Open Mic 19: Recording & After-Show Chat

For those interested, I’ve added the link to the event chat in the Topic’s First Post.


Albeit virtual, this is a true community. Everyone is so positive and supportive and helpful. Most of all, this is pure fun. Have a great week, everyone. Bruce


That was great fun. Good job to all the performers and audience members for being so supportive. I think this was maybe the best yet. Thanks also to all of you who worked to put this on and host.


Great show everyone. Really enjoyed everyone’s performance.
@Brucie Thanks for a solid debut performance.

Huge thanks to @jkahn @Notter @TheMadman_tobyjenner @nzmetal and everyone else behind the scenes making this show (and previous) such a success.

For myself, this is the first OM where my nerves were at a reasonable level, which made it even more fun. Of course now I have to take full responsibility for all my mistakes.


Massive thank you again to the organisers for making the evening run so smoothly.

Special congratulations to @Brucie for your fantastic double-team debut. Also I finally got to hear @eric.lennon 's performance since I missed it while I was preparing - as a special prize you get to go your own way Eric!


Many thanks to usual suspects behind the scenes, but especially to @nzmetal who went above and beyond with the ‘double spotlighting’ introduction :open_mouth: :laughing:
Apologies again for having to rush off after my ditty: the Bavarians were banging at my door to get in :grimacing: Thanks for getting it up quickly @jkahn so I could catch up while it was still fresh in my mind.
Special shout outs to @DavidP for getting into the ring despite his hand problems in the run-up. The Trio is a fickle mistress if you ever loose your place. So glad you gave it a lash though, as I truly believe it’s the get-together rather than the actual quality of music that is important. (Well, I would say that, wouldn’t I? :rofl:)
Big shout out to the first-timers. Great double act :grinning:

Nothing virtual about this community :wink:. All real genuine folk, sharing real experiences and occasionally meeting up in real life :grinning:
Oh yeah, @Charlie_James. Where is my mind indeed? :crazy_face: Looping Pixies. Superb…
All the rest of ye were simply great :wink:


Enjoyed watching on catch up just now, sorry I had to miss last night

Thanks for great MCing @Notter
all good stuff , but worth mentioning
Well done on the debut @brucie
Hope you are pleased with that performance @Elixir1253 , sounding confident , good song choice too . nice one

Hope to be at the next om in November


You’re too kind @Eccleshall : strumming is a high hurdle for me, not helped by my keenness to finger-pick … ( chicken and egg ? ).
I really need to work on consistent timing and I might make better progress … WIP .
Looking forward to hearing your song(s) in November… :sunglasses:

I could not attend the OM, but watching the recording with some morning coffee makes up for a lot. Once again hats off to all performers and thank you to Marc @Notter, Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner, JK @jkahn and Jeff @nzmetal for hosting this OM.

Congratulations to Bruce & Zachary @Brucie on your debut, I hope to see more of you at the next OMs. I would also like to give a special mention to Phil @twistor59 and Dale @Charlie_James who were a treat to watch and to listen to.


Really great performances and production. Thanks to all for making this a very enjoyable evening.
Best wishes,


I know what you mean Mark. I always have the feeling my practice is so much better than my OM, so to test this theory in the last 2 OM I have recorded myself as if playing “live” and then compared it with the OM. The result seems to be - yes my recorded performance is better even though it is done as one take OM style. But interestingly not as much as I had imagined. I think I am either over estimating how good my practice performing is or being over critical of my OM performance, probably a bit of both.

As JK wisley commented


As you say Eric a bit of both for sure. In addition watching back the recording showed again that my recollection was worse than the reality, there were a couple of duff chords as the glaring issues but the rest was no way near as bad as I thought. We truly are our own worst critics, and usually unnecessarily so!

But this is the also the point of the OMs right? To give us the chance to experience proper live performing and dealing with whatever happens. It’s not the only thing I take from it but ploughing on and recovering the song is an accomplishment in itself. We always live and learn :slight_smile:


Hi Mark, yes the OMs teach quite a lot, my loss of pick at the start of the song and having to get another, and keep on. Oh dear the joys of performing live :crazy_face: :star_struck: :grinning:
I also want to thank you for your hosting efforts, including all the others, Jeff, JK, Toby.
Thanks to you all it was another good night.


Another great OM well done to all performers and a special well done to.the debutants, @Brucie :wave::wave::wave::wave:


Great effort by everyone and great to see the performances. Congrats to all behind the scenes on making these happen and JK for such a fast edit and post up👍

I take my hat off to everyone that takes part and puts up a performance but I’ll just make my special mentions as follows:

Phil @twistor59 great job, love your effortless playing and great song.

Mal & Lara @Malz I might have said before, but great sound always enjoyable and the harmonies that Lara provides sound great to me.

Mark & Jen @TheCluelessLuthier I’ve already mentioned I your other post, but great entertainment as well as sound👍

Dale @Charlie_James absolutley stoked to see a live looper appearance :joy::+1: I follow a few loopers on YouTube and it always amazes me how easy this is made to look including yours, so we’ll done​:clap::clap: great work loved it.

JK @jkahn great work, and that guitar looked beautiful let alone the great sound. Love the site of that, I do feel it a bit of an armful holding on to my Dreadnought. Great sound :+1:

Well done everyone.



Oh I forgot to mention, I was captivated by Dale (@Charlie_James )'s mastery of looping. It’s amazing what you can do as a solo artist.

It reminded me of Jackie Venson, who uses loopers and samplers a lot.

I can’t imagine how long it took you to learn to coordinate that stuff Dale, but it was well worth it. You don’t need a band or a backing track!

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That was my experience too, Mark. As I was playing I missed a couple chord changes but it felt much worse in real life than it seemed on the playback!


Same here. When I got to the solo, Mr brain told me “oh no, this is the hard bit”, and my fingers started to go to jelly in the middle of it, and I misfretted a few notes. I just forced myself to carry on with the rest of it and forget about the errors. This is a lesson I’d have never learned without having the OM experience. I’m enormously grateful to the JG community for this!


Too right , and I believe there’s an important lesson for us all there.
Audience and performer have kinda opposite different perspectives of what’s makes a good set, and when you watch yourself back , then you’re now the audience, no longer the performer.

The audience needs it to be in time, in the right rhythm, have some dynamics, am I enjoying watching this thing, and does it keep going without stopping.
Whereas the performer agonises over chord changes and fluffs and often doesn’t see the bigger picture.
(I plead guilty on all charges m’lud btw :joy::joy::joy:)


Thanks very much CD02. I’m very new to this live looping thing, so figuring out what works and what doesn’t and just trying to get comfortable with the various pedals. I also follow a few live loopers, and Matt Bolton has been a huge inspiration for me. Check him out if you get the chance.