Open Mic events - minor modifications including Eligibility & Access

Update on Open Mic events including the eligibility criteria for performers.

The Open Mics are growing in popularity and are becoming an essential core feature of Community involvement for many of our members now. They have been and will continue to be unlisted events using a Zoom link that is not shared in a public domain - held within a Community-only safe space.

On 29 July Justin hosted Live Stream #3 and this was entirely in the public domain, advertised on social media and broadcast on Justin’s Youtube & Facebook channels. It was a resounding success and the audience numbers were incredible.

The Open Mic organisers have been discussing some minor changes to the OMs for a few weeks. One immediate change they wish to apply is to the eligibility criteria for performers.

The new eligibility criteria are detailed in this updated post: Community Open Mics - Access & Eligibility for Performers & Audience

Other minor tweaks will likely be made in coming weeks and months. Nothing radical, just small changes to make organising and managing the events a little easier and smoother and the experience for audience and performers even better. Plus, we will be rewriting some of the tech and support guides for added clarity and simplicity.

Many thanks.

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