Open Mic 24 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Another great show folks. Thanks to both performers and audience for your support.

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Thank you Toby, there were some excellent performances. :smiley:


Fantastic performances, I really enjoyed it! Thanks to everyone.


Thanks @DavidP @TheMadman_tobyjenner
David for hosting things and Toby for all the work leading up it and during the event.


That was a very fun and enjoyable show :star_struck:.
Thanks a lot to everybody who made it possible :hugs:.


Indeed it was a fun night :smiley:
A wide variety of performances, ranging from superb renditions (by the very nervous) to mediocre ones (by the happy-go-lucky ) and everything in between. Solos, duets, full band…
Most musical genres apart from rap/hiphop :laughing:
What more could you ask for?
Looking forward to the recording, as I missed a couple of performers :smiley:


Thank you, Brian. I will wear this new nickname with pride :innocent:


More Yodelling, please … :upside_down_face:


Thanks so much guys, it was a superb show all around and terrific to be back. So much variety as usual and some stunning playing.

Appreciated to you both @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @DavidP for managing the night :+1::+1::heart::guitar:


Well played all, as ever an eclectic mix of genre made for an an enjoyable evening.
A shout-out to Michael, @MAT1953 , on his debut. Great to hear Lindisfarne again too.

Thanks to backstage and front-of-house on the night, (@TheMadman_tobyjenner , @DavidP), for making the OM possible, and of course the audience for their encouragement and support.

Not sure if there are additional thanks due to tech-wizzes for video editing and production, but “pat on back” for this too.



That’ll be me and hopefully it will be uploaded later today :wave:


Another incredible evening of music :guitar:

DyeV was super excited to close out the show. I’ll have to go back and watch some of the performers I missed while we were warming up. As always, I walk away feeling so happy to be a part of such a diverse and talented group of performers!

Special thanks to @DavidP and @TheMadman_tobyjenner for keeping everything running smoothly and congrats to @MAT1953 for an amazing debut! :clap: :clap:


Thank you to everyone that performed :clap:. It was my first time watching an open mic and was really enjoyable to see a diverse selection. Having only started learning 3 weeks ago, it was inspiring to see those that had only been playing for a relatively short time and what can be achieved. Look forward to the next one :cowboy_hat_face:


thanks Toby and @DavidP for all the work on and before the night.
Really appreciate having these, and a pleasure to see all of us in the same boat transmitting from our living rooms ( or similar!) from all over the globe.
Great stuff, it’s what music is all about

That was another great OM



The OM recording has now been added to the first post.



Thanks, Toby :metal:

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Hi All,

Just watched through this and what an entertaining night you all had with a really nice diverse range of performances.

I know it’s been mentioned by others but massive credit to all those behind the scenes that make this happen and to those that step up to MC these nights :clap: :clap: Thank you all for doing what you do :+1:

Big congrats to everyone that performed I enjoyed watching them all. I want to make a few special mentions on this one (makes a change, I usually end up mentioning everyone ) -

Rudi - Loved the Fiddle tunes, something very different and very catchy. Followed up by a lovely meaningful song. Thanks for the song background and tuning details it was realy interesting :ok_hand: Well done mate :+1:

Michael - I haven’t heard Lindesfarne for as long as I can remember so well done on firstly bringing something different and also on your debut, really well done mate :+1:

Colin - Well done mate, that Springsteen song was a ripper, loved the version and the lyrics. Great tone congrats, and thanks for the background info :+1:

Mark - Good to see up there again :+1: and definitely never expected to hear that on an OM with a guitar and definitely not from you :rofl: :+1: I thought it was a great job, your sound was great, vocal really good and enjoyed it mate nice one :clap:

Brian - What can I say :crazy_face: Always the entertainer. Brilliant song I really like it, I enjoyed the change up that takes place within the song and really enjoyed the Violin in it :scream: I know, shoot me now :rofl: Seriously though great performance mate well done to both of you :clap:

Alexey - I don’t know what to say. next level really. The first piece was just beautiful and the second just stepped it right up to the max, that looked insanely difficult. I spotted some crazy finger stretches through your performance that just made wonder how you can get fingers into some of those positions :scream: :+1: Well done, brilliant, the tone & sound was excellent.

Well done everyone, looking forward to the next one. :+1:


congrats to all the participants and to all behind the scene to make it happen

I couldnt attend it but will gladly watch the video :smiley:


Just finished watching the recording. Thanks to @DavidP for hosting and @TheMadman_tobyjenner for doing the vast majority of what’s needed to pull these together.

Good to see old friends and new performing.

Some highlights for me…

@Notter not doing Oasis (what?!?)
@brianlarsen and his extremely atmospheric & fiddly translated swiss song
@NicoleKKB getting wasted - nothing wrong with getting wasted every now and again :wink:
@Alexeyd, a guitar virtuoso hanging out here :exploding_head:


Thank you :blush: