Problems with the community on mobile

@jkahn, my less than optimal work around for this is type and when ou need to see what you have been writing, click the “done” option on the toolbar at the top of the keypad (iPhone), then swipe up on the now small reply box. Then you can at least see if you typed anything legible.

Problem returns when you try to edit, though.

Maybe it will teach use to keep our comments short?

I also suppose several short comments in a row would work as well.

Interesting to see this thread, I’m having this problem on my iPhone, iPad is all good though for some reason.

@Richard_close2u @Jamolay @jkahn
Yes mobile view still broken for me too. User experience with iPhone set to desktop view is pretty hopeless.
Presumably we are the minority who use phones to access the Community site. Surely we’re not expected to use workarounds for evermore!
Yes my iPad works perfectly well, it’s just my iPhone that has the problem.

Are you using the iPad in desktop or mobile view?

@larynejg this is from Discourse’s website so maybe one of the staff can look into it further.

Note that from January 2023, we will go back to supporting only the latest iOS (currently iOS 15). We’re making a temporary exception for iOS 12 because some devices cannot be updated any higher (e.g. iPhone 5s/6).

We do not intend to do the same for iOS 13 / 14, because no devices are forced to be stuck on those versions.

Looks like all you iphone users need to update you phones to ios 15. Hopefully this will fix the problem.

I’m using my iPad in mobile view and it works perfectly.
My iPhone is on OS version 16.3.1

Well, problem not fixed with iOS 16.4…

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@sairfingers @Mari63 Just posting what Discourse has on their website to see if it helps anyone.
I don’t have any apple products and don’t use my phone to access the forum but did have to switch to Chrome on my Samsung tablet after Discourse updated their forum software.


Discourse must have supplied JG with the wrong information.

I’ve been out of the community for 2weeks because of this! I was told that iOS 12/13 would no longer work. My iPhone 7 was on iOS 14.6 and worked fine until 13th March.

Only just discovered there was an iOS update this last weekend. My phone now has iOS 15.7.3

I would only have lost a couple of days if I’d known earlier!

Now I have a mountain of unread topics to climb!

Funny that Discourse considered iOS 15 to be the latest iOS in January 2023 since iOS 16 was launched in September 2022. This being said, I have no problem whatsoever: iOS15 here (iPhone 7 doesn’t support 16). So it seems to be an iOS16 problem. Sometimes being outdated can have its benefits, I guess😊

No, I think it’s a Discourse problem!
iOS 16 & 15 will work
14 & 13 won’t work
But 12 will work on iPhone 5


No, I’m on Android with both, mobile and tablet. Tablet works fine as always, mobile only with desktop view. Posts with my mobile hard to do.

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It’s definitely a problem with the JG community software, not everyone’s mobile phones. It’s not clear if it affects all discourse users or just JGC, I had a look and can’t see it mentioned on discourses own platform, so it might just be JGC.

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I’m sure I missed that but what phone do you use? On my S10 nothing such as this happens, it’s bit clunky to view but other than that works okay, far from ideal but okay.

iPhone 14 Pro with latest iOS.

It’s all a bit pointless us discussing this amongst ourselves. We need some input from the website developers.

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Laryne informs me that Kris, web dev, has this as is priority this week.


Thanks Richard/Laryne.

My iPhone just reverted of its own accord to mobile view of the Community website and started flashing and became unusable.
Then this message came up on the screen. Don’t know if it helps you or not.

Just FYI from my side it all seems to be working ok again now, I’m able to open reply windows and type through them all ok.