Playlist thread has disappeared

The thread that was begun praising the playlist appears now to not be accessible to me, even though I started it.
I cannot access anything concerning Blues Immersion still after 6 days.
Can someone help please?

Hi Malz,
Justin Fanny had it made into a closed BLIM and if all goes well you should now also have access, because I have it now and Justin thought everyone would have already been added… And You @sclay …Fanny had it made into a closed BLIM and if all goes well you should now also have access, because I have it now and Justin thought everyone would have already been added…

Hope that they ad you soon,

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Hi Roger,
Thanks for replying. No I am still seeing a private page.

This topic still exists.

Does clicking on the link not work?
Can you not access any of the BLIM topics?
Have you changed any of your profile details apart from your Avatar (I’m thinking email)?
If no then maybe @FannyJustinGuitar or @larynejg need to check your BLIM details and connected access in here.

Hi Richard,
I have two emails, neither of which have been altered since joining the Blues Immersion course. Since June 4 when I joined the course I have not been able to access any of the course sites, I get the message that the page does not exist or is private.
I have no idea why this is occurring but I do find it very disappointing. I have tried on both PC and iPad, using different browsers and nothing has worked.
I was so excited upon joining now I just feel deflated.

Thanks for the reply


Hi Malz,

I sent you an email - it might be because your Community email is different from your JG website account … you may need to update your Community email.

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@Malz If you don’t know how to edit your Community email I can guide you through the steps in private message.

Hi Richard, thank you but already done it, and still no joy.

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Hello Mal,

Yes, I just experienced the same. The whole Blues Immersion Class 1 category in the Commynity has now disappeared. Just had an email from @FannyJustinGuitar this morning saying I should now have access, but unfortuntely no. Have emailed to continue the troubleshooting.

Cheers, Shane

Hey Roger,

What’s the BLIM group like? I imagine its very busy, and exciting. Busting to get in there but still no access for me yet…

Cheers, Shane

@Malz looks like your sorted now :smiley:

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Oh wow, I can actually see the discussion. :star_struck: :smiley:

Hi Shane ,
The first beginning is surrealistic because among the “normal” topics suddenly a lot of unread topics appear with padlocks in front of them, so we are all looking at the same thing but not everyone sees the same thing, now I can refer to a film, but in real life that’s how it also goes :joy:

There are many videos from fellow students (which I have yet to watch), otherwise it looks just like this community, but not with everyone involved. :smiling_face_with_tear:…

I almost tagged Brian @brianlarsen once (yeah, it’s stupid :see_no_evil:) and I haven’t made 3 jokes because he couldn’t read it anyway… :sob: (one I probably need to say later :blush: )

Lots of new faces and I’m so happy with James and Toby for giving me a “home” feeling because believe it or not… it’s very big and I feel a bit lost and new :upside_down_face:

It is with great regret that I see that it has still not been resolved for you :confused:

Greetings and hope you can start soon there …but still 19 days for taking off


Its been pretty hectic Shane and quite a buzz. Folk are starting to post up work from the Unit 0 “lessons” and exercise that Justin has set. I faced quite a backlog of messages as the areas seemed ringfenced and then a busy week followed. Played catch up Sunday night and now trying to keep on top things but not neglecting Gen Pop. !!


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Thanks @roger_holland and @TheMadman_tobyjenner
Ive got me swimmin’ trunks on ready to dive in…hopefully in the next few hours…
Keen especially to see some jams from people, and see how others are settling in/getting prepared…

Cheers, Shane

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Hi @sclay
And a simple like to you is not possible for me to you Shane … the system says that I am “out of love” (no more likes to give the next 24 hours )

Well 1123 the system :joy:

So just a :+1:



Liking you coz I can and you can’t tee hee …fiendish laughter wha ha ha ha ha !

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Crxp ,just took a zip of tea before I click on the notification …

:rofl: :joy: :rofl: still shaking on the wheels as I type this :joy:

I think everyone is settling in quite well. As @roger_holland says there are a lot of new faces and judging by the recordings posted so far quite a few experienced players. I’m really going to bring the levels down when I get around to recording my improv baseline but there is still that supportive and encouraging environment. As Toby says it’s quite busy but in a good way, I’m finding it very motivating.


I posted in the playlist thread but now as a non-blimmer I can no longer see the thread that I posted in.