Open Mic 24 : Recording & After-Show Chat

Thank you :metal:

Thanks a lot, JK :hugs:.
The funny thing is, that I don’t drink any alcohol. But the imagination of being on the road with my guitar is very tempting :grin:.


Congratulations to all the Players it really is great to watch these sessions and for me it just like attending a free concert you are all so good. So keep up the good work everyone you are all inspirational. :clap: :clap:


Thanks for posting the link Toby. I inevitably miss a some of the acts, esp. if Chris comes over, as we do a run-through and have a bit of a chat afterwards

Ruaridh, you made me all homesick, playing all that Celtic fiddle with your guitar :smiling_face_with_tear:

Michael, well done on your debut… It’s all downhill from here :laughing:

Colin, I’m going to have to look up the Springsteen song. Loved it :smiley:

Paul & Mal- Who would’ve guessed we’d have a continuation of the Taylor Swift/Beatles face-off at the OM? :open_mouth:Can’t make my mind up who won… more everything please

Mark, there’s a jazz setting on the Trio+? You killed it and the guitar sounded like a 12-string

Chris, you messed up again, but I think Brian covered for you… :rofl:

Nicole, when you said you were going to sing an obscure song by a Dutchman, I braced myself for linguistic gymnastics, but alas no. Good performance and nice to see you settle in as an entertainer. Be careful though: that stuff can kill you

Alexey, I’m not going to repeat anything, as I don’t want to inflate your self-esteem too much :laughing: Fingers crossed for your gig.

Andres, so good we had it twice :smiley: Seriously, well done for not being phased by gremlins and carrying on like a pro. Ole!

Tosh, your one-trick-pony is a thoroughbred and becoming a legend :smiley:

As for the clueless Hats in Honolulu brigade, I think you had a margarita or ten too many at Jimmy’s buffet. Love you guys :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Dan, love it when folk share originals, esp. at an OM :smiley: Great stuff. Trust me, I’m a doctor :roll_eyes:

And as for the grand finale, DyeV brought the house down. Twice :open_mouth:Must have heard I love originals. Good luck scoping Robin Hood.

Cheers to all who watched, live or here. Much appreciated. And ta for the shout outs @jkahn and @CD02 :smiley:


Another great OM, thank you to all the performers and everyone who made it happen @DavidP and @TheMadman_tobyjenner it is much appreciated how much you do :smiley:

I loved all the performances :heart_eyes:
@NicoleKKB you are improving so fast! You looked so relaxed and like you really enjoyed playing :star_struck: :cowboy_hat_face:
@MAT1953 awesome debut! :clap:
@Alexeyd … wow!

Looking forward to the next show :sunflower: :guitar:


Thanks @TheMadman_tobyjenner and @DavidP for steering the ship for us! It was great fun as always.

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Thanks a lot for your kind words, Jasmine :hugs:.
This song is my absolute favourite to play at the moment. I’m glad, this shined through :blush:.


Cheers JK! A surprisingly enjoyable departure for me but still plenty of oasis songs in the sea :joy::grin:


:joy: it’s the very last one on the dial Brian so it’s not surprising you haven’t found it yet!! :wink:

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I never expected someone to sing in " Bourbine "

We had proof that this is a truly international effort as we listened to a woman from Austria, @NicoleKKB , singing an American Country Western song that was written by a Dutch singer songwriter. :grin:


… and, to make it even more international, a Dutch singer songwriter, who lives in Bavaria :grin:.


That was a great Open Mic, enjoyable performances by all. It’s really nice to see such a wide variety of music. I missed one of the performances because I was distracted by something. I had the audio turned down quite low then, and the song was recognizable and sounded good, but when I turned the volume up for a moment I realized the sound quality wasn’t working. So @dobleA Andrés I went and listened to your 2nd take now, so now I can say how much I enjoyed it! You brought great energy to the song, and I especially enjoyed the vocals in Spanish. :slightly_smiling_face:


Alex and Andres, absolutely mesmerizing. Great show, everyone – Nicole, Brian, Malz and All. Hope everyone here is well. Bruce


@Elixir1253 @Jenndye429 @CD02 @brianlarsen @Avalon426
Apologies to anybody I have missed out.

Thanks for all your kind words and encouragement. and


PS In case any is interested I thought I would add a bit more about the two songs. Both songs come from Lindisfarne’s album Fog on the Tyne, which made No 1 in the UK Album Charts in 1972. The first song is Meet me on the Corner, made No 5 in the singles chart and was written by Rod Clements who was part of the original line up and still part of the current line-up. I first heard them perform it live in early 1972 when I was at University, all the top UK bands played on the University circuit then. Seen them quite a few times since at the regular Christmas Concert at the City Hall in Newcastle, not been for a while, but I see they are doing it again this year.

The second song is Together Forever written by Rab Noakes, a well-known Scottish singer songwriter, one of original members of Stealers Wheel I understand. He was not really member of the Lindisfarne. although he played and recorded with them on many occasions, including for this song on the album.


Ah gonna have a watch later today since I couldn’t make it once again :confused:
Very thanksful for these recordings as they allow me to enjoy the sessions afterwards


Sorry couldn’t make the live session this time but have thoroughly enjoyed watching the video recording.
Well done to you all. A very eclectic mix of songs.


Thanks Brian, I truly appreciate it.

My ‘tab’ arrangement will be available on Patreon … well, maybe one day when I have a Patreon account … one of life’s “round-2-its” :wink:

Finished on a low with my 2nd song, but being my most severe critic, and having thought it through, I have a positive way ahead. (no guitars were harmed during this exercise) … :sunglasses:

Blimey, Michael, … 1972 … :dizzy_face:
I was a fan of some young up-start called David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust era) back then, but did buy Fog on the Tyne a couple of years later in '74.
Well done again on your debut OM, hope to see you back some time soon. :clap:

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… and on a new acquisition, a Canadian guitar … well, I think it looked like a Seagull … :upside_down_face: