Open Mic 14: Recording & After-Show Chat

Bit late to the party, just come back from holiday so missed it live but now had a chance to view the recorded version.
Not going to comment on any one in particular other than to say I really enjoyed it and all the performances were terrific. To quote a line from a BBC sitcom of the 70’s, some of you in the UK and are old enough may remember it, spoken by the aged owner, the young Mr Grace, of the Depart Store in Are You Being Served.
“You have all done very well”


Thanks Dale!

Part 1 -

That was a great Open Mic! Nice job on the hosting duties too, @Notter .

@DavidP I like your strategy, David, it’s great to have a healthy campfire repertoire, a good collection of songs you can pull out any time and often even get a little audience participation. You are looking and sounding so comfortable in your playing, great way to open the evening.

@liaty very impressive on the looper pedal! I love that song, whether it’s the traditional Irish song, or the Thin Lizzy or Metallica rock versions. And you did a great job rocking out. Love your vocals on this song too.

@adi_mrok I already caught your encore performance in AVOYP, and I enjoyed this main event too. Live performances are more challenging but you go with the flow. Very enjoyable.

@Rossco01 I loved your performance, Jason. Every time I hear you play with that Trio I want one, so thanks for fanning the GAS lol.

@jestersea I don’t really know that song but it sure has an interesting arrangement. Nicely done, I’ll have to check out John Lennon’s solo version of that now!

@twistor59 loved your opening lol, the guitar does come in soon enough though. And wow, very nicely played. Nice looking guitar too :slight_smile:

@elevatortrim that was really good Serhat, no reason to be nervous at all. Nice dynamics for both singing and playing too.

@eric.lennon that was an interesting strategy for what song to play lol. Your revised strategy worked out quite well though. I don’t think I’ve heard that song before, but I quite liked it. Nice solo work too.

@iainism what a lovely song, and a very nice performance. Fingerpicking this song was a great idea, it definitely suits the song. Nice.

… to be continued


Part 2 … continued …

@dobleA someone from Ontario, hello neighbour (from the North Shore of Lake Superior, so a few clicks away from you!). Nice vocals, your voice certainly suits the song. I enjoyed listening to something different from my usual playlist :slight_smile:

@TheCluelessLuthier great song selection and great cover. I love listening to you two, this song suits you very well, and the harmony was lovely.

@DonnatheDead I love that song, both JP and BR versions. And you delivered a great performance. Dynamics really add to the song, very nice indeed.

As an aside - “If dreams were lightning, And thunder were desire” - there’s one of the (IMO) greatest lyrics ever written.

@Jenndye429 you two rock, another great old song, and you’ve definitely got the attitude to deliver this song. Great performance.

@Charlie_James another Canadian, nice to see a few Canucks (or transplanted Canucks lol). Dale wow that is definitely an impressive reflection of learning from Justin’s lessons. Great song, and wow loopers live are so cool. Nice!

@skeletor83 nice background info on Lonnie Johnson, I’ve been doing some reading on the history of the blues and he definitely is in there. I’ll have to check out that song, it sounds like a great blues song. I hope you bring it back to AVOYP at some point!

@nzmetal wow that was quite the … attire! And your playing didn’t disappoint, that was just great!

@jkahn well I saw the encore version of this song too, both were really good, but again great job playing live, and singing too, you’re kind of channeling Kurt here, nice.

@TheMadman_tobyjenner taking it all home with a song that’s both classic and current, really loved your version of this Toby.

Once again really great job everyone, that was a really excellent Open Mic. See you next time!


@Mari63 Thanks for taking a look at the recording and the feedback, Mari. It is a strategy rooted primarily in fun and enjoyment, though doesn’t power me forward to develop skills set that well :laughing:


Mari many thanks for individual review, much appreciated! Yes indeed live performances definitely put a bit of extra pressure to everything else, ongoing battle for me! :grinning: one thing I guess which is worse off comparing to real life OM is that it’s recorded so anyone can go back and track your mistakes, whereas live you would need to focus to spot some bits here and there throughout which let’s face it most people are not while having a pint with friends :wink:


Thank you for the kind review Mari.

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@adi_mrok yes definitely there’s a pre-occupation with beverages in the actual life setting, and you listen somewhat differently to a recorded session. However - I wanted to be sure to be clear that I thought your OM live performance was great! You pointed out in your AVOYP cover that you didn’t do a perfect solo so of course I was waiting for that listening back to the recorded OM lol. My point then was that you did marvellously well at playing through a wee stumble, and that’s definitely something you need to play live. So, again, your OM performance was very enjoyable :slightly_smiling_face:

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After much anticipation, here my thread I created about Lonnie Johnson for those of you who want to know why it’s a shame we have basically forgotten him, how influential he really was, and a lot of song recommendations The Original Guitar Hero-Lonnie Johnson

Maybe worth posting in Just Chatting rather than the OM thread, :sunglasses:

I did. I just put the link to it hear because I mentioned I was going to create a thread on it during the OM and some people have commented above that they wanted to read it when I created it. Just figured it would be easier for them to find this way because I am not sure how else they would know

Cool, thx David :+1:

Thank you for commenting neighbour Mari. I’m glad you liked my performance. Trying to use my background to bring some additional diversity to the open mics.


Thank you for taking the time to watch the recording and give feedback, it’s much appreciated!

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