Open Mic 19: Recording & After-Show Chat

The show was fantastic, and the recording is now available!

Well done to:

Special shout out and congrats to Bruce and Zachary (@Brucie) who made their debut.

As always an entertaining blend of excellent performances … duets and solo, solo with guitar and with backing tracks, electric and acoustic, Dan’s maiden performance with acoustic drums, and Dale’s astonishing live looping session.

Lots and lots to enjoy!


Another epic show folks. Thanks to both performers and audience alike for making the events such a success.



Couldn’t agree more @TheMadman_tobyjenner , another super fun show and a pleasure to be a part of it as always.

Frustrated at my playing for the first song but c’est la vie with one shot performing, it’s been done so much better in practice!

Loved the debut from Bruce and Zachary, some new songs to enjoy from a number of performers and plenty that fell right into my “woohoo” category.

Congrats everyone and thanks to all the organisers, it was a relief when I realised @nzmetal Jeff was covering the soundchecking, allowed an extra bit of strumming time!


A great OM. Well done to all the performers.

Special thanks to @TheMadman_tobyjenner for all he does organising these, @Notter for hosting and @nzmetal for running the tech side of the show.

Isn’t that performing though… I also messed up the intro riff of Every Morning a bit - even though it was going well in practice.


Yep 100% mate and it didn’t make it any less enjoyable to perform :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you again to all the organisers and performers! I really enjoyed watching.
Everyone was amazing :star_struck: :sunflower:


Can’t wait for the recording :+1: :+1:


Great show, well done all.


Another superb night of performances and songs. Top notch yet again.

A big thank you to @TheMadman_tobyjenner Toby and @nzmetal Jeff for the back office side of things and also to @Notter Mark, great job on the hosting, you’re like a pro these day’s.

And really well done to @Brucie Bruce and Zachary, that was a great debut. Two songs as well.

Edit for a shout out to @jkahn JK for sorting the video. You da man.



Hi everyone, the recording has been published to YouTube! Timestamps to all the individual performers in the description.

@brianlarsen I don’t have the name of your song - can you please let me know and I’ll put the name of it in the video description with the others

@DavidP or @Richard_close2u Can you please edit the first post with the recording?


Completely forgot :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil: :see_no_evil:… at the end of the day we suddenly went to buy a car… we walked past it (a small dealer 100m from our house) and thought it needed to be fitted (had to be fitted for a long time) completely unexpected and completely forgotten because of all the fuss surrounding it. that there was still “something” that night :flushed:

I sincerely hope that everyone enjoyed it, but of course it will :sunglasses:… I will wait patiently for the video.

But that is always less fun because all the people banging their heads against the wall and literally set their guitar on fire are always censored out :smile:



God Created Woman (Johnny Dowd) :roll_eyes:

Edited it now - thanks Brian

:rofl:While I was typing that above, the video was posted New powers @jkahn ? :smile: :sunglasses:… never had to wait so short for something… hopefully a harbinger of all good things in life from now on


What a fun night it was, so much moments of joy, laughter and good music! :smiley: :sunglasses:

Thanks very much to all people involved, all the performers and the ones operating behind the digital curtains! It was a great show as usual and made up for a most enjoyable saturday evening/night! :clap:

Congrats on a really great debut performance @Brucie Bruce and Zachary, so well done!

I enjoyed each and every performance, so many different styles again and some new stuff to discover as well! Also smooth hosting and moderation by Mark @Notter. :smiley:

Thanks again, Ladies and Gentlemen! :slight_smile:


It’s dangerous now, yep, I’m one of the very few who can post to the community YouTube channel :scream: With great power…

I think the Aussie time zone and my beefy PC helped a lot with the short time :wink:


Thanks for the quick turnaround JK :+1:


Thanks for the great show :hugs:. As always, it was a very enjoyable evening for me :heart_eyes:.
I’m already looking forward to the next :grin:.


Super quick @jkahn Vibes :slight_smile:



Thanks to @Notter , @nzmetal , @jkahn , & @TheMadman_tobyjenner for making this happen. It was an absolute joy as always!