Original instrumental - Maggie's Hope (Hope Dies Last)

Prompted by a question in the Open Mic chat, I searched for but discovered that since moving from the old JG forum I had not actually re-posted it. Here goes:

Maggie’s Hope - an original composition for guitar.
Dedicated to Maggie Good @batwoman
In April 2019, Maggie sent me a song lyric and encouraged me to write a guitar accompaniment. In a 30-minute burst of inspiration I composed and recorded this (lo-fi quality only using the in-built mic of my laptop).
The video I took several years ago on a flight from Southampton to Guernsey in the English Channel.

Maggie’s recording - titled Hope Dies Last - was her singing the lyric over this backing. Maggie also did her own, independently written music / melody wholly different in style to this which was magnificent.


Hooray. Maggie has now posted her version here: Hope Dies Last a collab with Richard


Such a wonderful memory, Richard

An exmplifier of the heart and soul of the Justin Guitar Community

And Hope Dies Last is an equally wonderful original song produced by Maggie (@batwoman)


Indeed. And I went looking for it too - but alas it seems Maggie (like me) didn’t move it over to here.


Sorry Richard, I should have mentioned that and saved you some time, as I did the same.


Thank you Richard for this gem :hugs:. This melody is wonderful :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. I can’t believe, you composed in such short time :astonished:.

But after sharing the story behind it, be aware that it could be, you’ll now get several song lyrics from community members asking you for a composition :grin:.

And, of course, I’m very curious now to hear Maggie’s @batwoman version of it. Maggie, would you like to share it with us here at the new forum :smiley:?


Thank you so much for sharing this pearl here again, Richard. :slight_smile:

It’s just a beautiful tune and as @NicoleKKB said, unbelievable to pull out such a gem in no time! :open_mouth: Stunning and impressive. I like the feel in it and the lovely melody line throughout. A most enjoyable listen that demonstrates the power of music: Even without any lyrics, it creates a mood, evokes emotions. :smiley: The video fits nicely, by the way!

+1 for the folks who’d like to hear Maggie’s version of it. :wink:


@Richard_close2u & @batwoman

This brings back wonderful memories. Two superb versions.

I remember Richard’s instrumental and thought wow, one day (still waiting for that :rofl: ) beautiful melody. And then Maggie added her lyrics and the package was stunning. So many good collabs back then, less nowadays.

Then Maggie posted her revised version, so different in many ways but powerful in some ways. Would love to hear that again Mrs B. :pray:



Mr Schlaffenwagen @RomanS was involved in many great ones.


Sounded charming Richard.

Looking at your YouTube channel - with 5 videos but 1000 subscribers! - makes me wonder if you plan to record and share more at any stage?

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Do I hear my name mentioned in the same breath as @Richard_close2u? Hallowed ground indeed.

Here y’are Hope Dies Last with vocals


Absolutely beautiful, Richard! :star_struck: Really enjoyed this in the OM (proved to be the perfect contrast to @eric.lennon’s rocking performance just prior :metal:) and then here again now :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: thanks for sharing! Got mesmerised watching the plane ride whilst listening along to the melody :laughing:
Now… can’t wait to hear @batwoman’s version! Hope you track it down Maggie :smiley: :+1:


Hi Richard,
And dear Maggie @batwoman
:sunglasses: :clap: :star_struck:
What a song to start this morning with and how wonderful to hear a little more from you Maggie :blush:.
I didn’t know this one so great Richard for posting it here, I’ve made several requests to Maggie a long time ago to repost some of her great songs here…but listen to me no way :roll_eyes: :smile: ,but I keep hope because …well you see :sunglasses: :smile:

This is a great start dear people. …And the video was a great fit too :sunglasses:



Time it was, and what a time it was, it was
A time of innocence, A time of confidences
Long ago, it must be, I have a photograph
Preserve your memories; They’re all that’s left you

Thanks Nicole.
And … Ooh, err … I would be flattered haha. :slight_smile:

Thank you Lisa, your reaction is really humbling and lovely to read. :slight_smile:

Thank you JK. I used to share quite a lot of recordings in AVOYP of the old forum. I decided to unlist the vast majority when moving here. I may have a look back through the archives to see if any are worth bringing back out into the light.

You do indeed Maggie - for you have many long-term admirers and quite the expectant new crowd to cater to! :slight_smile:

Thanks Jeff. The plane ride was quite an experience - for me a true once in a lifetime moment in one of those tiny metal tubes with wings.
I traveled to Guernsey for a work interview with an overnight stop. From that evening, I have a little tale relating to a rather well-known retired English cricketer … but that is for a different place perhaps. :slight_smile:

Thanks Rogier, very kind and we have now have Maggie’s version to enjoy too. :slight_smile:


seen and listened :smiley: :star_struck:


Love both versions. I have actually been waiting for the video of the OM mainly to listen to Richards instrumental version again so I was very happy to see it posted here. What a fantastic collaboration, @Richard_close2u @batwoman and what a wonderful idea to inspire each other and produce such a gem.


This and Maggie’s post sum up pretty much why any of us are here at all in the first place -
and having fun along the way,…

Nice work people :heart:


@Richard_close2u & @batwoman so nice to hear both versions and be reminded of the old forum. Maggie, I agree with @sairfingers on your post. We all would love to hear your latest life’s events. I for one miss you lots! Richard: beautiful piece :revolving_hearts:


A very beautiful and soothing piece of music :musical_note:. Thanks for sharing!


@Richard_close2u and @batwoman what a lovely piece of music and such poignant reflective lyrics sang so beautifully. Bravo :clap: :clap: :clap:


@eric.lennon it sure was inspiring to feel my way through Richard’s interpretation. The version I wrote a few months earlier was different, held back by my limited ability to play guitar. Richard gave the song wings.

@Eccleshall from a pro like you this is encouraging.

@pkboo3 there hasn’t been any musical activity in Maggie land for this year. I hope you are still giving your beautiful voice time.

@Eddie_09 thankyou Eddie for your comment.

@Alan_1970 thankyou Alan for comment and for listening with more than your ears.