Oye como va

Hi everybody ! Here I share with you guys a personal hobby. Doing everything by myself (as much as I can…). Studio like. So I learn to play guitar, the midi controller, the microphones, the Logic and the iMovie softwares. Writing those lines makes me think I could maybe find a lighter hobby… :joy: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face: :grin: :laughing: :upside_down_face:

So the song is Oye Como va by Carlos Santana. 1970. A part of my 12 years old soundtrack.

This was A LOT of work but it was A LOT of fun too !

Have a good day.


Luc, that’s good. Really, really good!

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Wow, Luc, that was awesome :star_struck::clap:!
Playing several instruments, singing, putting all things together, and making it sound so harmonic - fantastic :smiley::+1:.
Thanks a lot for sharing. You should be very proud of you :hugs:.

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Absolutely amazing job there Luc - the playing, singing, arranging and video editing. Seriously good stuff!

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Well Luc,
That looked like a lot of work :grimacing: :sweat_smile:,…But Oooooo how great to watch and listen to … really great how you make those videos,… :clap: :sunglasses: :bouquet: :man_bowing:
And a bow from your side would have been nice too :smile: :sunglasses:

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That was really cool definitely I could hear Santana’s vibe there going!

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Sounding excellent, Luc. Good job on the video editing, too.

(I like the Epiphone, too. Casino?)

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Wow, that was quite something Luc.
Kudos aplenty for the all round play and production.

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Oh Man, that was really excellent!

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Wow Luc :star_struck::star_struck::star_struck: I’m not sure what to add as all the others’ comment speak my mind too. FabuIous!!!

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Fabulous production, Luc, lots to like and applaud in the project. Bravo.

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Great playing and great optics. Nice job. RG

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A wonderful and well executed project.

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Wonderful and quite a project to put together

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Hi Ron,

Excellent production. I have worked a lot of projects and done many productions. So I know the time you put into this one. It is amazing to me how many hours it takes to do something like this and all for 4 minutes or so of song & video!

To me it came off very slick and is a great showcase of what your capable of. I never was a big Santana fan, but I sure like what you did here!

So, what do you have planned for 23’? :slight_smile:
It will be hard to upstage this one, but if anyone can do it. It would be you!

All the best for next year!

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That was terrific Luc. Vocal, guitar play and production. Can’t imagine the time and effort that’s gone into this. Well done.

That was so cool and inspiring Luc.
Well done

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@onemanband, @Socio, @skinnyt, @LBro
@sairfingers, @Sebastian_Dewulf-Ortega

Hey guys ! Thank you so very much for your so kind and nice words. Means a lot to me.

Doing everything in some of my music videos is quite a chalenge. I’m not a guitarist (not really… not yet), not a keys player, not a studio technician, not a video technician… So, I can just do the best I can and have fun. But I don’t think I will put THAT MUCH energy on every tape I will do. Lots of fun but LOTS of work.

Thanks you all again !

Yes, LBro, this is A LOT OF WORK for a 4 minutes prod. Crazy. At that time, I just have bought my Fender Princeton Reverb amp. So I wanted to use it for this prod but I had a bad microphone. A USB Audio-Technica good for speaking but not for music. So, to have the best sound I could, I did double the guiro, quadruple the shaker, double all guitars (left and right), and « heightuple » the vocals. LOTS of work. On the other side the bass line is the same all the way through and the song has only two chords. My first song with chords. Until then, I could only play melodies, on note at a time. And those two chords had an « ancre note ». Alleluia :exclamation:

Between us, I think this song is very well written for the guitar. Even though I’m a beginner (Beginner Grade 2) I could play the song and look pretty much more advance than I actually am… :sunglasses:

I don’t think this is going to be easy to upstage has you say. I don’t have any specific music project for 23. Just practice and build songs to make me improve. Like students recitals :slight_smile: I think most of the time I will use Karaoke version so I can drag all the tracks on my Logic Pro program and play the guitars (and maybe the bass and keys if not too hard … :smile:.

I began to spend some time on a coming « slow shuffle Billie Jean ». We’ll see. But it will certainly not upstage Santana.

Thank again LBro :exclamation:

Thank you :exclamation: That’s very nice to ear :sunglasses: