Palm Muting

Palm Muting technique is essential for any guitarist that wants to rock out!

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Definitely having a bit of a tricky time with this one! I can get one note palm muted ok, but having all 3 notes of a power chord equally palm muted usually end up with 2 of them deadened in order to get the other to sound correct.

Also, when switching from a 5th string power chord to a 6th string power chord, my strumming hand leaves the 6th string note to exposed and it rings out instead of being muted.

The pinky muscle of my strumming hand forms a curved shape, whereas the strings are flat, making it hard to get equal pressure on them all. My guess is at least one of the angles in my strumming hand is wrong, though I am having a hard time knowing which one.

OK you need the fat part of your palm on the bridge , vertically and your hand bent round a bit to strum

practice slowly with no muting and gradually shift your palm until you have some muting on all strings

You should be muting all the strings regardless of if its a 5th string or 6th string power chord

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