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I have been playing for about a year and really enjoy the writing process. Anywho, I want to hit open mic but am scared to death. Hence, finding a safespace to post. I feel I need to raise the volume in vocals to hear over guitar, and most of my stuff is aggressive and probably belongs on an electric…but finances leave me to this. Please provide any feedback.

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In the OM situation, the person who does the sound will adjust volumes for you. Make sure you do a soundcheck first - play a bit, sing a bit. Have fun.


Good on you for a first video share. Gotta say I wasn’t sure at the start of the song, but towards the end you really got into it and relaxed. You’ve got a good sense of groove and feel. Pretty cool.

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Great stuff Jacob! Not sure what plans you have for it, but with an electric I could imagine it getting the serious punk rock treatment.

Careful not to squash that centipede!

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That sounded pretty cool, Jacob. Loads of energy, mixed up the rhythm, the lead and kept a groove going while singing at the same time.

Personally I’d say start going to open mics to get familiar, get to know the people, the regulars, and when you’ve been a few times then just have to take the plunge. It’s a new thing so accept there’ll be some nerves the first time, but only way to overcome the nerves is just to take the plunge and do it. Pick a song or two that you are as comfortable playing as you can possibly be.

Based on just this vide and my own Open Mic experience you are at an appropriate level in your play to take that plunge. You could start with the Community Open Mics: JGC Open Mic XIII / 13 - Call For Interest

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Congratulations on posting your first video here! You have a great feel for matching your strum to the song’s intent. I like it! Are you a fan of Midwestern Emo? If you listen to a group called Panucci’s Pizza, you’ll notice they do a great job playing some aggressive tunes/lyrics with an acoustic. They do a lot of alternate tunings to get their sound.

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Thank you, thank you!

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Appreciate it! Relaxing is something I need to learn. Naturally it is zero issue alone, but once eyes or a lens is on me…lol. Thank you!

Thank you! Centipede did escape lol

Oh that is cool, thank you for sharing! Friends have been pressuring me to open mic, and I plan on getting my feet wet with Open Mic the turn of the New Year. Thank you again for all the feedback.

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Oooo, I am a midwestern native and do love me some emo lol. Thank you so much for the feedback and kind words, I will be checking out Panucci’s Pizza.

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Congratulations on your first AVOYP posting and it being your own song as well.

I thought it had a late 90’s early 00’s feel to it. Loved your energy.