Please check you email inbox for an important questionnaire

Emails have been sent our regarding Clubs. Your responses will be crucial for planning these events. The more returns the better. Please take a little time to complete yours.
Pretty please.

UPDATE: If you haven’t received the email, please take our Clubs survey by clicking on the following link: I need your help about JustinGuitar Clubs!


Already submitted :+1: :innocent:
Is there any mileage in sharing our ‘thoughts’ here as well?

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I noticed there was nothing in the questionnaire about posting the videos of the clubs so people who can’t attend them live could watch them later. I think people would be more likely to pay for something if they could actually get it.


That was one of my comments- make recordings available to those who donate.

From my perspective, whilst enjoying all of the clubs and gaining something from pretty much each of them, I am finding that they keep coming thick and fast.
There’s just not enough time between each of them for me to fully digest and practice all of the content before it’s swiftly onto the next. Throw in trying to find time to follow the ‘core’ course as well (+ that pesky thing called real life) and I don’t think I’m getting as much out of them as I think I could. This will only get worse when I (hopefully) sign up for Justin’s blues course later in the year.

I have no issue in paying for the clubs on a regular basis but I would likely be more selective in which one(s) I choose in that event.

2 suggestions that immediately sprang to mind:

  1. Just have a single ‘live’ club a week that is recorded and can be made available post-event to those who donate. This would also cut down on your own costs.
  2. The weekly hosting is done on a rotating tutor basis with appropriate topics from each of your existing ‘individual’ clubs, so in effect we get 1 lesson a week, from each of you in turn, per month.

You are all excellent tutors and it wold be shame to have to decide (both time-wise & financially) which Club to follow if the number of club sessions continues as present.



Agree with Rick re sharing the videos. Its a disadvantage for certain time zones at the moment and there is no technical reasons for not sharing. If there are other reason it would be nice to share. I got the impression that the whole point of recording each clubs was to share but I obviously was not correct on that point. :sunglasses:


I didn’t get an email but I would echo what others are saying that I’d be prepared to pay if the sessions were available for replay. I’m in the U.K. and even though the clubs are generally at reasonable times for us, it doesn’t mean I don’t have other commitments at those times that I have to give higher priority to.

I will say that the clubs I’ve managed to attend so far have been excellent.

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it’s a disadvantage for 60% of the planet unless your unemployed, retired or don’t sleep.


Did you mention it as a comment ?

The emails are being sent / should have been sent to everyone who registered or attended at least one club. Can you check spam.

Have checked my inbox and spam just a couple of minutes ago but nothing as yet. I’ve attended 2 clubs so far and have had emails relating to them so in theory everything works

I responded to the survey with a lengthy response of comments and suggestions earlier this evening.

no email for me yet either.

Haven’t received an e-mail as well. Hope to get the chance to participate in the questionaire to. Good points have been raised so far, that I’d also like to echo.

I added this to the last comments question.

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Agreed. I has noted this to @Richard_close2u some time ago about too many in a short period of time.

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Two very good suggestions.


I didn’t get the email either. I also checked my spam folder. I’m happy to fill out the survey if it shows up. I have attended several clubs so far.


Haven’t received an email either (checked spam as well). Happy to share my feedback.