Play It Forward, Thailand Style

I have two guitars that would be very good beginner guitars. I’ve heard of ‘Play It Forward’ but because of where I live in Thailand it would be better, or easier, to try to find a local Thai student to give them to. I thought of going to the schools, but I can only imagine that if the students were asked, ‘Who wants a guitar?’ every hand would be raised.
Any ideas on how to go about getting these two guitars into the right hands, ‘right hands’ being a child who really wants to learn to play a guitar?


Hi Thomas,
What I do nowadays (previously just to interested friends or family and now I still have lend one out but it`s coming home soon :smiley:) when I have a guitar to give away or to lend is to ask family and acquaintances and or people in the neighbourhood whether they know people who don’t have much money and are interested in learning guitar… if you explain your intention to 15 people you can often reach easy hundred + people and they know etc etc… and then it is just trust that people will not “abuse” of your goodness …
Good luck and have fun because this is giving me a lot of hassle sometimes but a lot of fun… :smiley:
I hope this idea helps you ,keep me in the loop :smiley: :crossed_fingers: