Other instruments?

Hi, sorry if not allowed but looks like this is the place I could ask in the community. I’ve been learning with Justin’s course since February and it has been a lot of fun and with challenges that usually keep me busy and motivated. Seeing this engagement with a musical instrument, my wife decided to took the dust off her old electric piano (a beginners one) and she was wondering how she could learn it properly. Like me she tried in the past but didn’t find the correct motivation, which I finally found here.
She asked me: is there a Justin course for other instruments? :sweat_smile:
I’m aware that there is nothing related to piano stuff here but considering that we all like music and some play with others, I was wondering, anybody knows about an online reference that could help her? I’m sure that it should be plenty of people doing that on YouTube, but in the same way we found this wonderful content from Justin, it may be someone out there making something similar for pianos?
Any help is appreciated! Have a good weekend!
As I said, if this question is not allowed I apologize in advance and I will delete it. Thanks


@andreschiavon Andre a perfectly good question and one that has been raised before. But I suspect that was on the old forum unless anyone recalls it being on the new platform.

I don’t think there was any recommendation for online piano/keyboard lesson/courses like Justin’s but there was some good material suggested. I had the same situation as I had bought my wife a Casio “organ” a she wanted to learn but health problems overtook that.

Somewhere in the house I have the book that was recommended but can’t recall the name or author of the top of my head. I have a feeling @Majik might have been a contributor to that thread - could be wrong. But I am sure some who were are still hanging around the forum and will make suggestions.

Just off out but I will have a search the house later if no one has a replied. I recall it was a well structured course albeit in book format.


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I am not sure if a piano web site as good as Justin Guitar exists but I’ve heard this one many times and completed the first couple of lessons. It is a good series to start:

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You can try learning apps like Yousician. I haven’t play piano, but its guitar lessons really helped me at the beginning with theirs gamified approach. I also saw an add for Pianote, but I don’t know if it’s any good.

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Found it !!

When I googled the title it looks like the are PDFs available now. Hope that helps.


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My partner uses Pianote and likes the process/method. It’s a fee based program and it not too expensive but you can do a 7-day free trial to find out if its right for you.
Learn the piano anytime with real teachers. | Pianote


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Hi @andreschiavon --checkout Pianoworld -huge piano forum discussing Alfreds piano course. ( and others) .I taught myself to play the keyboard and read music using this and “Pianoforall” during Covid and while I am never going to be a concert pianist I`m having fun on my Genos.

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I was, and I did recommend a book I had used.

But that was a different life which is, currently, 11,000 km away, and I can’t remember the title of the book.




I use Pianote and I like it, and I feel that I’m progressing fairly painlessly. Since it’s been taken over by Museo, you get access to all their courses.

It is fee-based, but if you PM me with your wife’s email address, I can send her a link for a 30 day free trial

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I used Yousician for keyboards for a while, before switching back to guitar and finding Justin.

Their app is pretty good, and you can plug a MIDI cable into your computer and it will give you feedback on your playing accuracy. You can slow down the songs, and there is a very handy looping feature.

But it’s a pale shadow of the Justin Song and lesson app. Video lesson quality is far lower than Justin’s, and song selection is extremely limited, unless you pay for the higher tiers. (EDIT: this was about 3 years ago…maybe it’s better now)

But it’s probably at least worth a look - especially if they offer a free trial.

I don’t know of a Justin-like site for piano.

Piano was my first instrument, so I was “classically trained” on that one as a boy, so I don’t really have any experience with books or web-based instruction for piano. However, my daughter taught herself to play piano using the Alfred’s Basic Adult Piano Course books, and from what I saw of those (and from her success in using them) I’d recommend them.

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But Yousician offers songs for every level of players, there are chords, riffs, lead and fingerstyle parts and some of them are really cool. So to each his own.

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There are quite a few app style courses available.

The Alfred Books seems to be often recommended e.g. These series have 3 levels.

If you choose the book route then check out this youtube page. This fellow has an instructional video for each of the corresponding lessons in the Alfred books.

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You are talking about their guitar course, right? I’m talking about the keyboard course.

In any case, this sounds much improved from when I used it about three years ago (I probably should have mentioned that my experience is a little dated).

So people should certainly check it out.

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Wrong! Better to become a two-guitar player household. So many pluses with this approach. You can acquire twice the gear! Too many win-wins to list out.
I kid because I care… :slight_smile:

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I have the version that is called the Complete Piano Player Omnibus Edition, Kenneth Baker. The Let’s Play Piano Methods channel has lessons on all (or almost all ) of the songs in the book. Here is a link for a song in the book:

A Hard Days Night - Book 2 page 22

As posted above, this channel also has song lessons for other piano method books such as the Alfred Basic Adult Piano Course books which I also have.

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I would like to thank you each one of you that took the time to comment here, I shared all your thoughts and advices with my wife and she is now really motivated to learn piano.
This community is truly amazing, thanks for your help. Now time to get back practicing guitar, there is a long way to go for me! :sweat_smile:

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