Please sign up to perform at the JustinGuitar Community Livestream December 9th

The Open Mic takes a break to make space for another Justin hosted Livestream.

JustinGuitar Community Live Stream Festive Bash Mic - Saturday 9th December 7pm UTC

Register now to be considered as a performer at the next JustinGuitar Community Live Stream. Read on!


There are fifteen performer slots available with an opportunity to play one song. Please state your wish to be considered for a slot in a reply to this topic. Remember to state your location & UTC time zone.

A like from me means I have seen and registered your interest.

Performer slots are available according to the following criteria.

  • We ask that performers have made an Introductory topic, ideally including some information about their learning path with JustinGuitar.

  • We ask that performers be actively engaged Community members who embody the positive and supportive pay-it-forward ethos we have long nurtured within the Community.

  • We ask that performers have shared audio-video of their playing in the Community Recordings section, recorded since becoming a Community member.*

  • We ask that performers have previously attended Open Mics at minimum as an audience member.

The performer application window closes on Friday 1 December after which a final list of performers will be published. If the number of potential performers exceeds our limit we may need to disappoint some people.

For performers, there will be a quick soundcheck from approximately 6:30pm UTC. :slight_smile:

More info
Some helpful links, especially for performers:

People who have chosen to put their name forward for a performer slot (to date):



Hi Richard, I would like to be considered for a performance slot please.
York UK, UTC 0 I think.


Thank you Mr C :+1:

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Yes pse, Richard,

Performer slot request,



I’m such a silly billy.
Justin has reminded me …

It’s a public event.
There is no need to register for an audience slot.

You can of course post comments like ‘whopp whoop, I’ll be there’ etc.



Hey folks,
This is less than three weeks away and only two volunteers so far? :open_mouth:
J is probably sick of the sight of me (esp. after the last one :laughing:), but they’re great fun so don’t be self-conscious and throw your :tophat: in the ring.
Put me down for a song, Richard, as a reservist if you don’t get the fifteen.
I’m equally happy to lob :bomb: :bomb: :bomb: in the chatroom as a spectator :rofl:


I’d normally do this kind of thing but won’t have the situation for it on the day I’m afraid… I’d encourage anyone thinking about it to step up, it was loads of fun last time.


The timezone difference for me is a pity, being in Australia; otherwise, I’d possibly put my hand up. 5-6 am just doesn’t cut it for me anymore I’m afraid. Part of the reason I’ve only done 2 open mics, and none for quite a while.

Cheers, Shane.


Richard Richard :see_no_evil:
All that effort for nothing, well here…

‘Whopp whoop ,I`ll be there’ etc.

Greetings :blush:


@jkahn & @sclay- two pillars holding up the whole northern hemisphere :wink:
This wasn’t so much a call for more enthusiasm but more a ‘nudge’ for all those out there who are half-tempted but too shy or modest to put themselves forward :smiley:


I was a bit hesitant about volunteering because:

  1. I can’t sing
  2. I don’t have any festive-themed music to play

If those are not issues and you’re wanting to fill the numbers, then I’m happy (but still nervous) to put my name in the performer pot.

Otherwise an audience spot please.

  • I can’t play
  • I don’t do ‘festive’

We’d make a good team :rofl:
(I don’t even have anything ‘new’ so would be something shared previously)


I can’t dance either. Didn’t Genesis write a song about me? :rofl:


Please put my name in the pot for a performance. Unfortunately, my lovely bassist will be back in Michigan visiting friends for the holidays. I will have to make it a solo performance.



I wonder if folk are under the impression that they would have to do a festive/seasonal song for the LS ? I am sure that is not the case, as you say you don’t do festive but it might be worth getting Mr C @Richard_close2u to clarify. It might be what is holding folks back ?



There is no requirement whatever to perform a festive song.
Festive songs are as welcome as any other but not essential.

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Granted it might be a factor, Phil; although a relatively recent joiner I have not perceived any problems with raising awareness for a scheduled JGC OM.


  • a theme is suggested in the title, viz. “Festive” … and my initial thought leaned towards it being potentially off-putting for some of the JGC Community … many people like “humbugs” … :wink:
  • the non-requirement for audience registration was identified and addressed quite soon after publishing the Calling Notice. However, there is now long thread of response and comment not helping the cause, and I would include my ‘missive’ too.
  • raising the profile feels to me like hoisting the wrong flag higher … as it says on a cracker joke … a broken pencil has no point ! :thinking:.

It’s easy for me to be viewed as sniping from “the bleachers”. However, wider publicity feels akin to doubling-down. Therefore my pennyworth would be to consider:

  • remove, rename, re-launch the event and state clearly a request only for participant requests. I believe “Live-stream” events have been run before; so maybe just blow the dust of the last publicity and change the date.

I think that the audience interest registered thus far will not feel offended about being “airbrushed out”; appreciating that they are an important ingredient to the success of all JGC OM evenings. But, insufficient performers means no show for people to enjoy, and might not be considered a positive tone for the future.

I am standing up holding a large target … :sunglasses:


Having only ever done the first Livestream I’m happy to perform at this one Richard. Probably something simple on acoustic for a change.


Singing is not required.
Festive music is not required.

You’re on the list Phil.:slight_smile:


Excellent, now we are getting a show together :star_struck: