Open Mic 14: Recording & After-Show Chat

Open Mic 14 - Saturday 04 March 2023

Show chat

Another fantastic range of entertainment … a wide variety of music from metal mayhem to sensitive ballads.

The JustinGuitar Community Open Mics are voluntarily run and organised by and for the Justin Guitar Community. They bring together JustinGuitar students from across the globe in a live event of music performance and online chat.

:point_right: Performers
00:00:00 Introduction by MC Mark
00:02:50 David – DavidP [Never Met A Girl Like You Before]
00:06:44 Dave – liaty [Whiskey In The Jar]
00:13:04 Adrian – adi_mrok [I’ll Be There For You]
00:16:15 Jason – Rossco01 [Teenage Kicks]
00:20:18 Jesse – jestersea [Dear Prudence]
00:25:38 Phil – twistor59 [Where The Streets Have No Name]
00:32:26 Serhat – elevatortrim [Otherside]
00:36:53 Eric – eric.lennon [Always The Last To Know]
00:42:38 Iain – iainism [Will You?]
00:47:27 Andreas – dobleA [Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps]
00:52:04 Mark (& Jen) – TheCluelessLuthier [Teach Your Children]
00:55:55 Donna – DonnatheDead [Angel From Montgomery]
00:59:41 Jenn (& Dan) – jenndye429 [Cherry Bomb]
01:03:13 Dale – Charlie_James [Sultans Of Swing]
01:10:32 David – skeletor83 [Another Night To Cry]
01:21:52 Jeff – nzmetal [For Whom The Bell Tolls]
01:28:15 JK – jkhan [In Bloom]
01:33:51 Toby – TheMadman_tobyjenner [Sound Of Silence]


Congratulations everyone. You all were great. I was so nervous for some reason. My hands were super stiff and had to double check my hand positions a few times. Even forgot some licks and just had to make something up on the spot, but I’ve practiced the solo enough time thankfully muscle memory just took over


Maybe i’ll take a few shots next time :wink:


You did really well @skeletor83 and fair to say you certainly laid a challenge down for yourself! I’ll be exploring your rabbit holes there with blues in general as it’s a genre I’ve not got much depth of knowledge on at all.

As an overall comment it was a superb OM so my huge congratulations to everyone who stepped up and provided a terrific nights entertainment, the bar continues to go up!

I would also repeat my words of encouragement to anyone who’s considering signing up as debut performers in future. You’ll be nervous and question why you’ve done it but you will 100% take a huge amount from the whole process. Do keep your eyes peeled for the next call for interest for OM XV!

Also a thanks to those that did / do the real work of managing the call, muting, spotlighting and of course the overall organising of these unique events. It’s always a pleasure to be a part of. :+1: :heart: :guitar:


Hey Phil @twistor59,
Really enjoyed your performance today and wanted to ask you a question about it.
I’ve tried playing with dotted 8th note delay and it goes pear shaped really quickly. So much going on and I lose the timing.
Do you first practice the song without the delay effect until you knew it perfectly? Or were you able to work with it from the start? Fantastic job.


Great job everyone! I feel so honored to be given the opportunity to perform alongside such a talented group. Also, to all of you who made their OM debut tonight, congrats! If the nerves were hitting you, they didn’t show. I thoroughly enjoyed everyone’s performances and we had a great variety of genres and songs. I can’t wait for the next one! Oh and @Notter, you were an excellent host.

I will repeat what others have said about joining in if you have been thinking about it- Do it! You won’t regret it. There will be nerves, but still 1000% worth it.


Great job everybody. Some really great performances tonight. Really enjoyed listening to everyone.


You & Dan never disappoint, always such a highlight, and this time was not an exception! Loved your tune! Well done again! :clap: :metal::star_struck:
Congrats to all the other preformers too, everyone was amazing! What a show! :ok_hand::grinning::+1:
Thanks @Notter fantastic job hosting! Total natural! :sunglasses:
And huge thanks to the organisers/behind-the-scenes-wizards! Toby, Adi, David and anyone I’m forgetting, legends! :metal:
I was completely bricking it, didn’t even think my hands would work from them shaking so much! :sweat_smile: But great experience and I echo what’s been said above, if you’re thinking about it, give it a crack, well worth it! :slightly_smiling_face::+1:


Wow, that was a great OM tonight. Superb. A wide range of players again, although it seems we’re getting some really good performances in OMs now.

Can’t wait for the video so I can check out the small bits I missed when doing warm up.

@nzmetal, you smashed it. Absolutely epic, loved the costume - and the canterbury shorts, lol, what a South Islander! No 3 chord strummer for you, had to be an awesome metallica song.


Whilst I’m not doubting you Jeff, you showed no signs of nerves at all, I absolutely loved the show and performance you gave us. Really looking forward to your next postings and OM appearances!

Appreciate your kind comments too :+1:


That was really awesome Open Mic with such a variety of songs, loved it throughout and really won’t put anyone on the spot here as you guys are all the winners here! Recording will probably be ready tomorrow or Monday as I am still waiting for Zoom to let me know it’s ready to download! :thinking:


I know, right?! What else would it be! :joy::joy::joy:

Thanks so much, JK! I wouldn’t have done it without your encouragement (or inspiration for the costume either for that matter! :sweat_smile::+1:)

You were killer too mate! So epic! Tone and vocals spot on and with a solo to boot, outstanding! :metal::metal::metal:


Perhaps that’s the beauty of Zoom, the video compression blurs out the tremors! :grimacing::joy:

Thanks so much Mark, very kind! Yes looking forward to doing more in the future! :metal:


A big thank you to all the organizers who put this event together. Y’all are great! :clap: I have to admit, I came very close to backing out at the last minute. @skeletor83, you did a stellar job just carrying on despite the nerves. You and other up-and-coming players are what give me the courage to try depite those jitters. I also loved the diversity of songs and genres. I always end up looking up a few songs I’ve never heard before. Everyone did a fabulous job! :clap:t4: :guitar: :star_struck:


Just echoing others, but this was an especially awesome open mic. Makes me happy to have been part of it. Everyone should be proud of both the efforts they’ve put in, as well as putting themselves out there to play in front of others.


Glad you didn’t back out Donna, and I hope you’re glad you didn’t too :+1:


Thank you Jeff! I enjoyed your performance as well. You are inspiring me to consider doing a Metallica song for the next one! :guitar:


Aw you totally should! Would love to see/hear that!! :metal::smiley:


Congratulations everyone on a great OM!
Your performances were all sensational!
Perhaps one day I will have the confidence to perform. Until then, I will just enjoy watching and listening to all of you.


Hi everyone, it was a nice OM. Every one of the performers sounded very good. Good to have been part of it.