
00:16:28 Toby – TheMadman_tobyjenner [The Ballad Of Hollis Brown]
00:23:20 Dave – liaty [The Power Of Love]
00:28:45 Phil – twistor59 [Slow Blues In C]
00:35:21 Mark – Notter [Whatever]
00:40:47 Eric – eric.lennon [Vincent]
00:46:14 Brian (& Chris) – brianlarsen [Lonely Won’t Leave Me Alone]
00:53:06 Mal – malz [Can’t Find My Way Home]
00:57:11 Jenn (& Dan) – jenndye429 [Dig A Pony]
01:02:18 Andres – dobleA [Bolero]
01:06:44 Rod – rod58 [Good, Good Father]
01:13:19 Scott (& Family) – sah22 [Learning To Fly]


Thank you for kick starting the thread David and yes what a great show it was too.

Many thanks to all the performers and those in the audience, who make this such a special event with a unique format. Once again I took great delight in watching the gallery while folks were playing. Its so wonderful to see the engagement, even when it was tissue time !! Yep those tear jerker had their effect for sure but no names, you know who you are.

Roll on January 21 and Open Mic Thirteen (13 / XIII)



It was an honor to be on the bill with this group of courageous performers. Special thanks to the audience for your time watching each of us work through our own challenges and opportunities in public! Super grateful for this community providing such a cool trail on this guitar journey. Play on folks!…. Rod


It was such a fantastic event. Every single performance was terrific, and the variety of songs/genres stunning. Edgars @Rumil song actually is the ring tone on my cell phone when my honey calls me :smiley:.
Just wanted to say, that I enjoyed the whole event a lot.
Thanks to everbody who was involved in organising and running the OM :hugs:.


Well I missed some of the show, some I only listened to in my car on loudspeaker while driving so some catching up to do while finishing video off! Let’s go!

@jkahn even though you haven’t performed I just want to say you are a born natural to be a Master of Ceremony, had a few good laughs and really enjoy you running it mate, well done!

@DavidP that was truly magical performance, spot on video and audio quality and really heartwarming cover of such a great tune. Seems like it’s another one you did while fingerpicking, you are definitely getting better and better David with each performance so bravo!

@jestersea Jesse some quite challenging picking you picked (pun intended :slight_smile: ), I usually get all sweaty and stressed doing that even without people watching me live so fair play for getting yourself through a challenge! Once you kicked off singing all became really smooth and nice, I feel I know the song but somehow fail to recognize it and where I could have heard it. Shame your internet connection dropped a few times, hopefully next time no interruptions present! :slight_smile:

@Rumil wow that was fantastic, I love the song but I don’t think I would love to play it, especially finishing off the chorus with those crazy fast power chord changes! Dang it looked like a proper workout which you NAILED! Bravo really enjoy your performances and truly your dedication and time spent on learning to play pays off BIG TIME! Same issues as above however I know you played over Wifi this time and I am sure problem will go away next time :slight_smile: I don’t quite understand what happened in first few seconds with your sound being noise suppressed but then automatically jumping into original sound mode? Very peculiar!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner well that was one I haven’t heard before, although without a surprise if song is now more than 50 years old :smiley: played it really well Toby, shame you didn’t get your drums working but I know with your head you will get this cracked down in no time! :slight_smile: very enjoyable acoustic performance though and wasn’t missing the drums much!

@liaty Dave that was really… soulful, the backing track really made the job and improved the whole experience of this performance. Vox and playing were of course fantastic too so you should be proud!

@twistor59 wow what a debut! Loved it and managed to listen to your impro while driving, really made my journey a lot more pleasant :smiley: if you went on for even longer I wouldn’t mind at all! Great stuff hope to see you on some more OMs in the future!


@Notter Mark and Oasis are coming back! Should have made the W song joke haha, although I am sure people wouldn’t mind the Wonderwall at all! :slight_smile: Really nice Mark you are also becoming a pretty confident regular and it is good to listen to your performances live, top quality :slight_smile: and don’t mind the little hickup at the end, you carried on and that is the main thing!

@eric.lennon I listened to the song and I must be honest - I don’t know that one! :smiley: but I really enjoyed it, clearly Justin’s workshops are paying off and you are a fine and experienced artist which we can fully appreciate and enjoy!

@brianlarsen well my dear kudos to you and Chris, you guys are old dogs now on our Community Open Mics and I don’t expect anything less than class act which you delivered again! :smiley: Hopefully your procedure went well and very soon you will be reading this comment without the glasses!

@Malz really great Mal, whenever I hear you perform songs I am always scratching my head thinking your music taste and choices are more matching person from Southern part of USA than a Yorkshire man! :smiley: Then I remind myself you are from North of the UK and admire your performances even more, well done you did really good and that was definitely quite a challenging tune with all those little picking embellishments.

@Jenndye429 wow Jenny what a debut! When I think of our first Open Mics and how debuts looked back then and now makes me feel a bit overwhelmed with quality of those acts now! Bravo really enjoyed it, a little solo, a nice distorted guitar, drums from your hubbie and the Beatles, what’s not to like here?!

@dobleA welcome to another first timer on our OMs! That was really cool, we are missing some regional cultural performances as most of us are going for big international hits (myself guilty of that too) so thank you for enhancing our experience! And I am sure Mr Larsen enjoyed it even more than others as he was always keen on getting some more cultures represented through songs onto OMs and AVOYPs! :slight_smile:

@Rod58 great to see and hear you again Rod! And that was truly unusual pick, but nevertheless really enjoyable performance! Great to have you here again and hopefully we will see each other on many others OMs to come :slight_smile:

@sah22 Scott and his sons (or at least some of them :smiley: ) - that was really great! Being inspired by children, usually it works other way around but great thing to be able to play with your kids and enjoy music together. And even better if you can spread the joy to others such us lucky ourselves! :smiley: You were a bit worried about quality of the sound but you definitely sorted it out very well, this is a pure example to others you don’t really need a high end kit, interfaces etc etc. All you need is a modern smartphone, settings well sorted out and an instrument!

Overall that was really cool guys, shame I missed it live but while doing video felt like I haven’t missed a thing! :smiley: Congratz to all performers, JK for MCing and Toby for organising and onto the next one!


Thanks for playing catch up Adi and reviewing the performances and yes even I struggle to recall the ones that are nearer to 60 years old !! Always a please to organise, its just a matter of spreadsheet population and cross fertilizing over here and despite how it may seem, its a long way from herding cats and knitting fog. Roll 2023 !! :studio_microphone: :door:

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Hi Adi, Thank you for your time and effort on the Video. Also I shall wear your comments as a compliment, thank you again. My musical tastes are eclectic to say the least: Elton John to Stravinsky, Neil Young to Traffic for example and everything in between. IMHO no music is bad, just different tastes and the world is full of different music. That being said a lot of good music has come from the US.


Thanks @adi_mrok , I was saying in a DM to Rod that I feel I’m getting more comfortable with the OM nerves, glad it’s coming over! Maybe I’ll drop the other W song into my repertoire at some point :rofl: The hiccup was just so perfectly timed to drop in the last couple of bars, c’est la vie!!

Agree with you fully that this was a terrific OM, I’ll add my congratulations again to this thread to everyone performing, the debuts were stunning and there was such a great diversity in genres and styles, I’d say this had it all! An honour to be a part of and to share the virtual stage with amazing people.

And of course :+1: to those that pull all of this together every time.


Excellent show review, Adrian, appreciate you taking the time to watch and write up all the comments.

This one was finger-style with a trickier picking pattern than my usual T M T I plus that switch into pumping 8s … switch in is no problem but struggled to make the switch back into the picking pattern (probably the most challenging part of the whole thing).

But just being better than lst time is what floats my boat.

Thanks again for the encouragement and taking care of the recording; much appreciated.


Thanks Adi, no backing track though, I’m going to do a rundown of my setup. A couple of folk have asked now….

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Wow really? It sounded like there is a little keyboard in the background running, I am even more impressed now! :dizzy_face:

Edit. Just had a relisten, that must be some really fancy posh reverb going on there, fabolous!

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Watch this space :slightly_smiling_face:.

I’m going to do a run through of the other performances first though, it’s hard work keeping track, commenting and performing all in one on the night.


Bit of chorus and reverb for sure I reckon but I am sure Mr G will elaborate. Sounded darn good whatever it was !

Event recording and chat now added to the starting post of this Topic.

Thanks Adrian!!

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Thanks for the kind comments and all the work getting things posted up!.. Rod

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I am sorry I didn’t get home early enough to watch this, so really looking forward to watching the video. I hope everyone had a great night.

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@jkahn second time MCing and working the mic like an old pro.
I meant to mention in the chat that it’s fab when the guy doing the soundcheck is
IT literate and able to give a bit of guidance when there’s a hiccup.
You rock! :metal:

@DavidP welcome back. Very comfortable picking & strumming and not a note out of tune. I’ve mentioned it before, but I do enjoy that you don’t slavishly follow original melodies. Always sounds good. Loved that you included the Halargian bit and cool outro picking :sunglasses:

@jestersea Woah Jesse… I’m hanging on alright! That is one of my favourite S&G tunes.
We’re going to have to call you Mr. Dynamo!
A pity about the intermittent freeze, but didn’t detract from the performance. Bravo!

@Rumil . Who’s becoming our resident metalhead then? Offspring were one of the few ‘new’ punk bands I listened to a lot. The only thing that was better than your stonking sound and flashy fretboard work was your fabulous rocking out.
I guess being able to count in Spanish makes this easy for you, eh? :rofl:

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Glad you stuck with learning this song. Persistence is key! I fail to see how this would be improved by drums, but will no doubt be proved wrong in the diaries… Oh yeah, right choice on the reverb. Encore! :smiley:

@Liaty Highlight of the night for me. First year in college after moving to Ireland. Listening on the B&O stereo in a dark sitting room with a turf fire. The best of the 3 Power of Loves that year in the charts, eh?
(I’m guessing delay, pitch-shifter and much reverb? :laughing:)

@twistor59 Well that’s a genre jump from my beloved Floyd, but you’re just showing off, aren’t you? :laughing: I’m no blues boy, but man, I’d love to be able to do that. Superb!

@Notter Sorry I missed this on the night. (Chris and I had a couple of bits to iron out). No comment on the band, but I enjoyed that. Lovely bridge. You have a very natural way in front of the camera. Well played, Sensitive vocals. Love the sound of that Faith guitar. Sucking up to the teacher by wearing his clobber is a step too far :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

@eric.lennon Glad you settled on this one in the end. Superb choice and so well played. Your OM experience just shine through. Cheers for setting everybody in a soulful/sad mood before we came on. :smiley:

@brianlarsen Well, simply sublime! Is there no end to this chap’s talent? As usual, let down by his incompetent sidekick, Chris, no matter what strings he tries to pull :roll_eyes: :rofl:
One of these days I’ll stop letting others share my limelight.
Seriously, I’m amazed you guys still let me show up and do the same old, same old… but thanks :wink:



cont. …

@Malz Well that brought the level right back to where it was before the ‘blip’. Don’t know the song, but how well performed. Lovely bit ofpicking, stumming and soulful vocals on top. Bravo!

@Jenny, Wow, what a debut. My hometown band! That was seriously impressive. What confidence and skills to match. Props to hubby on skins :smiley:

@dobleA Arriba las manos! (well that’s most of my Spanish :laughing:). I love it when folk from our broad community share songs from their own cultures. And what a bonus when it’s performed with such panache as this. Google translate: fire up your engines! Ole!

@eric.lennon Glad you settled on this one in the end. Superb choice and so well played. Your OM experience just shine through. Cheers for setting everybody in a soulful/sad mood before we came on. :smiley:

@Jenny, Wow, what a debut. My hometown band! That was seriously impressive. What confidence and skills to match! Props to hubby on skins :smiley:

@Rod58 Red-Jacket-Hot-Rod back in the booth! No training wheels at all. One man, one guitar, one big positive song.
I am enthused! Thank you. :innocent: :smiley:

@sah22 Well I already plumped for something else as my musical highlight, so can’t double-dip :slightly_frowning_face: For those of you who have not (yet) been blessed by the opportunity of making music with family or friends, it doesn’t get much better than this.
Rock steady rhythm on bass and cool lead/slide guitar by the boys. Ska-hat showman closing the show in style.
Thank you for sharing, Scott & family. :smiley:

And thank you all for participating, organising, performing or as part of the audience (live or later)
Onwards and… upwards? :rofl:


Natch :wink:

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