Open Mic 16: Recording + After-Show Chat

Open Mic 16 - Saturday 27 May 2023

Zoom chat

:point_right: Performers
00:00:00 Introduction by MC Eric
00:03:50 Eric – eric.lennon [Desperado]
00:08:08 David – DavidP [Viva La Vida]
00:14:07 Lieven – LievenDV [Englishman In New York]
00:19:16 Collin – Elixir1253 [Going To California]
00:26:58 Serhat – elevatortrim [Stand By Me]
00:31:17 Mal (& Lara) – malz [Sweet Virginia]
00:36:48 Phil – twistor59 [Sylvia]
00:42:05 Dave – liaty [The Storm]
00:46:25 Alexis - alexiduprey [Holiday]
00:53:07 Mark (& Jen) – TheCluelessLuthier [Me And You And A Dog Named Boo]
00:57:18 Phil – philsmith [Hit Me Baby One More Time]
01:02:00 David – skeletor83 [I Won’t Give Up]
01:08:41 Jenn (& Dan) – jenndye324 [Celebrity Skin]
01:12:55 Rod – rodreilly [Kooks]
01:17:14 Jay – think2100 [If You Could Read My Mind]
01:22:18 JK – jkahn [House Of The Rising Sun]
01:28:47 Jeff – nzmetal [Seek And Destroy]
01:36:37 Toby – TheMadman_tobyjenner [Every Mother’s Son]



What a great night!

Variation, surprises, excellent storytelling…
What a treat

Excellent job MC’ing Eric!

ah end yes, this “original sound” setting really makes a difference


WE really enjoy these OMs, doing them has provided an outlet and confidence booster. All performers tonight were awesome and thank you for sharing your music with us. Hope to see you all again soon, Thank you to everyone and all who arranged the event, Toby for keeping it together and Eric for hosting. :smiley: :star_struck: :rofl:


A great show, really enjoyable. All sorts of performances.

Really interesting to hear what a 17 year veteran of guitar can do live as well @LievenDV !


I had a great time. Focused on everyone else’s performance instead of just waiting for my turn, and it worked out (I think). Such a fun session.


Really great to be involved in these, can’t believe where the time goes. Great Job to all performers. Thanks to all for being involved.


Hope you all had a blast, I’m really looking forward to watching it :v:


Proud to have been part of such an amazing show! Everyone did an amazing job.

Thanks for the kind words, do not regret doing it all!


Another great show! Dan and I love being able to play among such a talented group.

Also, congrats to both of the debutants @alexisduprey and @Elixir1253 :clap: You both were fantastic!

Also a big thanks to @eric.lennon for being a great host :+1:


Such a cool show! Filled such great performances and so much variation (looking at you @elevatortrim! :wink::rofl:). Special congrats to debutants! Really impressive! Sorry @jkahn pretty much missed all yours mate, what I did hear sounded great but will look forward to checking it out properly once the recording is available. @Jenndye429 loved hearing about how you and Dan got into playing, one of the highlights of the night too, that’s the special part about the after match chat. Congrats again everyone! :metal::sunglasses:


@nzmetal Thanks Jeff! Hopefully we didn’t monopolize the chat too much :laughing: I enjoyed getting to share.

I loved the return of the wig!! It was nice getting to hear you sing as well. As usual, I’m amazed by your performance! Those songs are long and it takes serious skill to play them from beginning to end :guitar::metal:


No worries Jeff, I think that’s pretty standard for the performance before you go on, I always miss it and have to check it out in the recording.

Not sure now whether to call you Rod Stewart or James Hetfield, or maybe it’s Rod Hetfield, the lovechild of the wig and the metal!


Thanks Jenn! :smiley: I was pretty nervous about doing vocals I must admit, it was the first time ever trying to sing in “public” :joy: , but I enjoyed giving it a crack… maybe I’ll do more… maybe :thinking: :sweat_smile:
I was super stoked that you covered Hole! I listened to them a lot back in the day and their Live Through This album is still a favourite. But Courtney hasn’t got anything on you, you owned that tune!! :metal:

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: hmmm now I’m considering changing my user name @rod_hetfield?! :thinking: :rofl:


What a fantastic show :star_struck:!
Thanks a lot to all performers - you were doing great :+1::clap::smiley:, organisers, and to @eric.lennon for hosting the show :hugs:. Without all of you, this wouldn’t have been possible.

And I want to congratulate particularly the two debutants @alexisduprey and @Elixir1253. You both were absolutely great :star_struck:! At the last OM, I was a first timer myself and know how difficult it is to perform live, and how quickly your fingers develop a live of their own (I messed up the intro twice :see_no_evil::sweat_smile:). So, big kudos to you :smiley:.

Unfortunately, I always miss the after-show chat, as - at that late hour - I have to bring my kids (and myself :blush:) to bed. That’s really a pity :disappointed:.

Again, thanks to all of you :hugs:. Even at my holiday appartement in Croatia I was able to watch the show. What a treat :smiling_face:.


Great show folks. Good to see such a diverse range of skills and musical styles. Looking forward to watching the recording, without the worries of “tech support” - especially the parts I missed at the end, when I was preparing for my set.

Great to see our newbie breaking the ice and putting on confident performances. And it was lovely to see folks pushing the boundaries. :+1:

Never quite found my usual Open Mic vibe/mojo this time and my prep seemed nicely captured in my jack plug issue when I started - disconnected. Post match analysis needed once the video comes out to see what the end result was. Especially with all the last minute changes. :crazy_face:

Big thanks to @eric.lennon for hosting the show. You did a grand job and kept things moving seamlessly. Big thanks to those in the audience, your support is much and always appreciated.

Thanks to those who stayed on for the after show chat. Always good to hear folk opening up and sharing their experiences and back stories. All good fun.

See you all in six weeks time !



It was such a great evening with so many good performances. Once again a huge thank you to all the performers and organizers :slightly_smiling_face:


What a great show last night. It was the first time that I was actually able to watch it live. The atmosphere is so much better live than that which comes across in the recording. Well done all of you.


Terrific show last night. Well done everyone, performers, organisers and back stage staff. :clap::clap:


Thanks for such an awesome night everyone. It was a lot of fun. Always nice to see such a variety of people and so much preparation. @nzmetal and @LievenDV are just two of the performances that put a smile on my face. I can’t remember every single performance due to my anxiety at the time, will have to watch the recording and comment again after.


Another great show last night!. Congratulations to all performers. Internet went down while @DavidP was performing (very well) and it was a fair time before it came back up. As soon as I can I’ll catch up with the recording. When I was able to rejoin I think it was a song or two before Kooks, although at my age I don’t rely on my perception of the passage of time, so that may not be quite right! Anyway, I’ve passed my modest record collection into the care of a friend only keeping back a few, including Hunky Dory. Been listening to it this morning, for the first time in a long while, on Spotify. What a great album. Worth digging into for the next OM? Who was under that wig? Whoever, is was a Great Job!