Peter's Learning Log with Rorystrat

Hope the laptop stays working, Peter. Have you considered saving the videos on a cloud-based server?

You are already an advanced in my book :rofl:

Anyone that has followed my ramblings on here will know that my passion is the 2nd wave British Blues players (the 1st wave being BBKing etc.) And most notably Rory Gallagher, Paul Kossoff and Peter Green. In Module 17 Justin talks about focusing your goals so I thought that styuding 3 diverse styles would be too much. Some may think that those 3 were all the same but they all had different styles. Rory and Koss were quite unique but Peter Green was more of a straight blues player. For those that don’t know he replaced Eric Clapton in the Bluesbreakers and is the only one BB King claimed gave him cold sweats. So I was concluding to consolidate my studies of Peter Green.

Pure coincidence, yesterday I had an email from Gibson launching a Peter Green signature Les Paul “Greeny” now owned by Kirk Hamnett. The hand made Gibson Custom Shop aged versions at $50,000 are already sold out. Damn! The next level of spec are $19,999 (about what I paid for my first flat!). But they say they are doing a non-aged Standard so I might be tempted if it’s at a reasonable price.

In continuation of my treatise on older guitarist not being able to improvise. Here is said Kirk Hamnett playing “Greeny” at Mick Fleetwood’s get together to celebrate Peter Green. The song is Green Manalishi which is one I am trying to fine-tune at the mo. Kirk’s solo is decidely mediocre and that’s not just my opinion read the comments. You would have thought that on such an occasion he might have come up with something better. Green himself did play solos on this live and I have a recording so he could have copied that. But Green was about 24 when he left Fleetwood Mac and was much younger proving my point:


Can’t go wrong studying the play of those three, Peter.

What a fantastic song, so heavy. And Hammett may be a a great guitar player but Peter Green was beyond great, I think. I wish the audio was better on this video of a live performance by Fleetwood Mac: 1970 Fleetwood Mac - Peter Green - The Green Manalish Live Sweden - YouTube

Thanks David. Yes that is the live version of Manalishi that I was referring to. I think that was recorded in Boston and nowhere near Sweden. Legend has it the the solo at the very end Green is playing it on a six string bass guitar! I believe there is a new CD of the FM Boston gig but I’ve not found it yet in HMV. The sound on that might be better. I have numerous bootlegs of live concerts where the sound quality is considerably worse than this example though. Most were recorded on battery operated portable cassette players back in the day.

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Andertons now has this listed at £3,000. I don’t know how they can justify a price tag of twice that of a standard just cos it’s a signature model? Despite being a massive Peter Green fan, I’m less tempted as way out of my price range.

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Pretty much finished Grade 3. Need to do Grade 3 of the music Theory. I also skipped the lessons on Happy Birthday and Greensleeves so might go back and do these just in case there were any gems I missed.

Despite my best intentions, after dragging my brain through several lessons on the E shape Barre chord, I’ve skipped around in the Blues Guitar lessons which is where my heart really lies. These have been both Grade 4 and 5 so I’m somewhere in there at the moment. I occasionally go back and do a lesson I’ve skipped over.

I think I might have mentioned that, before I started right back at the beginning, I had already done the non-Jazz portions of Grade 6. I guess that from then onwards advanced equates to learning jazz guitar. That’s until more Grades are available.


Well after a year’s absence I’m back with the guitar. After work, I found that I was just crashing out on the sofa at night in front of the TV so needed something to occupy and stretch my brain. This means learning new things and perfecting what I already know.

I’ve started looking at the Jazz elements of level 6. I’ll go back and fill in anything I’ve missed on the other levels.


It’s interesting to see on here currently that a number of people are working on Brothers in Arms by Dire Straits. This is a piece I have wanted to do and particularly due to the guitar tone.

There comes a point in this guitar journey when your fingers can play whatever your brain tells them to do. And from that point, the limiting factor becomes the brain and not your technique. The challenge in Brothers in Arms for me is remembering all the parts and that’s a brain issue. Interestingly the likes of Knopfler play these things differently live and not identical to the recording.

So I’ve found and gone through Justin’s lesson on BIA. But I’m beginning to wonder if I’m more likely to learn/remember the parts if I discover them for myself…

In the meantime, I read that I had previously nailed my colours to the Peter Green mast and committed to focusing on his stuff. However, I’ve found that it’s Paul Kossoff and his body of work that’s motivated me again to come back this time so I’m back on that road at the mo.

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Welcome back. Look forward to recordings from you when you get there, Peter. As always good taste in players

Thanks David and hello again to you and all here. I’m currently working on Peter Green’s version of The Stumble and last night I worked out Paul Kossoff’s solo on Free’s “I’ll be Creepin’” a live version. I find the studio recordings are confused by multi tracks and the live solo is twice as long. Got to remember it all though now.

As we are now immersed in the blues, here’s a reminder of my rendition of Peter Green’s “Need Your Love So Bad” from over a year ago. More Greeny to come:

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Rory Gallagher

That is quite very very very very good :scream: :sunglasses: :sunglasses: :wave: :wave: :wave:,

I hope that many will find it in Your LL … and to get back to your question about Rory Gallagher … I quickly scrolled through 3 playlists and I could not find , but there will be a lot more added later …so …

Man this is so nice :sunglasses:


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@roger_holland Thanks Rogier that’s very kind.

The mojo departed shortly after recording this. It’s only just come back and I don’t know how long it’s going to stay this time. It’s a challenge to know where to go from here.


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I’ve filled in most of the modules that I might have skipped and have started to look at the next level. As there isn’t a Blues level beyond BLIM I’ve begun to Jazz up my blues. So I will start a new Jazz learning log following the lessons from courses 6 and 7

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