Pics from where you live

Hi everyone,

After listening to Justin’s last video, I thought to look up what Surrey, England looks like. It seems to be a rather fancy place. I thought maybe I would share a few scenery pics from where I live to share with the group. I hope others chime in with their own pics. Here’s to great playing in 2023!!

Jeff from San Diego, CA

Mission Bay Feb 2022


These are all places I play guitar a lot in public, except the flamingos-that is inside Sea World. LOL. The sunset pic is mission Bay, where I play guitar a lot.


Jeff @SDKissFan
Visited San Diego a couple of times on holiday from the UK staying at La Jolla, overlooking Torres Pine golf course, I expect you wil know the hotel.
Lovely part of California
Michael :sunny::sunny::sunny:

Nice place in the world, I’m envious of the weather!
I live around the Worcestershire area, we have a holiday home near the river Severn and live about 15 miles away, it’s convenient and a complete change of scenery!
This is near home, where the Olympic Games were held.

The rest are taken around our Holiday home.
Our area of the site

Down by the river

Over the Common.

A couple of sunsets.


Yes, I know it well. It is about 30 minutes drive from me. If you are ever in town again, open invitation to visit, play music, or go sightseeing. I haven’t been to Europe since I was stationed there in the 1990s. I regret never seeing the UK when I was there. I have been to about every other country in Western Europe. Thanks for saying hello.

That is some nice scenery there. I especially love the waterway and the forest. Thanks for sharing. I really loved being in Europe when I lived there many years ago. I “take the mickey” here in the USA because I still don’t understand ounces. I ask how many ml is that? :rofl:

Hope you play some great music watching those sunsets


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The view from the front of our property. The mountains in the distance is the border range right on the border of New South Wales and Queensland.


The view from the rear of our property. The mountain you see there is Mount Warning which is the first place that sunlight reaches the mainland of Australia every morning.



That must be beautiful to wake up to each morning. Thanks for sharing Tony :slight_smile:

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I live in Denver, but most of these pictures are from Fraser, where we ski and have a condo.


First outdoor run since mid 2019 for a number of reasons not to repeat here.

But all my walks/runs with the dog since we rocked up in Normandie 11 years ago, the world heritage site of Mont St Michel has been visible, even if its looking across to the bay 10 miles away on the lane just up from the house.

Not a frequent selfie take and was cream cracked at this point but I guess the view over my shoulder would be preferable to my ugly mug !

Will sort out some local pics tomorrow, as I am blessed with beautiful countryside all around me and no neighbours nearer that 600m !!



We do feel very fortunate. Best mornings are when the clouds drop below the mountains.



I have been through Denver and have a few relatives there. I would love to star my day on that porch playing some nice music. Thanks for sharing.

Hi Toby,

The madman diaries must be easier to compose without obnoxious complaining neighbors. Crank up the amp as loud as you want. :rofl:

Thanks for sharing the pic.

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Yeah just remember to open the windows first !

Thought you might know the hotel, we were last there in 2019 and before that sometime in the 1980’s.
Very fond memories.

-14 in Denver yesterday afternoon. Finished shoveling snow an decided to practice outside on the deck. Tried Stiches suggestion of fingerless gloves. Played a couple bars of 12 bar blues. Stayed on B7th chord for one measure too long. Wife had to free me up with her hair dryer. :grin:


Minus 14F on the porch! :cold_face:
That is bold! I only play on that porch when I am in the mountains in the summer.
I will be there most weekends in January and February, I will play inside by the fire and wrap my guitar in a big plastic bag with a wet towel all night.

Yesterday a chair was blown clean off a lift with someone in it! Fortunately not hurt, amazingly. Subzero and 80mph winds, why on earth were they skiing?

About 30mins walk from where I live.


This is the beach near our house in Chicago image

Today however it is snowing and -22 Celsius with a windchill of -38. This is me in the snow with my son Killian who I wrote the song “this is your time “ about a few months [ago .]
(Original song - This is your time - #72 by Eddie_09)


Last week out at the lake:


Gidday from Port Macquarie, NSW, Australia. Sun, sand, and surf all year round ( and tourists).
Flynns beach, where I learnt to swim ( about 50 years ago)
images (7)

The breakwall at the mouth of the Hastings River. Tourists are encouraged to decorate the rocks with holiday memories.

I live about 1km from these places. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.