Playing a Christmas carol in Spanish live in 2020 by dobleA

This video is part of the 2020 recording of the day of a virtual Christmas novena (9 day cycle of praying) through Zoom, my wife was in charge of for the catholic praying group she is part of. It is customary to end the prayers of each day of this traditional Colombian novena with some villancicos de navidad (Christmas carols).

Our daughter and I played and sang two carols and the responses to one of the prayers. I do not have a recording of the actual zoom meeting, but this is how our playing and singing of Los peces en el río (The fishes in the river) carol sounded and looked on our end. Until last year our daughter was member of the Grand Youth Philharmonic Choir and for this performance she dusted her guitar playing learnt from high school and a short experience playing at the church we attend.

Capo on the first fret did the trick for a vocal range that worked for both. A simple YT 3/4 drum beat helped us to stay on the same tempo. I started very clumsy fingerpicking the intro I had created, but managed to finish it decently, and later got the lyrics wrong, but we just smiled and kept going. It was very good for a relatively short notice to prepare it and shortened joint practice sessions due my daughter having a hard time with the pain in her fingers. This was my only previous experience playing and singing live for other than close relatives before JGC OM XII and Xmas Bash 2022.

We are hosting one day of the novena this year at our home and we may play some carols again.

P.S. I updated the link for the Xmas Bash to be the after show party and chat and not the preshow topic.


Great job on this one. You all played in time and I like the technique of using the capo for vocal range match. I posted a song here and Spanish last summer and I don’t think too many here were familiar with it so not many responses to mine. (Como La Flor-Selena). My friends here in San Diego and those from Mexico really look forward to hearing me play it though. Feliz Navidad- listo ya! :grin: Very glad to hear something posted in Espanol.

Jeff from California

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HI Jeff @SDKissFan and ¡Feliz Navidad!. Thank you for you comments. I do think that “Little bit of this, little bit of that” works very well. Posting well known international hits or musical pieces multiplies the possibilities of getting feedback of those who know well the songs or pieces. Like in my case getting advice on the timing of my chord changes or the use of drum beats in some of my videos has been very welcome. On the other side posting lesser known songs or musical pieces widens the musical horizons of the community. Those who watched your post of Como la flor by Selena, like me, benefited from watching it and you probably benefited from those who like me commented on it. The AVOYP section is currently very busy and not everyone is able to watch every video and comment on them. I plan to post more songs in Spanish parallel to posting also songs in English. I may venture into singing in French but the song that I would like to sing is beyond my current guitar skills.

P.S. I am also a KISS fan. in 2019 I went to a live concert in Toronto.

That was great to watch Andres. How nice to be able to play guitar with your daughter.

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