Open Mic 20 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Wow @jkahn , that is quick, thank you for the editing. Thanks also to @TheMadman_tobyjenner
, @nzmetal and @brianlarsen for everything you did last night. It was a good show and we were pleased to be part of it. Good job also to all the performers. :star_struck: :star_struck:



Thanks for dropping the video link into the header, was on the mobile earlier ! I see the chat is also there as well now.

May have sussed my missing decibels but more on that after I’ve reviewed the recording.

As to the song name, I’d be hard pressed to recognise songs for JKs youth, so quite natural for the song to be unknown from 20 years earlier.

At the end of the day you like what you like.

Anyway, collective good work to get the show out to our viewers. :rofl:



Post Match Analysis

Where have all the decibels gone…queue song !!

OK so don’t do this at home for starters.

So before hitting Echo Cancellation during the run up to the show, as Jeff was getting a signal bounce, I dropped the AIs Main Mix from around -2db to what you see above. Once EC had resolved the issue I never returned the sliders to their starting position. Which explains huge volume drop. And I have a horrible feeling I left the 2 guitar channels muted, in my excitement to get going, as I cannot hear any FX. Its the mic picking up the guitar. :angry:

You’d have thought I’d have the hang of this by now. :thinking: But nooo, classic school boy errors. Thank goodness I got a final dry run saved before the show, though the ending was stuffed up. :crazy_face:

Hey ho, onwards and upwards.



I think you are right Toby. That guitar is so soft it seems quite plausible that we are hearing it through the dynamic.

The more moving parts, the more likely one is to end up with a snafu on the night.

Perhaps at a point it becomes sensible to write up a checklist. Then run a pre-performance check, like a pilot doing pre-flight checks, before launching into the song.

I’ll be sure to give that a spin.


Congratulations, tip the hat, to all the performers, the one and only Brian, Zoom maester Jeff, and Toby for all the pre-and-post efforts (which may now be simplified, but still have to be done).

Last night my local reception was terrible. I was on my laptop via WiFi but sure I have done it before and been OK. So I just listened through the entire show again to hear it properly.

What a treat, start to finish, something special about each and every performance.



And that checklist would have had Echo Cancellation off, :rofl: as I usual use cans or IEDs !!
First time using the monitors, so lesson learnt for the future. I’ll drop the Diary Footnote later today once folk get a chance to see the show, which I plan to do now.

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Cheers JK, song is “Sockets” by Soft Play.


But might have covered master levels, pedals ready, all tracks unmuted :laughing:

While your performances can be explosive, I assume you meant IEMs :rofl: For those with acronym aversion … Improvised Explosive Devices and In Ear Monitors :grin:

In Ear Devices :rofl:

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Don’t worry bud we were all wooo hooo ing along at home.

It was quiet but perfectly audible, I think to interrupt you would have
…been the devils work :wink:


Don’t sweat it bud. This is one of the reasons to take part, overcoming the pressure of live performing is a great big hurdle for me, can’t imagine for yourself with all the looping going on :scream:

… but when it comes together, brilliant man👌

It’s a great lesson for those up and coming too…


Loved your performance, Dave! :metal::laughing: Have heard of Soft Play but never checked them out. Will be now though! :sunglasses::+1:


Really enjoyed last night’s OM, it was a proper lovely evening.
Great generous hosting by @brianlarsen and all the tech and backroom by @nzmetal and @TheMadman_tobyjenner

@NicoleKKB you are so naturally musical, and it’s a pleasure to watch your blossoming as a performer

@eric.lennon that was a fab arrangement. Loved it

@Malz and @ElleDeeGee . Truly, a simply stunning vocal on Your Song


Just spent a pleasant 98 minutes on a cold and dreary Sunday morning, watching the replay of last night’s show. It’s always refreshing to revisit the recording after the event, without being caught in proceedings and getting ready to hit the stage. What an excellent idea to keep rather than cut all the false starts and tech glitches (ha would have been my whole song snipped) and see the full show as it happened. This demonstrates to anyone wanting to join us, that things can and will go wrong on the night and that we are all human. Better that, than a sanitised error free video that makes the whole affair look like plain sailing. It never is !! Seeing how folks handle these hiccoughs adds to the experience and should not put off anyone from signing up.

It truly was a great mixed genre show, great performances from all, with a wealth of hard earned talent on display. So a big thanks to all the performers and as ever to the audience as well. Your support is much appreciated.



Sorry folks I only managed to catch part of it live. Joined late and before I had watched much had to go off to the local animal rescue centre as my wife who had been walking the dog had found a very young hedgehog, far to small to have survived hibernation.

Some things you just can’t control, looking forward to the recording though.



Oh, there’s a recording of the show :star_struck:
Great news, and I appreciate it a lot.

Thank you @jkahn and everybody who had been involved :grinning:

I’ve just watched the great opener by @brianlarsen. Liked it a lot - especially the lyrics (again) :grinning: :+1: :clap: :clap: :clap:
and can’t wait to see the other performances, but will save them to watch on a relaxed and cosy evening.


Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner and sorry I couldn’t be there tonight. Family challenges called us away from home and it just wasn’t feasible to do it. The song will hold for the next one! Really great to see them still going. Unique to JG. I think!


Cheers to everyone again who took part last night, esp. Toby for organising, Jeff for sound checking and tech support and JK for faster-than-light publishing :open_mouth:
Hosting is a dawdle when everyone else does the work (although I cringe just as much as any performer when looking back at how it went). Just a reminder for anyone who thinks they might like to have a go. Do it.
Hats off to all the performers who lost their way at some stage and simply went back and did it again- like pros :sunglasses:
Toby, I reckoned your guitar was only coming through on your mic pretty soon, but you seemed to be in the groove and your guitar was audible enough to appreciate. Didn’t want to throw my sabot into the mix.
My friend Jim Pearson was teasing me this morning that I didn’t name-check him, so will make amends by leaving a clip of his version of Now & Then here. I think I’ll learn it properly one day. It’s a grower :grinning:


Thank you everyone who partisipated, very encouraging from everyone.




Oh massive thanks to @TheMadman_tobyjenner @brianlarsen @nzmetal and @jkahn for all their work putting this together. I really enjoyed last night big time, I thought everyone’s performances were stunningly good. Sounds cliche’d I know, but these events really are getting better all the time. What a cross section of musical genres we were treated to.