Open Mic 12: Recording + After-Show Chat

James absolutely, partners and family more than welcome in the audience as well as playing.

This weekend we had a father and his two sons, a wife and husband combo and we had a husband and wife combo turn up in the after show chat (@TheCluelessLuthier :clock1: ) !! We’ve had father and daughter combos in the past as well. Plus @brianlarsen pulls folk off the street if they are passing at show time and press gangs them into playing with him, he held the whole family hostage last December and forced them all to sing :rofl:

And @Helen0609 Andrea I am sure it beats Saturday night TV for sure, the more the merrier !


Thank you both, I just booked a seat for the Christmas Special (and for sure, it’s not the TV which is holding me back!) Looking forward to this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Great to see the extraOrdinary David back performing at the OMs and what a great performance. Lovely fingerpicking and nice dynamics mixing it the finger picking up with strumming. The vox and guitar balance was on point.

Nice picking which is challenging enough doing it with the camera recording let along live. So top marks on that buddy. Shame the connection dropped a few times as it was a very enjoyable performance.

That was a fantastic and entertaining performance mate. Since your first OM performance you’ve added an extra dimension to the OMs. I felt sorry for Toby having to follow that performance.

Not a song I’m familiar with so it was a real treat getting to listen to something new played on the acoustic by the madman. Very well played and sung, I do enjoy it when you take one of the acoustics out of the stable.

That was very well played and sung Dave. That to me was the your best performance. Bravo.

Wow that was some fantastic improv. For this young grasshopper just getting into blues that was super inspirational playing.

That was a very confident and competent performance of a classic Oasis song. Very well played and sung.

That’s my favourite song from Don and one that’s on my list to learn further down my learning journey. You played and sung that beautifully. Top class.

@ Chris
Not a song I’m familiar with so it was great to listen to something new. You played really well. Your singer and rhythm guitarist done a great job too. Well done.


That was great. Not a song I’m familiar with so a real treat. You played and sung very well. Great stuff.

Well being a huge beatles fan that was my favourite performance (but don’t tell the other performers that) you done a really great job with the song. Super OM debut, you should be really proud of yourself.

That was an excellent debut performance and a version of the song that I’m actually familiar with, you done a great cover of it and should be really proud of yourself.

Lovely playing and nicely sung. I thought the music choice suited your voice really well. That was an excellent performance. I think you’ve came along really well on this journey.

What a fantastic debut performance. It was a pleasure watching you and your boys deliver that performance. Now that’s a memory that you’re going to treasure for years to come. Well done.


Nicely MC’d. You are a natural buddy.

Thanks James! Tempting as it was to do the other W song, I didn’t dare :wink:

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Thanks so much!…Rod

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Thanks for kind words. Hopefully someday i can do solos, but it’s rythm for now. Great memory and looking forward to making more.

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It feels like it’s been an age since the OM, although it was only last week!

I enjoy reading the mini reviews so much I thought I’d do one. It was such a good event.

First up: The famous @DavidP - well I said that, not famous David says - but I think a true legend of the community. Great to see you back performing. Tone and sound work were great, playing was great as were the vocals. Loved the build up and contrast between fingerstyle and strumming.

@jestersea Loved the passion in your performance, really added something to it. Dynamics between the different parts of the song were great. Shame about the technical issues.

@Rumil Dude. Wow. Dude. I loved the antics, dancing, lip syncing. It’s such a hilarious song and you nailed it, I was just grinning my head off and so were what audience I could see. Oh yeah, your playing! Tight. Nailed the song.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner This is a Bob Dylan song, right? I must have heard it before sometime, probably in a movie soundtrack. This song put visions of the wild west in my mind. Singing was great too, you’re the total package.

@liaty Dave! Man, I love it how you set up your staging. The Christmas theme this time, last time it was the flashing lights with Deep Purple. Flawless playing like usual. And a spine-tingling tune with oceans of reverb. Loved it.

@twistor59 A mild mannered talker with guitar playing that kicks ass. I’d seen your AVOYPs so figured it would be something impressive. You had us all on the edge of our seats making that guitar sing. Are you in a band?

@Notter Honourary Oasis member! Great rendition of Wonderwall. Oh what, they have other songs? :rofl: You’re free to be whatever, and sing Oasis if you want :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. Seriously, your best performance yet. playing has kicked up a couple of notches and singing sounding a lot more confident. Awesome.

@eric.lennon So apparently Don McLean had another song? :wink: What can I say. Another pro quality performance. Dynamics great. Playing great. Just amazing.

@brianlarsen Mr Larsen. Well. I don’t know how you do it. Six strings, your voice, and the talented Chris on fiddle - was this all through your crappy webcam! I don’t know what the song was about, but your playing and singing just took me to a place where I felt something. Especially Chris’s fiddling. You guys are awesome.

@Malz Going solo this time. Absolutely rocking tune, loved that bass hook. So much going on with the guitar playing, sounded like bass and guitar at the same time. And great singing. You’re super skillful. Did I say I loved the bassline?

@Jenndye429 Debut! I dig this pony. No backing tracks here, with the two piece band! Gotta say I’m a bit jealous! :grinning: Well done, great intro to an OM and a classic rock n roll track.

@dobleA Great playing Andres, and good singing. I’ve seen a few of your AVOYPs and this would be one of your best I reckon, and it was live! Awesome to hear some music from different languages as well. Great debut.

@Rod58 Rod! Dude, you smashed it out of the park. I hope that app is in the bin now! (side note to any app users… stick with it until you don’t need it!). Man, that was your best performance by FAR and just really accomplished playing and singing. Sounded like the song is special for you as well. RAW Rod. Rod UNSHACKLED. Great.

@sah22 Scott and the boys! James & Isaac were awesome. Sound quality was surprisingly good as well for his being over the phone, worked pretty well. I love me some Tom Petty, he was a master songwriter. Oh yeah, you were great too! James stole the show with his solo. Casually pulling the slide out and letting rip. Then you all nailed the breakdown!

That’s it. Great show!


JK yep it hails from 63/64 and was in his The Times They Are A Changin album, which has some of his greats on. I think the story line is based on the Great Depression in the late 1920s when banks were foreclosing on farms and the mid west was in a pretty bad state. Seemed a good choice for 2022 without tripping too many etiquette alarms. Thx for the compliments.

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Gone solo as Lara was off seeing Florence and the machine in London. Pleased you enjoyed the song, and thank you for the comments.

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Hi James, the song was written by Steve Winwood and first performed I think in Hyde Park as ‘Blind Faith’. Better IMHO done solo by Winwood. Pleased you enjoyed it thanks.


Thanks @Socio & @jkahn :smiley:

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Really appreciate the kind words sir. Also thanks for the reminder in real time during sound check how to get OBS to Zoom. First time i got that to work in an OM and the time between when i figured it out after the last OM i was in and this one i just forgot it but you were right there with detail to make it happen. One less thing to grapple with before go time. Thanks for your effort in making these events so great to participate!.. Rod

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Yes, that was James’ first time performing. He’s always loved the guitar. He had no desire to perform but i kept bugging him into submission. We’ll see what we come up with next.

I too love Tom Petty. Relatively simple but so good. I’m leaning toward another Tom Petty song but also thinking of trying to come up with something different.

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I loved it!

I like this recording with Slowhand. For your viewing pleasure.

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Yes a good one, thanks. Did you notice Derek Trucks in the background?

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I did not!

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he is playing the SG with slide.

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