Pagination Issues - Can't align text

This will certainly need looking at unless there are some commands that I cannot see.

I started to pull across my guide on linking Reaper(DAW) to OBS and Zoom. I did not get very far. I wanted to show the “signal” flow (see entry below) and on the Forum was able to use spaces to align text. For this example I wanted DAW Audio to sit below OBS Video. Using spaces does nothing, DAW Audio just sits at the start of the next line. Tried Tab (works in most text environments) nada. Tried full stops, which worked but looked carp. Then as per my original added some people emojis to resemble the audience, that quickly filled the column width and over spilled to the next line shunting DAW Audio down and complete out of place. So thought remove emojis to retain the status quo and despite half a column of full stops putting the text where I want it, it shows just 4 and the text is in the wrong place. Adding more full stops does nothing. So gave up on moving the thread (for now)

How the heck do you paginate and indent in this environment ?

OK after much consideration I thought this cross over thread relating to recording was better placed here.
So, How to connect your DAW to OBS and send audio and video to Zoom
November 09, 2021, 01:09:36 pm
Following the last Open Mic back in October '21, there was some discussion about being able to use your Digital Audio Workstation or DAW to provide input into Zoom and therefore be able to “mix” your performance and stream that live into the Open Mic Zoom “meeting” or just to record your own video. Well it is possible, using OBS (Open Broadcast Software) as an interface between the DAW and Zoom but also means that you can stream your OBS video feed into Zoom and so opening up a world of both audio and video enhancements.
The following guide is a simple step by step explanation of how to set the connections up and any additional software or drivers that are needed (all free). I have also recorded a video, which turned into a “how to” instead of just a visual reference as planned. I have used Reaper as the DAW of choice but the instructions apply to any DAW as the “software” is cross application.
But at a high level the chain is :
mic/gtr → DAW → master track → OBS → OBS Video → Zoom → Audience
…DAW Audio →

That all sounds like a right pita, Toby. I guess there’d not be a concept of pagination here, just a continuous scroll down the wall of text and embedded images. So as a workaround, you could make some of the bits that need specific formatting as images?

type or paste code here

Thought I’d try the above that makes use of some kind of code. But that code is an alien language to me.

Then I thought I’d try paste in the text from the OM participant posts on the Forum that are setup as a table, but those tags just appeared in the preview as text.

Beats me

Needs input from folk versed in that to shed light and show us the way. Hopefully it’ll be sorted by the time we start arranging OM VI in the new year as I thought the tabular layout of time zone, local time and people presented things in the most informative, understandable way so far (especially once you’d caught my arithmetic snafus)


Just reading this on my mobile and it looks even worse, as it wraps text earlier and that signal chain makes no sense whatsoever.

I dread to think what it will to Richard’s masterpieces.

This needs a high priority investigation, you would something like a simple tab function would be a basic feature.

I did the Adv Tut and there is nothing in that.

I’ll try writing some free-form tablature later and see how that comes out and check phone presentation.

Just thinking of those Borrowed Chord progressions. I don’t think this could cope with that.

Anything like that may need to input as a picture, which is crazy.

This discovery makes me very nervous about an early launch.

My 0,0011 Euro (gosh, my local currency is not worth much) is that it is something that needs to be addressed but if I apply the 80-20 principle, probably the percentage of posts made that need that capability is small. So not making me nervous and thinking it is a “must resolve” before launch.

And we have a workaround, which like all workarounds is not what we want, that is effective and not too inefficient given that the ability to embed images in Discourse is so much better than on the Forum.

Actually it might be easier to produce tabulated content like chord progressions with the Roman numeral in a spreadsheet and then grab a screenshot to paste into a post than to use some kind of formatting mechanism in the Discourse Editor to achieve the same result.

Hope that worth as much as 36 South African Cents :laughing:

Hey @tobyjenner if you highlight the text you want to indent and enclose it in code tags by clicking the </> it will keep your spaces. For example:

Ends up looking like this:



Hope that helps!


Thank you. Glad we have folks here with knowledge of these things. I just did some Googling and there all manner scary solutions out there, like using javascripts :scream: but did not come across this. I’ll have a play later but looks good to me.



Thanks Ivan :facepunch:

:thinking:, editor calls this emoji facepunch, but of course I’m not punching Ivan in the face, I’m using it as a fist bump since I see no high-five emoji

Let’s try this for Toby’s second use case, a chord progression write-up …

G | C   D | Em | G
I | IV  V | vi | I

That works OK. The righthand preview made it easy to get the "|"s aligned on both lines, quick and easy without worrying about how it looks in the edit window.

Looking good David. I am loving that parallel preview panel think it’s fantastic. Plan to mess around with formatting when I get back from the dog walk.

OK looks like that works. The DAW Audio is actually sitting under “master track” in the input panel (does that have a technical name?) but having the preview along side made it easy line up.

So, I thought I’d replace the audience emojis with an uploaded pic instead


But as you can see

mic/gtr → DAW → master track → OBS → OBS Video  →  Zoom → Audience 
                                     DAW Audio  →          ![Audience|299x168](upload://vJkpaNTTZz3IaYUMOnN6QHbb9V6.jpeg)                                                                

you can’t do that. Or add emojis to the “indented” section.

mic/gtr → DAW → master track → OBS → OBS Video  →  Zoom → Audience  :grinning: :grin: :grin: :smiley: :grinning:
                                     DAW Audio  →

Oh well I’ll try and be less creative in future.

Looks good Toby, maybe add reference to ReaStream in the flow. And I assume you could place ReaStream on any track in the DAW provided it was receiving all the audio you require to be streamed to OBS.

Have to say again how grateful I am for your work done to figure this out :pray:

It is working like clockwork now. And this morning I setup the flow so the PC audio output was via the PC soundcard not the AI, which meant I could run Reaper → OBS - Zoom and listen to the Zoom audio and recording playback with hearing myself while playing. What would you say … cushty :grin:

Sounds good David. I have actually been set up for a good few weeks now using 2 virtual cables, which means Zoom video and audio can be sent back to OBS. I plan to add that info to the guide but have to map it out first or at least double check how I did it !

Did you test Zoom audio playback using the Zoom Audio setting test facility ?

With regards ReaStream, going to keep that as an integral part of the Reaper/DAW set up, as I do not want folk to think it is a separate entity and another link in the chain. Opposed to it being a part of one of the “existing” links ie the DAW. Like the post on the Forum, I’ll take some time over it next week, once the OM dust has settled, as I could most certainly merge what now look like after thoughts. Well they were anyway !! So a tidy up is called for.

Back to some SOMCs and get my fingers doing what they are supposed, while my mouth opens and closes. Who said men could not multi task ? :scream: :sunglasses:

No … now why didn’t I think of that. I was recording a meeting and listening back afterwards. And when I thought I was on the money, an upload to YT to check loudness.

Fair enough, all clear in the detail when you post that up.

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: though the way I go, is certainly evidence of how challenging it is to remember the chords, remember the lyrics, play and sing said chords and lyrics in the right order, with halfway decent timing and feel.

I’m still at the point where irrespective of practice, the quality of any given play through can be quite variable. It doesn’t stress me. It’s just another plateau to traverse to reach a level where the performance is generally free from obvious FUBARs and focus is on the feel of the performance and audience engagement.

Zoom may just be picking up the input from OBS and recording that on the video. If you use that jingly sound test doofer, in the Zoom Audio settings and can hear that in your current set up you should be good to go. If you don’t hear the test you won’t hear the folks in the “meeting” so worth checking. Happy to take it off line if needs be ? Your call but I am around if you want to test with a real user. But I’ll have to find one first ! :rofl:

Thanks Toby. I’ll check it out later. I won’t have access to the PC again until after supper, but sure I’ll be OK.

What I can say is that when I start the meeting recording I do hear the lady announcing that the meeting is being recorded, which I think means I should be OK. But will have time to test and panic later if it doesn’t work. And will be into the event a little before for SoundChecking.

See you later! Now maybe I should stop Forum/Community surfing and go play some songs … the two for tonight plus two new ones that I’ve never played before.

If you heard the recording in progress message you should be ok but hit that test button later just in case. :metal:

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Cool, not able to check for a day and a solution was found for a question I didn’t even see yet :smiley:


I could well be missing something and probably am. But the amount of “formatted text” needed looks to be small. If it were me, I would use another app and create a decent graphic to support all your text you have on the setup subject. As an alternative, here is a quick snip of the area I guess you are talking about:

For the sake of time, it took maybe 1 minute to creat that small graphic.

If you don’t have graphic programs, you could always lay out your (to be) graphic in a word processor. Up the font sizes, put in smile face icons and what not. Then snip that into a graphic.

Now, how all this formats on a phone is hard to say and that is where I think the testing comes in.

Just an idea mind you and along the lines of what David was saying.

For RIchard’s work, with all the graphics, I think this is a viable method to port over the content?

EDIT - In reading back through the posts again in a quick scan, it looks like Toby Tried this. So I ask, what is wrong with it? It may not be perfect, but it gets the job done fast!


Yes, there’s plenty of easy to use graphics apps.

Personally I tend to use Google Draw, and if you have a Gmail account, you can also use this free of charge.

Here’s the diagram I did for my recent post on Katana/Trio+ cabling:

Once you’ve drawn the diagram, you can export as PNG and drag the file straight into the post. The new community software is great like that.



Thanks for that tip Keith I have not used Google Draw, I’ll check it out.
I would take the long winded approach of taking a screenshot of the post on The Forum, dropping and cropping in Paint and the adding it to the post here.

LBro - you wondered what that would look like in the app ?

Now the one thing I do miss is an Undo option !