Panning from L to R in Reaper

I’m sure Kenny has a tutorial on this, but i’m a lazy git and would appreciate if anyone has a (simple) explanation how to make a sound from a track pan from one side to another using Reaper.
Cheers :smiley:

Enable the pan envelope, add some control points and drag the pan envelope line up/down to get the desired effect.
(that’s the ultra short explanation :slight_smile: )

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Mange tak, Kasper :slightly_smiling_face:
Off to find a pan envelope now…
Hope it doesn’t end up in the fire :fire::rofl:

Then ctrl-click on the orange line (the pan envelope) to add control points. Then you can drag those line segments up/down to change panning.

Dude :sunglasses:
I’ll dedicate my next sound FX to you!

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On an unrelated note - this is where the new forum really shines. I could simply paste a screen snippet directly into a post. In the old forum I would have had to save an image file, upload it to my server and post a link. Not sure I would have bothered (no offense) and would probably have tried to stay within a textual explanation :slight_smile:



There is a very good Kenny (who killed) G video lesson on this and its buried in my multitude of Reaper tuts folder, Its getting near stoopid o’clock but I’ll dig out the link in the morning. Its super cool and you can have the switches so close, it sound like there’s a Chinook is you living room !
Or you could go for subtle.



Brian, I’m an equally lazy git :wink:

Here’s the Kenny video - Envelopes and Automation - he talks about pan automation around 9 min in. But taking the time to watch the video may well save much fiddling later plus spark some creative ideas.

I was actually thinking of this one, which uses one of Reaper’s “in house” FX to do everything for you if you are just talking panning. But the E & A tutorial is a good to know as well. :sunglasses:

Very cool, Toby, thanks for sharing that. Kenny is the King :crown:

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Haha, not sure I would have bothered asking either :laughing:
However, I’m glad I did. Got the basic panning sorted and also gave me an easier way to adjust the volume within a track (using vol envelope). Up till now I was relying one duplicating tracks, deleting sections and adjusting vol levels in the individual tracks :roll_eyes:
It’s a fine line between learning properly via tutorials and just having a go on the hoof.
I’ll save the Chinook experience for later @TheMadman_tobyjenner -
@DavidP frowns upon too many gimmicks in my music :laughing:
Cheers all for your input.

I’ll hold you to that ! :sunglasses:

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I know what you mean. An actual sound engineer would probably roll his eyes at me for considering automation and envelopes an “advanced” technique… but for the first many years my mixes were pretty much “static”… in the sense that I would tweak the track volume and pan as best I could… but ONLY on a full track level.
Occasionally I would also cut up an audio item, because I found out that you can also set volume on an item, like the track.

But these days I pretty much always enable volume and pan envelopes on all main track. It’s almost always the case that I want different volumes for verse and chorus, for example, on rhythm guitars. As well as duck the volume down when there is a solo. Simple stuff like that, so easy with the envelope :slight_smile:

I only wish that Reaper could support “relative” envelopes. Right now, when enabling volume envelope, it basically disables the volume control on the track… and initializes the entire envelope to whatever the track was at.
I would much rather have the envelope be initialized to 0db, and then be a “delta” to whatever I put the track as a whole at…

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(Does that help?) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:




That’s how Ardour/Mixbus does it. The “gain envelope” is an offset to the mixer level.

Note that the Ardour envelope function is called “gain” envelope, where “gain” is an offset applied to the track level/volume.



Do you mean like “ducking?” If so, I’d be surprised if Reaper doesn’t support some sort of side-chain compressor ducking.

The volume (or gain) envelope isn’t the same as side-chain ducking. Volume (or gain) automation is internal to the track, like other forms of automation, and is usually drawn in whilst editing.

This is Gain Automation in Ardour:


Ducking is usually controlled by something external to the track, such as the level of another track, usually using a gate plugin or similar.



Yeah, I should’ve read closer; I was thinking Kasper was talking about a track-based change relative to something else.