Paul from Hereford, UK saying hi!

Hi everyone,
I’m Paul from rural Herefordshire here in the UK.
My guitar playing (sort of just beyond absolute beginner) has been a bit of a solitary experience so far - just me, with my laptop and guitar down in the basement, so I’d love to contact others who are learning too. I’ve started using justin’s lessons to improve my playing and broaden my repertoire. My wife can only listen to ’ Graffiti on a Train’ so many times!
I’m really playing as a hobby, but would love to be a little more confident and play at family gatherings, or even, one day, at an open mike event. My competence and confidence would really have to improve before that happens, but I feel that I need it as a target to ensure I keep up with my practice sessions.
I’m looking forward to sharing this little musical trip with the community!


Welcome to the community👍

Thanks, Michael - your meeting is much appreciated.

Welcome to the Community, Paul.

I think many of us have that experience of playing on our own with similar aspirations. The first way we bridge the gap is by sharing recordings in #record-yourself-progress-performance:audio-video-of-you-playing and later, when ready, we also have our Community Virtual Open Mic events #community-open-mic-events:community-open-mic-video-archives. Have a look at those and in time you can join in the fun.

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Hey Paul,

Welcome mate!
Glad you came out of the basement. :slightly_smiling_face:

You’re gonna find a whole new world here. People of all levels, from day one to seasoned pros. A terrific community, all helping each other out. No stress, no judgement, just encouragement. Gonna do alot for the confidence.
And alot of fun banter too :crazy_face:

Join in mate, and reach out out when you need help. I’d encourage you to post a video of you playing, when you’re ready.

All the best.
Cheers, Shane

Hello mate :slight_smile:

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Hello Paul and welcome to the community. :slight_smile:

Hopefully one day you will have the confidence to come and join the community open mics. Heck, do it anyway, even if you don’t feel that confident. I didn’t but did it and I’m still here to tell the tale. :smiley:

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Hi Paul.

I’m in the uk too. Only just started on the guitar I’m only a week in. So I’m a true beginner. Anyway good to meet you.

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Hi Steve,
Thanks for saying hello! One week in - hope the fingers don’t hurt too much ( it does get easier). What guitar are you learning with? I started with a steel string acoustic, but didn’t have the right set up, which made it very tough on the fingers! It’s worth getting it right early doors.
I hope we’ll be able to encourage each other as we learn!
bets wishes,

Hello Stefan,

Thanks for the welcome - and the encouragement.

I am going to try to share a recording. I’ve got one on my phone, but I’m not sure how to share a link. Do I have to post a video online (Instagram?) so it can be viewed?

Thanks again,

Thanks for the welcome.
Much appreciated.

Paul, the general way people share them is either through YouTube or Soundcloud.

I’m not on social media so I’m not sure if a Insta link would work on here.

Shane - thanks so much for the welcome and encouragement.I’m going to bite the bullet and post a video. I have one on my phone - any advice about how or where to post it?
Many thanks,

I have a Donner Acoustic. It’s going ok struggling with chord changes but it’s early days so trying to stay positive.

Looks good - I found the one minute changes really helped - allows you to build up a range of changes steadily. really good to go back to as well, if there 's a new or tricky chord change in a song.

Thanks for the welcome, David.

I’ve bitten the proverbial bullet and shared a video! I’m looking forward to seeing the feedback!
Best wishes,



Hey Paul,

Lots of online platforms to upload to, but most people use Youtube. Its free, pretty simple to use, and accessible.

Not sure where you’re at techwise, but just create a Youtube account - upload the video - then copy the link to the video in your post here, and it will embed it in your post. You can set privacy controls so only those with the link (ie. us) can see it.
Have a go at that. Theres plenty of helpful info the web on the process. Any problems, just ask.

Update: Just saw your video post. Will check it out.


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Hello Paul and welcome to the community.

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Hi Paul:

It’s a great goal to step outside of your comfort zone and interact with the community. Justin’s training methods are fantastic. You are doing great so far. My advice is to put yourself out there and play at gather, in the park, anywhere. I do it all the time. You don’t have to worry about not being good enough. People really appreciate the efforts and live music. I posted my first singing in public video last week. That was a bit difficult as opposed to just playing in public. Nobody gawked or threw tomatoes. Keep up the journey.

Jeff from San Diego, California

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Give yourself plenty of time to get the chord changes down. Record yourself on your iPhone . Play back at least three times and watch your hands, especially the fretting hand. You will get it down. Don’t beat yourself up. You have talent- bring it to the surface.


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