Open Mic 22 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Ruaridh @Eccleshall, Jasmine @Avalon426, Nicole @JokuMuu, Toby @TheMadman_tobyjenner, Andreas @andyPlays

Thank you all for your kind words, I highly appreciate it. Still I’m kind of on cloud 9. Will cherish that feeling for a while. :smiling_face:


Thank you so much @JokuMuu - still impressed by the whole evening

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Wonderful performances. Sorry I missed it live. Gutsy debuts! In addition to impressive axe playing, Ian. Rory, Lisa, and Mal - extraordinary vocals. Best regards, Bruce


I love it when new performers come along and make a debut. Bravo @Lisa_S and @andyPlays What a treat you gave us.
Bravo @theoldman66 and @Charlie_James for overcoming the tech issues with aplomb.

I wasn’t at all busy in the chat as I was concentrating on the tech side. I therefore didn’t give all the compliments due to all of the performers, nor acknowledge the kind words given me. Plus all the C-based puns and jokes. :slight_smile:
What a wonderful show it was.


Andreas, might be worth checking the recording and attributing those fine words to actual performer, as I sat this one out. :rofl:


That was a great show, congratulations to all the performers and everyone else involved in putting it together! I enjoyed all the performances :slightly_smiling_face:


It was another great show! Thanks to the crew that made it happen. Congratulations to @Lisa_S and @andyPlays for great debuts .


Hello, I would like to echo the sentiments directed to the debuts of @Lisa_S and @andyPlays. Well done both of you and kudos Lisa for the original song. Also nice camera work. I did not know the song you sang in German, but enjoyed it. Thank you both for the show.


Thank you @Lisa_S @JokuMuu @andyPlays for the kind words! Dyev had an amazing time playing this OM :wink: :grin:


Also- @Lisa_S and @andyPlays big congrats on the amazing debuts! I was floored by both of your performances. My OM debut was a mess due to nerves. If you guys were nervous, it didn’t show at all. Really great, polished performances :+1: :+1:


Richard @Richard_close2u, Mark @TheCluelessLuthier , Mal @Malz and Jenn @Jenndye429

Thanks so much for your kind words and support. I highly appreciate it. :smiley:

I also enjoyed all of your performances so much. The lovely harmonies of the duets Mal & Lara and Mark & Jen are always sweet treats to my ear. The amazing fingerpicking and lovely sound of the ‘C’-tuning provided by Richard was also a real pleasure to listen to. :slight_smile:


Well played all the performers; as usual a great variety of music. Too many to mention; everyone’s performances raised the bar … and the roof … :clap: :clap: :clap:

Kudos to the Band with a name, DyeV, @Jenndye429, and @Lisa_S who both performed original songs really well.

Stellar debut performances from @Lisa_S and @andyPlays: you guys should be proud of what you achieved last night, and hope to see you back as regulars. Also, Dale, @Charlie_James, and Ian @theoldman66 : all credit to you both for sorting out those gear-gremlins.

Lastly, a big shout-out too: @eric.lennon , @TheMadman_tobyjenner , @jkahn, for pulling the levers that make the event happen.


Lisa , you did brilliant, what an amazing first OM and with an original song very impressive. Like I said I never noticed your nerves , if I helped to calm you down at that moment then I am very happy to hear I could help. Look forward to many more performances from you.


That was fantastic yesterday, really amazing performance by all!


Great show guys and girls! Congrats to the debutants @Lisa_S and @andyPlays.

I feel I may be usurping some of the kudos that others deserve - our zoom techs to make the show run smoothly were the multi talented @TheMadman_tobyjenner and the legend himself @Richard_close2u on spotlighting! I just did the recording and helped @Malz a bit before the show :wink:. Richard’s just so humble :wink:.


As are you sir, especially getting up at stoopid o’clock to get the vid running ! Let alone the quick turnaround on the editing. Thank you ! :sunglasses:


Just watched the replay. Congratulations to all, particularly the debutants, and the original tunes.

Pity the extreme time diference here in Aus, plus a recent life change, has somewhat distanced me from these OMs in the last year or so. Cant seem to even make it into the audience these days, let alone another performance.

Cheers, Shane.


Fantastic show everyone, very enjoyable to be a part of.

Due to getting prepared for my turn, and various ‘technical difficulties’ (…sigh…) I missed the entire second half of the show. I provided comments in chat to everyone in the first half, you were all awesome, but just going to cover the second half here as I only just now got to enjoy these for the first time.

@brianlarsen - loved these - mandolin and violin both adding something unique to each song. Both tunes were great, and the first one turned out to be quite the ear worm for me.

@Richard_close2u - Quite an interesting and low tuning - very unique and beautiful sound. Quite a tricky finger picking pattern resulting in a beautiful melody. The low tuning really adds the feeling of some bass accompaniment.

@TheCluelessLuthier - I always enjoy your performances. And happy to hear more Jimmy Buffett. You always look to be enjoying yourself and it’s contagious. Also enjoyed the guitar building stories in the after chat.

@SDKissFan - Jeff, I like the unexpected song choice with the Lady Gaga song. Not typically thought a ‘guitar’ song…but you delivered it. Also liked your use of dynamics on the One Direction song.

@theoldman66 - Kudos for coming back after the tech hiccup. Nicely delivered guitar and voice. Really enjoyed this songand would like to look it up myself. I didn’t catch the tile of it so would love to know?!

@docdanguitarman - Thanks so much for stepping up after my issues. Sorry to do that to you, but you were prepared and just calmly delivered. Really enjoy your stuff! This is original correct? Mad respect. Very good finger work as well. I get a bit of Velvet Underground vibe which is a huge compliment from me.

@Jenndye429 and band - thank you, for ALSO jumping in. So happy to hear the DYEV debut, and so impressed to hear some originals. These were excellent! Real personality and style coming through. Loved the dynamics and looking forward to more.

As for myself…I think I’ve had technical difficulties EVERY time I’ve done an open mic.
Some, (like this one) worse than others… Honestly, I do at least a dozen dry runs to try to avoid anything going wrong. At this point, I’m assuming it’s a curse.

A final shout out to @Lisa_S & @andyPlays , for some fantastic debuts, I hope to enjoy more from both of you.

Thanks to @eric.lennon for hosting, Richard, Toby and JK for their contributions (I’ve run out of allowed user mentions on the post!) , and anyone else that may have been involved that I missed.



@JokuMuu, @andyPlays, @Lisa_S, @Richard_close2u, @Elixir1253 .
Thank you all very much for the kind words, I really enjoy putting these together.
I’m finding that frantically trying to do tech support ‘live’ really takes the edge off the nerves when it comes time to play. I mean it can ONLY get better at that point :slight_smile:


Just finished watching the show and wanted to say, a big congratulations to everyone that performed, especially those that persisted during tech issues :clap: and a huge shout out and thank you to those behind the scenes that make these work including @jkahn for the Australasian Regional Support :rofl: and getting the video up online in quick time again :clap:

As I said, a massive hats off to all those that performed. I think just getting up there and opening yourselves up in this way, prepping all your tech, deserves a round of applause let along delivering entertaining performances :clap:

Just a few mentions
@eric.lennon well down Eric for hosting and carrying it through the tech issues, next stop for you, the BBC mate :+1:
@andyPlays @Lisa_S :clap: Well done on the debuts, solid work and Lisa not sure why you have waited so long, great vocal. I really enjoyed both of your native songs, lovely guitar work :clap:
@theoldman66 Ian, great work, really enjoyed Budapest certainly not what I would have expected but really nicely done, lovely guitar work and solid vocal mate, really enjoyable :clap:
@Malz @ElleDeeGee Great song choices and really nicely done as always, :clap:
@Richard_close2u :+1: mate, really well done on what looked like a really technical piece. I think you lost me at “this is C” :rofl:
@Charlie_James Dale, Dale, Dale, :scream: am I so glad you persisted with your tech problems and solved it. That was wicked :+1: Would love to have had a second view in place with a camera on your pedalboard because it looked like there was a lot going on down there and sounded like maybe a Voicelive unit or similar?. Just an all round great production. :clap: :clap: