Open Mic 16: Recording + After-Show Chat


Recording now added to post 1 above.


That was fantastic :clap: I absolutely loved it :blush: thank you to everyone involved in these :clap: the organisers, the performers, the audience, just such a lovely bunch of people having a blast and it really shines through. A great display of variety in both song choices and skills, big congrats to the debutants you absolutely smashed it :muscle: :slightly_smiling_face:

I had a couple of favourites out of all the wonderful performances, but I won’t tag anyone individually as you all were amazing :+1: I find you all incredibly inspiring :slightly_smiling_face:

I really hope I can be part of the audience next time and watch it live. Congrats to everyone involved in putting this on :v:


I took in the video recorded as I have joined the Covid crowd and did not even know the OM was going down till it was history. While on the video, thanks to Adi who I think had a big hand in it! It sure came out nice and I know the time it takes to do such a project. Bravo! Let me know if that is not the case… (Adi’s work of course?)

An enjoyable ride with a lot of great, sound performances by all! To me the overall sound of everyone is sounding better than a few OM’s back. So kudos to all for perfecting your loop to capture your performances and stream them up to Zoom for distribution to all listeners and this video.

Now I must say, who is that “Metal Rod” dude with the wicked hair? While I found all playing and singing to be great. The hairdo on this guy won hands down… LOL

At any rate, good work all and as I have often said in the past;
Keep on rock’n and Rock on!


Thanks for watching LBro !

You really must come along one time and see how these work. Performances are not captured and sent to Zoom, it happenings in a Zoom meeting in realtime. Performers and audience all in the the Zoom “meeting” at the same time, so you are playing in front if 30 to 40+ people live, right there and then, warts and all. Some slick editing by Adi makes sure the video is tight and a seamless flow. But the tech issues, stop starts and hiccups are all there and laid bare ! July 8th put it in your diary and look out for the Call For Interest invitation that I will be sending out later today.

If you set the Notification Bell icon to watching in
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you get all the invites and updates.


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One thing I wanted to mention about the song “I Won’t Give Up.” The beautiful intro is based around a D chord (technically E with the capo) but not the normal D. It’s the C shape triad. And of course, a lot of finger pickers will tune up hr lower string to D when the song is based around a D chord to get that droning bass. When I realized that it helped me stop forgetting it. This is, I think, one of the more practical uses of theory knowledge, triads, chords, scales. So much of it just helps you memorize a song or figure out kind of either what the artist was doing or why they chose the notes they chose. Helps you memorize things. Justin talks about in one of his videos how he hated scales but realize that a Metallica solo he was trying to learn just used the notes of the D major scale and suddenly eating his broccoli (I.e., scale) made sense

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Well that was a very enjoyable couple of hours spent on a bank holiday Monday :smiley: :sunglasses:
I shall refrain from providing individual reviews, although you all deserve one!
A simple congratulations to the debutants will have to do. Well done for sharing where you are on your journey. It’s fun to watch folk share where they’re at, whether that’s struggling through the standards, being more ‘adventurous’ or going off the rails completely :rofl:
Top job on emceeing Eric
Look forward to the next one already :smiley:


I keep putting off spending money on audio Interfaces but can definitely see how it makes a difference for y’all. It’s hard for just the computer mic to pick up everything even when just playing acoustic

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Awesome performances everyone (didn’t get to see Mal and Lara on the night, but now I have!). Big thanks to Eric, Toby and Adi for all their work.

All the best,


Once again, HUGE thanks to Adi for his work on the video, plus of course the same for Toby for his computing and Eric for his MC duty. Thank you all!


I haven’t had the time to watch this in it’s entirety but flicking through the video and getting a snapshot of some of the performances I have an idea of how this works. Seems like a great time was had by all. :+1:


I just watched the entire OM recording and now I feel even more gutted that I missed it. Nonetheless, it’s great to see all those excellent performances and the setlist was pretty interesting.

@eric.lennon - Thank you for hosting OM16, you’re a natural. Hats of for performing Desperado. It must have been difficult to sing a song with that many chord changes, but you did great and kept the strumming interesting.

@davidp - I think you played it a whole tone above the original so it suits your voice better? Good choice. This song requires a nice backbeat hit and yours is very solid. Bravo, David.

@lievendv - Wow, that was brilliant. Who needs strings, a piano and a sax when you can entertain people with just an acoustic?

@elixir1253 - What a lovely song to pick for your debut, Colin. At the original speed it’s pretty hard, so you did well to lower the tempo. Maybe slow it down even a bit more so it’s easier to make the chord changes in time.

@elevatortrim - You daredevil. Maybe next time bring out the congas too. Am I allowed to share your performance whenever someone says men can’t do two things at once? Brilliant, mate!

@malz - You guys keep amazing me. I love it when two parts are played together with different chord voicings and a capo. If you do it right, like you do, it can bring a song to life. Well sung too, as always. It’s a joy to see you both having fun.

@twistor59 - I didn’t know the song, but I instantly loved it. I listed to the original version after your performance and you were spot on. Next time someone asks for a song using triad shapes, I’ll know what to show them.

@liaty - Another song I didn’t know, but that is a catchy riff indeed. Sounds great with the fingerpicking, well done.

@alexisduprey - Congratulations on your debut. It amazes me how you keep making great progress so quickly. It’s true your body language may have given away signs of nervousness, but you managed to keep your cool. Even when you missed the first part of the solon, you quickly recovered and that’s what matters.

@thecluelessluthier - One day I hope to look as happy as you do in my videos. Great song choice and ditto performance.


@philsmith - A good song is a good song indeed, so thanks for picking a song that stands out in this sea of rock&roll. I just watched your post OM recording and there’s a clear difference with the OM performance which was slightly rushed. In the post OM recording I can see and hear that you’re way more relaxed. The timing there is perfectly in sync with the Trio. It’s funny what nerves can do to us.

@skeletor83 - You delivered the song with great conviction and kept it interesting by introducing various dynamics and some strumming parts. Please make sure to keep spreading the word. :wink:

@jenndye429 - You’re quite the duo. Jen, you’re just a natural no-nonsense rock frontwoman and truly blessed with a husband who can drum like that. Loved it!

@rodreilly - I love this album too. It’s a great and perhaps underestimated song. You really did it justice, well done.

@think2100 - You left me speechless. From a technical point of view, I don’t think you missed a single note and that acoustic tone sounded so warm. But most of all, you managed to convey the message of the song. It felt like you really meant it.

@jkahn - Well played JK. It doesn’t matter if a song has been played a gazillion times if you can make it your own. This dark version makes it sound unique. Just put it up on Spotify and name it House of the Nightfall.

@nzmetal - So this is what it would look like if 80’s Papa Het was in Steel Panther? :slight_smile: I won’t be fooled by the looks, this was an excellent performance.

@themadman - That was a very good performance Toby. Having watched this I wouldn’t believe you’ve only been playing and singing together for only two years. It sounded great!

Thanks to all performers and organizers, I’m already looking forward to OM17!


Thanks Jeff!

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Thanks Jeff, it was a good OM.


Thanks, Jeff. I appreciate your kind comments for everyone!


Thanks Jeff, it was all down to Chris Liepe’s Discover Your Voice course, then an 11 month slog through a 12 weeks course :rofl: but picking simple songs to start with until the light bulb moment. Still find it a challenge all the same. :sunglasses:


Congrats to everyone who played.
Unfortunately I couldn’t see it live, but I watched the recording and saw some great performances.

Well done :clap: :clap: :clap:


Hi. I just finished catching up with the show. It took me two days to watch it in its entirety, but as it happens every time is a joy to watch and listen such variety of songs very well played and sung by members of the Justin Guitar Community. Big applause for the debutants.


Let me echo … great job to Eric and every performer!

@TheMadman_tobyjenner Maybe, but still sounded good to me, Toby

@nzmetal Better than JamesStewart I guess, Jeff

@adi_mrok Zoom IQ … classic Adi … I reckon our local politicans may be leaving it all to Zoom IQ

@rodreilly Rod, I don’t think cheating enters into it (save for lip-syncing a song when somebody else is singing and claiming it as your own). Can’t immediately think of a downside, so carry on if it is working for you.

@Jeff Thanks, Jeff, I’m actually not sure what the key of the original is. I learned it playing the simple open chords. Then paid attention to feedback given to me on occasions to try out using the capo to find a more suitable key. And in this case capo on the 3rd fret seemed to work OK.


Thanks Jeff, I enjoyed the experience. When (not if), I perform in another of these OMs my focus will be on nerves. Probably picking a song and not practicing it too much. I’m hoping that the combination of not taking it too seriously and having some experience doing it will help with the nerves.