PMT G1, G2 vs Beginner G1 ... How do i relate PMT to my guitar learning? Do the grades match?

Hi, I am a complete beginner.

I am currently practicing A & D Chords from Module 1 of Beginner Grade 1.

During downtime, i decided to give PMT a go and to my surprise, I completed Grade 1 & 2 along with 100% quizzes of both pdf & website very quickly.

However, in Grade 2, there was a question about the shorthand of G chord and I didn’t know the chord diagram so answering the shorthand was “out of syllabus” So, I googled the chord diagram, converted it into the shorthand myself and chose the answer.

PMT Grade 2 has already introduced scales & arpeggios which I imagine I won’t be practicing for quite some time.

Question is, How do i relate PMT to my guitar learning?
For eg. Do I go Grade 1 of guitar and then Grade 1 of PMT?
or Do I keep them independent and progress each on their own pace? This is what I was planning, but if there are questions that assume some prior knowledge such as G chord in Grade 2 quiz, do I answer them with the help of google?

Hi Kirin

The courses are not interwoven, so work at your own pace. If you pass through the PMT grades quickly you may find some stuff that could be well advanced of your playing level. Nothing wrong with that but don’t get distracted and stray from the guitar learning path.
Like most things guitar its easy to get sucked into rabbit holes. A quick peek is ok but avoid deep diving ! Been there done that got lost for too many years to mention.


I dove into the PMT around mid-grade 2. I had questions like “why are these notes in a chord” that were quickly answered in PMT. Doing PMT earlier would probably have given those answers to you before you needed to ask them.

Later, knowing some theory will help with transposing, figuring out triads, following various scales, and that sort of thing. A recent great practical example is the play notes Shane has in this link below. Read the notes and you can see how understanding theory helped him understand why the song was set up the way it is.

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