JGC Open Mic XIII / 13 - Call For Interest

JGC Open Mic XIII to be held on Saturday 21st January

Well, what a fantastic year of JGCs Open Mics on this new Community platform, it really has been a successful year, starting with Open Mic 6 way back on 20th February and ending with Open Mic 12 on 19th November just a few weeks ago. The year has seen a lot of new folks join the community and step forward to play in their very first open mics and the events have gone from strength to strength.

So, before I issue invitations to sign up for the 2023 JGC Open Mic Season, I just want to thank everyone who has been involved in this year’s events. The small organising Team, the Performers and most of all the Audience who make it all worthwhile and everyone in the Community who take time to watch the show after the event, leaving comments and encouragement. Collectively, you all make this the success that it is!! Thank You.

So, without further ado, please start signing up for JGC Open Mic XIII or 13 if preferred!

Please make sure you read the following information in respect of the event, for both potential performers and audience alike.

And just to let you know there will be eight JGC Open Mics during 2023 and you can put the dates in your diaries right here right now !


OM 13 : 21 Jan
OM 14 : 4 Mar
OM 15 : 15 Apr
OM 16 : 27 May
OM 17 : 8 Jul
OM 18 : 19 Aug
OM 19 : 30 Sep
OM 20 : 11 Nov

The video for the latest Justin Guitar Community Open Mic can be seen here Open Mic 12: Recording + After-Show Chat and don’t forget to watch the JustinGuitar Community Xmas Bash 2022 as well.

Come and join the fun and experience what it is like to play in front of a live audience, right there in the room with you. Its the closest you will get to a real “out in the world” Open Mic !!! :studio_microphone:

Don’t forget these open mics are available to all members of the Community (who meet the criteria – see below) regardless of their playing level. You do not have to sing either, it is all about the guitar. We also welcome any non-english singing/speaking members who wish to sing in the own language. The door is open to all, so come on in!

Anyone interested in taking part, in either capacity, please read the new Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility . guide.


With the growing interest and greater visibility of the events, we have had to set some new criteria for running the shows, which will be self-explanatory on reading the guide. So please take the time to do so, before posting your request to attend. Performers, please ensure you meet the Performer Criteria before requesting a slot.

JGC Open Mic XIII will be held on Saturday 21st January 2023.
or Sunday 22nd time zone dependant.

Invitations to performers will be open until Monday 26th December .

At which point, the organizers will identify the appropriate start time based on time zones, as described in the Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility guide.

Please note there will be a maximum of 22 performers. So, if you have played at the recent Open Mics, please give consideration to those Community members who may be stepping up to the plate for the first time.

Performer applications will NOT be confirmed until after entries have been closed. This will still give Performers 5 weeks to prepare for the show. So please do not expect immediate confirmation.

Note : I will post a list of Performers on or around Monday 26th December

There are no limitations on the Audience numbers and I will confirm such requests, as they are made. An Audience List will also be published at the same time as the Performer List and will be updated, as further requests are received up and until the weekend of the show.

As usual updates will follow.

Please let me know if you are interested as either a performer or audience member and ensure you state your time zone in UTC.

(For reference - Time Zone Map) 11

For more information on how to access Zoom and set up your audio and video connection for the Open Mic events, please refer to this guide.

Open Mic Tech Talk - How to Setup Zoom

Here’s more background for those interested: The Community Open Mic Events category 1

Finally, as stated in the Justin Guitar Community Open Mic events – How They Work, Access & Eligibility 31 guide, a link to the Zoom meeting, will be sent to both Performers and Audience Member approximately one week before the event, by direct message.

Thank you for your support.

The JGC Open Mic Organisers
@Richard_close2u Richard is the JG Team interface with Justin. (Prior to DP becoming a Mod)
@Rossco01 Jason “inventor” organiser and MC - it was his baby !!!
@DavidP organiser and MC and now part of the JG Team interface
@adi_mrok Adrian provider of the Zoom facility, organiser and resident video editor.
@jkahn a recent new addition to the team and great MC given the hour he does it !!
@TheMadman_tobyjenner me organiser and xls nerd ! And happy to keep on doing so !


As always thanks for taking the baton on the organising front Toby! I am locked and loaded with songs but will need to confirm later on availability for 21st.


I’ll put my name down please, Toby.

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Performer or audience, clues please? :wink:

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Thanks Toby. You are right in the groove now.

You can put my name down and we can decide role later (performer, audience, or MC (to give JK a break, assuming a new person doesn’t put their hand up)), based on Community response.

Time zone is UTC+2 (pretty sure you know but don’t want that pointing finger to be become a wagging tut-tut-tut finger).

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Doh! :confounded: performance please, Toby. UTC +0.

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@Rossco01 Jason, no problem will add you to the Performer list pending confirmation,
@Willsie01 John too quick off the draw as usual :rofl: thought that would be the case.

@DavidP Will add you to the Performer list pending the usual cut off, when we can assess numbers and apply the count back rules if required. We can also sort out the MC role etc over the coming weeks but had not planned to advertise the role.


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Toby, I’d love to perform. UTC

Happy to stand aside if you get over subscribed.

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Thanks Dave, on the list sir. :sunglasses:

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Put my name down for performing please, and thanks for all you do Toby,
Always for get this bit: York UK.

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Thanks Mal, usual confirmations to follow in a couple of weeks.

How rude! :rofl:

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Ah John you always make me chuckle, as you jump in full of exuberance but there’s always something crucial missing :rofl: like what you want to do ! :sunglasses:

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This is just a public service announcement on the value of these events. If you have been lurking and pondering about taking the plunge you need to JUMP regardless of where you are on your journey. Participating in these events will make you focus (maybe like never before), practice, level up your skill, begin the inoculation process to better control performance anxiety (it never really goes away but it is controllable and this will help you in that area greatly). The team (and the audience) will take great care of you psyche during the whole process because everybody knows this is a big step for most guitar folk.

Take advantage of it and don’t reach for more than where you are at right now. Just pick something that is close, practice it, work it, and send it. It will never go like you would like it so let the “perfect performance” go out of your mind. The value is in the doing! What better new years resolution than to commit to OM 13!

Back to your regularly scheduled program…Rod


I would like to perform, please. UTC-7 Portland, OR. Dan (husband) will most likely drum with me.

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Hi Toby, please put me down to perform if there is space. UTC -5 Delaware US

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Audience for me please Toby :+1:

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Rod I was trying to come up with some witty North Carolina radio station repast but failed. Guess I have to ask, is your hat at in the ring this time. Let me know.

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Jennifer looking forward to Portland playing the drums but I suppose Dan can stepping at the last moment. You are both on the list, will confirm into course.

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Phil I would love to see you play again. Added to the performers list and I will confirm as usual in 2 weeks time.:sunglasses: