Open Mic 17: Recording + After-Show Chat

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I noticed in the Chat you commented on the guitar I was playing. It is indeed a ‘Mexican’ Acoustasonic Player Telecaster. I got it, basically because I was looking for a guitar that would be playable as an E-guitar, to complement the two acoustics I have, and to be able to practice lead guitar licks. I didn’t want to go full electric, and it needed to be giggable, which means I should play it through my acoustic amp, so as not to have to carry tons of equipment.


  • Wonderfully light, nice for playing standing upright when jamming with others
  • nice tones, especially for the acoustic emulations, ability to switch to the single coil pickup and get something like a clean or slightly distorted telecaster tone,
  • it’s great for looping, as you can record different guitar sounds, for instance if you want to solo over an acoustic rhythm loop
  • nice for practicing without amplification - not to great a tone - but atleast the rest of the household will not notice when you close the door behind you.
  • good build quality
  • the lovely gig bag (if that would be an argument)

Less than positives

  • Even the Player version of the Acoustasonic is a bit expensive (around 1,000 EUR)
  • When I was practicing bending on the G string, I could not get to a full bend without breaking it. Note, these are 10 gauge acoustic strings, I still have to try the E-Guitar strings, where the G string is not copper wound.
  • The E-guitar sound coming out of it over an acoustic amp will probably not convince E guitar players.
  • If you forget you are plugged in, as it uses batteries, when a battery dies on you, it does it with a loud wailing dying screetch. Use rechargeable batteries, and always check the LED indicator which unfortunately is at the back of the guitar, so you don’t notice it whilst playing. Only remedy, insert a freshly charged battery before each Jam.

It sounded pretty good on the OM, and looked great. I don’t see a lot of them around (although lots of ads).


Hello Mark, and I thank you so much for taking the time to comment on every single performance in such detail :hugs:. I’m glad, you liked my songs despite the low volume and my obvious tension :blush:.
I look forward to seeing you perform at one of the next OMs again :smiley:.

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Hello Toby,
thanks so much for your kind words. It was really no easy situation for me, and I’m happy that I did quite well :blush:.

That sounds promising :smiley:. I would love to hear you play and sing some Springsteen songs :star_struck:.

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Thanks so much Jason. That’s a big compliment for me :hugs:.

Thanks, that might have to do also because my OM setup is to have it go through the Acoustic amp and to connect the audio interface to the DI out on the amp. I had the reverb knob for the guitar on half. The microphone is on one of the other channels (there are three in total), so I mix on the Amp. That is an Schertler 100. It generally gives a richer sound than just inputting straight in the AI.

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!!!GREAT SHOW. !!!

They just just get better and better as do the performers. BRAVO. :+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::+1::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:.

Sorry,took me some time to watch it all.

I think 2 songs was cool. I don’t know if there is time constraints. But I think it is a great option for performers. !! And as an audience member, the more songs the better!!!

Thank you all for another great open mic. Can’t wait for XVIII.



@Notter Have no fear Mark, on my laptop in my Workroom rather than the Playroom, in order to allow my son to play his games seeing as I wasn’t playing.


Just finished watching OM 17. We’ll done everybody! Sorry I missed it live. Sang along on a couple of them and loved the harmonies on the duos and trios!


Thanks for the kind feedback @Notter and @Richard_close2u. I believe the problem with the sound quality came from forgetting to turn original sound on before the sound check. I turned it on for the performance, but should have checked other adjustments again. :thinking:


Thanks to all for all the positive feedback, both on the night and since then- especially those who took the time to go through it all and leave individual commentary for each performer.
Vibes :sunglasses:
As I said, it’s good to be back in the saddle, even if there are good and less good days (mostly to do with sleep disturbance rather than pain).
I enjoyed revisiting Dana Lyon’s song so much, I’ve started learning another one of his (more serious) songs. I daren’t share it in AVOYP before the end of the month, as Richard has left strict instructions to spend all the time practicing for Justin’s livestream :rofl:
We’ll see…


For me, your cow song was the special highlight of the last open mic :slightly_smiling_face:

One day in the future, I would like to learn to play it. It would be udderly, utterly, I mean, delightful to play guitar and moooooo :cow:

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Aww, thanks Nicole. That’s so nice :smiley:
Its not that difficult a song to learn. There’s an F barre chord in the chorus, but I’m pretty sure you could play it with a ‘small F’.
(I can send you the lyrics/chords if you want)

Mini-F you mean? I used to be able to play a carwreck of a version of that years and years ago in songs :grin:

Thank you so much, but no need :slightly_smiling_face: Chords and lyrics are on Ultimate Guitar.

Maybe I should revive that mini-F again …

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Fabulous job everyone, for Open Mic 17 AND 16. Both of which I missed and had to catch up and watch after the fact. Summer time is so busy for me that I’m unable to commit to participate - but hope to join you all again soon.


I’ve been absent without leave for a little while due to holidays and my sons wedding, and missed quite a bit. However, just catching up now. What an absolutely amazing Open Mic from last week!

@brianlarsen Brian- hadn’t a clue about that song, but my goodness, you are a riot! Keep being riotous!

@trj Tjeerd- excellent fingerpicking as usual. Great copy of a wonderful song by JJ Cale, I’ve not heard a lot of his but will now check him out. Hurt, well what an excellent version of a song by the man in black!

John- Lovely vocals complementing the lovely strumming of Jealous Guy, Roger Whittaker would have been jealous of your whistling! Lovely finger style in Dear Prudence, have a great holiday. Hope you got the guitar back ok!

@nicolekkb Nicole- Being Scottish I wasn’t too familiar with 500 Miles! Terrific effort with it, well done. What a lovely version of The River. I was lucky to see him in Edinburgh in May, but was disappointed he never played this song. Mind you with such a vast catalogue he can’t play everything.

@sebastian_dewulf-ortega Sebastian- Very impressive finger style, in fact WOW!

Colin- Love your version of Going to California, far more relaxed and a marked improvement on your previous version. Me and Bobby reminds me of my first summer job as a young 15 year old working in a supermarket filling shelves. One of those tapes of cover songs playing on a loop. Took me right back, though I much preferred your version.

@eric.lennon Eric- always look forward to seeing what drool worthy guitar you’re going to bring out. And you didn’t disappoint with that Martin (000-42?) Lovely fingerstyle, complemented well by your vocals. Layla, was superbly played!

@jenndye429 Jen & Dan- your dad made a wonderful addition to the band. I hadn’t heard Cannonball before, but I’m sure your neighbours are well aware of it! The Tom Petty song was awesome, Dan needs to do a bit more singing, what a terrific voice. Your harmonies were lovely.

@thecluelessluthier Jen & Mark- just looking at you 2 make me smile, great music and harmonics, don’t change a thing! John Denver was my late mum’s favourite, so it took me me back to happy childhood days.

David- never heard of the artist you covered, your version was interesting, will check him out.

@themadman Toby- what a sound out of that Fender, superb. Voice recovered well, I really loved both songs. LS aren’t really a band I have heard a lot of but will definitely check them out. Always look forward to your performances Toby.

@rossco01 Jason- very accomplished performance as usual. Valerie is a favourite of mine, love both versions. Your voice was teriffic, complementing the guitar perfectly. Proud Mary was a solid cover. Very impressive Jason.

In conclusion all I can summarise this OpenMic as…WOW!
Well done all the performers and background guys making it happen. What a community this is!!!


@MadModMcd Thank you so much Ian for watching and taking the time to comment. We hope to have my dad join us again some time in the future.


Thanks @MadModMcd your feedback is much appreciated.

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Huge thanks for the blow by blow review Ian, most appreciated !


Hi Ian, thank you for the kind words and for providing this comprehensive feedback.

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