Practice Amp for 1st Electric Guitar

I think usable clean tones is a pretty basic has to have for any amp in this kind of range.

Its not unwarranted to look for a bit more also.

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Picking up a Fender Mustang LT25 today @ Guitar Center for a 45 day trial.

This should be more than enough to get the job done for practicing.

I like that’s it’s small, light, versatile and fits my space. Thanks to all the contributions to my thread.



A decision has been made…


Nice, enjoy!

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That’s no Fender ! Happy NAD :+1:

Yeah, I was wondering what happened to the 45-day trial on the Fender. Seems it didn’t last 5 mins. :smile:


Or 4 hrs given the post timestamps :rofl:


if its any help to anyone -I too just received a Katana 50 mk2 and further to recommendations from 2 people on here I purchased a Bluetooth audio receiver which works perfectly and enables me to play along with youtube/spotify etc and use Justins app etc straight from PC to amp.


Oh! That was a surprise given you seemed to be leaning towards other options.




Or this…

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Man, I was back and forth between the two so much that I made a split decision @ the store - the Katana was really not that much bigger - just $100 more and I said “Ah screw its the holidays and my birthday gift to myself all in one”.

Oh man, thanks! I’ll have to check it out!

Haha, only reason I was ruling it out, was because of the specs but it really wasn’t that much bigger after all in my space! Thanks!

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Hi Maya, I’ve been using a K50 MKII for a couple of years. I’m happy with the sound and I’ve found to be versatile and easy to use. I connect my PC headphone output to the AUX input so I can play YTs, mp3s, Justin content, whatever through the amp. With headphones connected to the amp, I can listen and play along with the electric relatively quietly, or not. For the acoustic, I can unplug the headphones and play along. I’ve barely scratched the surface of the amp’s capability, but as I want to do something new, recording, looping, tone, I’ve found it to provide what I want. As far as sound/tone is concerned, the biggest limitation I see is my ability, and that’s where I spend most of my time :slight_smile:


This is the Bluetooth receiver I use to connect my computer (or phone, or tablet) to the aux input on my amp for lessons, backing tracks, etc., and it’s a lot cheaper than that one. Works great.


Maya, I don’t think you could go wrong with either the Fender LT25 or the Katana. I have an older Fender Mustang GT-40 and like the tone, but I have also looked at the Katana. As a beginner, you will benefit from the extra support you can find on this site, since Justin has a several lessons on using the Katana amp and many in the community have and use the Katana amp. Have fun with your new purchases.

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For sure …thanks man!

I’m confused as to why the Bluetooth adapter - wouldn’t just using a 3.5" corded jack line from the aux. Jack straight from amp to phone, laptop, etc work just as well?

Is it just so you can have a wireless connection allowing more freedom to place phone, laptop, etc wherever you want it? Thanks

I found having all the wires (guitar cable, wire from laptop to amp, headphones) to be inconvenient. I got tripped up by them while moving around. So I went wireless from guitar to amp (Line 6 Relay G-10) and from computer to amp (Bluetooth receiver.) It gives me a lot more freedom to move around.

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I’ll check it out - thanks Mark.

Thats near as much as the katana mk2 itself haha

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Wait, I’m just now seeing the (Line 6 Relay G-10) part - I thought all was needed was the Bluetooth receiver. Now I’m really confused.

BT reciever is to get the computer (or phone) backing audio into the amp instead of a cable.

The G-10 is to turn the connection between the guitar and amp wireless