Original Song - For Jean

This one is for my dear old, departed mother. Here’s to you, Mom.


That was great Jay! Played and sung with feeling and emotion!

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Hi Jay,
Very nice and I enjoyed the 3 screen views. Great play and good vox! So good work all around!

Keep up the good vibe and putting your spin on meaningful songs!

Be well,

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Another heartfelt original, Jay. Excellent work on the arrangement with the three guitar parts, blended and mixed well, with just enough country vibe in the licks and riffs.

I did hear noticeable background hiss/noise before and after the song itself. Not sure what it was but ideally something to eliminate in your DAW.

Bravo and thanks for sharing another fine original song.

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Very cool; I always enjoy hearing originals. Well played and sung, Jay. Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Hi Jay,
Nice played a sung,… :sunglasses::bouquet: :clap:
Greetings, Rogier

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Hey, David, you’re right about that background hiss. I don’t know how to get rid of it. Using Reaper with Focusrite. Any suggestions?

That was excellent Jay. You performed it with the emotion that I suspect you felt in writing it. Great production with the multiple windows as well.

Jay, step one would be to identify the source. Then you could simplify cut that part out of the track before and after the song. But that does mean that noise is present but not obvious during the song.

You could use a noise reduction filter. I have one that you can use during the upfront portion to ‘learn’ the noise pattern and then apply that as a filter. I find that works pretty well.

You could also try adjusting the gain on the incoming source to eliminate it. But the possible issue there is that the track is too soft and when you raise the level for the mix you may encounter that noise.

If there is inherent noise then you want to eitehr sing louder or tunr up the instrument volume to increase the signal:noise ratio so that it is not noticeable.

It could also be introduced by say an issue with a cable, in which case perhaps it can be eliminated altogether.

All I can say is such noise is a pain and I find it often hard to remove at source hence using the filter. I use Waves X-noise which is currently on sale at a massive discount.

Thanks, David. I’ll take a look at the Wave-x.

I think that it suffices it to just say excellent!
I really enjoyed your emotional performance of this song, the lyrics were thoughtfully written and the song came together beautifully!

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David, I installed noise-x and it definitely helped, although I was unable to completely remove the noise from the lead part. I think the problem is that I have been running the electric guitar into my amp to apply gain and effects and then running from the headphones out port to Focusrite rather than using a digital amp for effects in Reaper.

Absolutely terrific song Jay, really felt the emotion coming across!

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Great sounding production / ballad!

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A heartfelt song as ever Jay. You really can write and sing a story song. Well done.

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I just love these originals of yours, Jay :smiley:
You look exactly like your two brothers in this :wink:
(Tiny typo work/word, just in case you’re ldocumenting for posterity and want it ‘perfect’)

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Thanks, Brian. Can’t believe I missed that as many times as I read it over, but so it goes. Think I’ll leave it as is.

Thanks for the feedback, Jay. Glad to hear the X-Noise was helpful.

Certainly, recording electric guitar direct and using in-the-box software for pedals, amps, cabinets is an effective solution. There are many options across a price range starting with free.

That said, depending on your amp, maybe there is a more effective option than using the headphone output. I experienced a reduced sound level on the headphone output of the amp and it never sounded as good as the speaker did. If that is the case on your amp then it could be contributing to a higher signal:noise ratio. I know some amps have other options, eg a USB output that can be plugged directly into the PC. And you could also explore mic’ing up the amp.

Really meaningful song with lot of emotions, thank you for sharing it, it was a pleasure to listen, country sound and good lyrics

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Hello Jay, wow, what a great production. I also enjoyed watching the three screens, and have full respect for the amount of work, time, and emotion you’ve put in this song.
Superb :star_struck:.

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