Open Mic 22 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Open Mic 22 Saturday 02 March 2024

:musical_note: :guitar:

Another wonderful event with a diverse range of music and several fantastic debuts.

Thanks to @TheMadman_tobyjenner for doing all the logistics, @eric.lennon for hosting, @jkahn for in-show Zoom support and preparation of the video

Event chat


Great night all round.
Thanks for the mentch!
We’ll have to talk tunings, so if I heard right you’re in a C6 add 9? CACGCD
Particularly think @Lisa_S s debut was top quality,
Plus , of course Jen and Dan and friends aka DYEV - on FYYA!


Excellent OM!


Well done everyone, a great show all round.


Amazing performances from everyone!
And awesome original songs!
@Lisa_S really enjoyed both of your songs (there was only a small part at the end that was muted)
@Jenndye429 I am a DYEV fan for sure! You guys rock! :metal: Looking forward to the album! :star_struck:
I enjoyed the performances from everyone! It was an awesome OM
Thanks to all performers, hosts, techs and organisers! Love you guys :sunflower:


@Eccleshall @Avalon426 Thank you both! It was definitely a bit scary putting our material out there, but we are really enjoying it! Glad you liked it :grin: :guitar:


The note A making it a 6.
No add9.

Nicely picked through the tune and the shapes btw❤️
That is an unusual tuning then - open C but with a raised 5 string

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Have no fear, that was genuinely a proper pair of songs


Thank you to the crew and community members who put so much soul into this project. It’s my first visit to the OM audience. I heard beautiful music all around. Going from strumming your five best songs in front of a captive audience (your partner, grandchildren or disapproving cat :black_cat: in my case) to performing live for other music lovers is a big deal. Something to aspire to…thanks again.


Oh :scream: can’t wait to watch the recording :+1: love watching these.

Once again a huge thank you to all performers, organisers and people in the background. It was a fantastic evening :star_struck:

Everyone did well, yet I would like to take the liberty to comment a bit more extensively on the debutants, those who struggled with technical issues, and of course a certain band.

Well done to the debutants @andyPlays and @Lisa_S :hugs: It’s magic, Andreas, listening to you perform STS. Lisa, I love your butterfly song, luckily only a short part was muted. And…as much as I dislike Ed Sheeran, I enjoy your version of his song :butterfly:

@theoldman66 Ian, you showed so good nerves. You looked so happy already when you played the George Ezra song and we couldn’t hear you. Then when you played the song a second time, it became clear why. Your “Budapest” sounded so good.

@Charlie_James What can I say? I’m so happy that you got your tech to work and somehow managed to stay calm enough. I have no idea how you do what you are doing, but it’s absolutely fascinating. Your arrangement of the song was brilliant. I liked it a lot. Now, if there would only be a way how I could add your vision of this song to my playlist…

@Jenndye429 DYEV … What a band :star_struck: :metal: :star_struck: Your original songs are great. I’m also looking forward to the album. Please make sure to have your upcoming world tour include a gig in Finland :grinning:


Another fantastic show despite the odd tech issue here and there. Two great debuts, so well done @Lisa_S and @andyPlays plus all round super performances from our regulars and returnees.

Big thanks to the other backroom staff keeping the show running and to the audience for making our OMS such a unique events. Thank you for your support.



Great OM, well done to you all especially the debutants.
PS and a big thanks to all of those behind the scenes to make it happen


Great show everyone. Well done as ever to all the performers, organisers and back room staff.
I missed bits of the show here and there so looking forward to watching the full thing on video (wow that was a quick turnaround @jkahn) this morning.


Thanks for all the tech efforts JK and getting the vid done so super quick!
Mind you, with the time difference, where you are, it’s probably now April, or maybe even 2026 already :joy::joy:


I couldn t wtach it all due to the om being at the same time as my training session , I’ll watch the recording
What i saw was amazing and i really enjoyed it
Special mention to the " sound of silence " performance , it was funny :smiley:


Thank you for the fast turn around JK. Good job. :smiley:


Wow - that was a fast video preparation. Thanks a lot for that, to the organizers and the all the efforts around the OM event. It was a fantastic experience to perform and a pleasure to see so many different types of music and performances!!! And last but not least - this community is so caretaking and encouraging - this is a treasure and pleasure to be part of it!

I enjoyed so many things here it is hard to mention them all:
@TheMadman_tobyjenner So bluesy - wonderful guitar and singing transporting the mood!
@jgottwals Those chords and were so beautiful and well played - worked great with your voice!
@Richard_close2u s performance with the C-tuning was opening a whole new world of sounds…
@Jenndye429 The originals were rocking the show !!!
@Lisa_S Zitronenfalter was so enjoyable - an impressive performance - and an art to create that original
@Charlie_James What a Pink Floyd cover. Cover does not do justice to your performance now that I wrote it - a great interpretation with so many skills applied. Stunning!!!


What a night!! :heart_eyes:

First of all a big, fat Thank you to all the folks who keep our OMs running, may it be from organizing or tech perspective and all the other efforts behind the scenes. You’re doing a great thing for the community. :clap:

Thanks for putting up the recording in no time, JK @jkahn! It will be good to catch up with the performances I couldn’t enjoy that much because of closeness to mine, Jeremy @jgottwals and Paul @mathsjunky. Looking forward to it.

I enjoyed each and every performance a lot, great job everyone. And I was really relieved that all who struggled with some or the other health issue beforehand were making it yesterday. :+1: A few things I want to mention especially:

Thanks Eric @eric.lennon for being such a great and welcoming host! You took off lots of the nervousness on my shoulders. :+1:

Andreas @andyPlays You did a great job on your debut! Especially STS caught me, so well played and sung. You transferred the feeling and mood of the song so well. :clap:

Ian @theoldman66 and Dale @Charlie_James I’m so glad we could enjoy both of your performances that were close to being missed due to tech issues. It would have been a real shame to not have heard it. Both were a treat and Dale, they way you layer tunes with the looper is just terrific! :clap:

Jenn and the Gang @Jenndye429 it was so amazing to hear the two Originals, DYEV rocks and I can’t wait to purchase your first record! :metal:

I had a blast, thanks again everyone. To those pondering if they shall go for an OM, I can only advice: Do it, and do it especially here within the community OMs. Never have felt more supported than here and I’m glad and blessed to be part of this great bunch of folks here. :hearts: