Open Mic Livestream 03: Recording + After-Show Party & Chat

Phew :rofl:

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Oh no.
I had thought about playing a Stuck 3&4 chord song - that isn’t by Oasis - just for you.

Either that or a song with 18 chords that I probably can’t sing (or play haha).

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Yes but he’ll be casting his beady eyed critique once the video gets posted. So regardless where he is on the night, he’ll come knocking later ! No where to hide, no where to run. :wink:

Finally got around to starting to watching this and what a great set of performances so far.

@JustinGuitar Nice opening. Well done. :smiley:

@KevinKevan Well, opening with a fingerpicker, very impressive. Great choice on the Oasis as well. Really enjoyed your performance.

@Malz and Lara, that was wonderful. You to sound so good together. The harmonies are brilliant and great playing as well.

@elevatortrim Nicely done Serhat, really well played and sung. Way to rock it and you made that SG sing.

@adi_mrok That Goo Goo Dolls was great and your acoustic sounds real nice. Impressive work on the Santana track, that looked like a heck of a lot to remember. Fingers on fire!

@brianlarsen :rofl: My eyes, my eyes! Brilliant. Only you Brian. That was a great medley of songs and a very seductive shoulder slip, you tease. :wink:

I’ll catch up with the rest a little later on.


Oh dear, Stefan, I thought we were letting these sleeping dogs lie… :roll_eyes:
I have put my past behind me and am moving on as an upright pillar of the community… :grinning:


I’m not going to quote from your text above, but I can’t believe that for me alone this is a very naughty/challenging text in this context :see_no_evil: :laughing:

Wow Stefan, that seems like years ago now, had to look to see what we played. Pleased you enjoyed our effort, thank you. :smiley: :grinning:

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@Rod58 Great song choice with Lyin eyes but I bet the copyright police are now after you. Really well played and sung and a nice recover too. I really liked the second song as well.

@jestersea Super job on the fingerpicking and really nice sung. Take on me, classic and you did a great job with it.

@Jenndye429 What a great way to grab the attention of the audience Jen and Dan. Garbage are a great band and you did the song justice. Some fast chord changes in that second song, which you made look really easy.

@skeletor83 David, what a vibe you had going on. Nicely done with the slide as well. Man, you can belt out some vocals.

@jkahn That was a cracking version of, Hurt and the picking sounded spot on, great vocals as well. That was a cracking original and you did a great job with the barre chords.

Well done everyone, that was an excellent watch.


Thanks for the watch and write up @SgtColon

Thank you so much for watching @SgtColon and taking the time to do to a write up! Glad you enjoyed it :grinning: