Open Mic Livestream 03: Recording + After-Show Party & Chat

There’s lots of info in this category, that will give you a start depending on what you already have.

That’s playing in public right, there’s going to be negative people. Don’t let them get you down.


Thanks Craig, but going to take me some time to build up confidence to do that :joy: … Justin, large audience, streaming to YouTube!! :scream: :grimacing: :wink: Maybe one day… Maybe… :laughing: Full respect to the crew tonight, they nailed it!! :star_struck:


Thank you Justin for this opportunity to play live on YouTube and thank you to everyone involved, Richard you did a sterling job and all of we the performers were great and showed the world what we can do.


Stand up and take a collective bow that was AWESOME :clap:t2: :star_struck::sunglasses: great performances all round. Great variety in music and to round it all off a fantastic original song :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2: . I almost didn’t see anyone after Mr Larson as I had a choking fit of laughter when the strap of ‘her’ slip fell down revealing a nipple but honestly guys huge respect to all of you it was just amazing :star_struck:.


:rofl::rofl: I’ve seen you’re playing you don’t need any more confidence :+1::+1: next time eh​:+1:


Thanks, @jkahn! Not bothered by them at all, obviously, I’m aware that my voice and pitch need a lot more development so is my guitar playing. And no one is a bigger critique of me than me! :slight_smile: Hopefully, there’ll be some difference when I play these tunes again in 10 years and compare!


I’m not sure I’ll ever forgot this… can see some recurring nightmares in my future! :scream: :grimacing: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Edit: should say this is shared with love! :heart: You were awesome @brianlarsen! You know I’m a fan of a wig :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Big respect for bringing the entertainment and laughs! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :clap: :smiley: :+1:


@elevatortrim Beyond me to offer feedback on pitch but I think you generally sound easy on the ear, Serhat. For this show, I think you needed to raise the level of the vocal up a bit, your guitar was drowning you out a little, especially in the second song.


from £0 if you just record yourself on your phone (as many do), to hundreds or thousands depending how deep you want to go. A good starting point for gear is an Audio Interface so you can record into a desktop PC/Mac. The focusrite scarlett 2i2 is a popular budget item that is probably found in at least half of home studios. I personally have a cheap chinese knock-off version that I got for £25 off ebay. You’ll also need a mic if you intend to sing as well, and that’s a subject you’ll need to research for yourself as there are more than one kind at many price levels.

Wow! That was amazing :heart_eyes: :clap: :+1:
Bravo and a huge thank you to all performers, Justin & team and everybody who was involved.
It was awesome, inspiring and entertaining, and I hope for more events like this one :grinning: :+1:
You can be very proud of yourselves, keep up the great work :clap: :clap: :clap:


Thanks to everyone watching and performing, bit especially @Richard_close2u what a fantastic job.
Great to perform again in a community event, so surreal to actually talk to Justin!
Loved every performance, loved being among such talented people and loved the difference in the songs/styles picked by everyone!


Thanks to all the fellow performers - you absolutely blew me away as always with your creativity and what you continually bring to the table. It’s so fun to see folks chart off into new directions and continually grow and improve.

Thanks as well to the entire community of supporters - it always feels so rewarding to get a virtual pat on the back after performing.


Thoroughly enjoyed. Great performances. A big round of applause for all the performers. :clap::clap:


That was so great guys, big bravo to all my colleagues who performed as well tonight, hope you all had a blast same as I did!

And to lovely mods and Justin - thank you for organising such a fab night, although peak viewership might have been 360 ish the video has already 3k views on Justin’s channel and I imagine it will only go up :grinning:


Good performances all round peeps. Not sure about some of the chat comments but get that will happen when you step outside the Community and go global. Restrained myself on the reply front a number of times. :thinking:


Loved your JT Kevin, great work :+1:


Special thanks to @Richard_close2u for working very hard to make everything go super smoothly.



There was a little moderation of comments but nothing heavy handed or censorial. A few negative remarks were allowed through.

Overall, the vast majority were encouraging and in good spirit.


Hey all. Sorry… Vivi was waiting up for me to read her a story… and I didn’t get time for dinner so now making myself a quick pizza!

Y’all did great - so proud of you all. Bit disappointed in my own lack of preparation for my bit… but hey ho.

For sure I think this should become a regular thing in some way - will get a summary of feedback from Richard later and perhaps make a feedback thread. I have a list of thing to improve from my end, but want it to be great for y’all too :slight_smile:

Well done again everyone!