Paul Davids gets email from Paul Simon

This is a very funny new video from Paul Davids regarding a previous analysis of the chord progressions he did on “Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover”. I remember watching this video a few years ago when I had just got back into guitar playing and I found it very inspiring. But apparently he got it wrong!


Thanks for this! Chords way beyond my comprehension.

As Paul Davids says, they are just the basic chords, but with a bit of spice added. :wink:

Kudos also to Paul Simon for his generous response to the video. Some others would be demanding it be taken down.


Agreed. That is a sign of a musician who cares about his music and also his fans.

Regarding the chords, so often the theory and naming behind the chord can be complicated, but they way the musician found them is simple: they played around and came across something that sounded good.

The naming and theory part came later.

I suspect that was the case here.




Yes! Perfect example here. Daniel found a chord that sounded interesting - no idea what it was called.

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Oh man that is no nice!

Being a BIG PS fan myself, my head would explode.
But of course, yeah i’m delighted for Paul (Davids)

This song is in my repertoire but I’m still on such a basic level with it. :smiley:
Ok; time to revisit it and upgrade my version of it.

For those who want a basic go at it;
my fingerpicked version features a capo and uses a lot of flavouring and some chord variations but the basic structure is

Em D C B7
Em D G B7
Em D C B7
Am Em Am

(will need to check later as it is top of my head)

This is the original video if anyone is interested. He builds it up in complexity over 5 levels.

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Thank you for this, just beautiful. Love it


Thank you for sharing, what a fantastic story!